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first campaign, first doubt

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Hi Everybody,

we started a campaign a few week ago... here's the first question (there will be more posts like this...)

When the overlord's card are over, he gets 3 conquest point or the player loose 3 conquest point and he gets 3?


Same question when hero are dead.. he gest the conquest point or he steals from the heroes?


Ty very much


(sorry for my bad english...)

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Oh, sorry, you're talking about the campaign ... Hm ... Will look into that ...
Found this in the Road To Legend Rules:
"Hero death in the Advanced Campaign is slightly different than
in a normal game of Descent. When a hero dies in the
Advanced Campaign, his figure is simply placed in the Temple
building in Tamalir, and the overlord gains conquest tokens
equal to the hero’s conquest value. Neither the hero nor the
party loses any conquest tokens, and no coins are sacrificed."

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When the overlord cycles through his deck he gain's 3 experience points in the advanced campaign. when he kills a hero, the overlord gains an amount of experience equal to the conquest value of the hero. no one ever looses experience in the advanced campaign.

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