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n the Darkness of the Void: A online rogue trader game Wrtie up

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  1. the Original story may have been modified for the production of this movie, the producer, writers and executors of this movie would like to provide their most sincere apologies.
  2. Thoughts and idealogie of the different personage may vary from reality and or not necessarily endorsed by this studio.
  3. The Rogue trader and the Space Marine are actually quite friendly and very open to suggestions.
  4. I am sorry you feel constrained by the parameters of the mission but should you decide to proceed anyway, don't break the glass, it's your computer screen.

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5-790-816. M41

There I am, Scion of my house. How could this have happened? Of all our asset in the Calidix Sectors this is what I could save:

The Light of Ambition - House Horalis flag ship.

This old battered cruiser, poorly equipped and with a very old and xenophibic crew. They are the descendents of the original Imperial crew, hardened beyond dreams, ruthless but irrespectful of me, though I can't really blame them. Half the ship belongs to the "Choir Of the St-Drusus" anyway, either a mix of locals and the various ecclesiarches, "semi" permanent passengers, again nothing to complain about. I slipped pass two blockades of my worst enemy's fleet. They dared not shoot at the ship because the deacon's of some planet was onboard at that time. Well, on paper he still is anyway, it's not like I would dare venture there now anyway.

A single loyal tie to the mechanicus lathe forges. Although, I dare not completely read the list of agreement I had to sign in a hurry to get within their ports gun defense grid as the enemy pounded down on The Light of Ambition. She held fast, I am starting to love that ship.

A regiment of household troops , I hope they are loyal as their Master says.

A few hundred relatives, house bound, serfs and "friends", or perhaps spies, I dare not know. All of them having the worst of it I am sure. I dare not trust them too much and neither can I make them all lieutenants or officers. They have no skills or training, and for the most part no value. The crew can find places for them if they are willing to work for their food. Hard life's, yet mine is not a piece of cake either anymore.

Before they were able to destroy or steal all my family had, I was able to sell a few assets at ridiculous prices, some even to my own enemies. All that just to buy time, and a few loyalties, but it was time I need. Time we all need. From what I can tell, I still have a few assets in the expanse, but we have not received any news or money from them in decades. When the opportunity presents itself, I will need to hire someone to properly go though the books, but right now I have few resources, many problem ,and in desperate need income. To many mouths to feed, to many enemies and very few allies.

That is it.


I like this ship. Her noise, she speaks to me, many time now. I have been catching looks from the bridge crew, whenever I would walk the command platform admiring it, feeling the wood, old and used. Places where commanders had lead war fronts, holding fast as if the strength they put on the railing able to help in anyway. The bridge crew are the most "civilised", they react to my orders without hesitation. The murder servitors probably help, that gene-coded command cane is a life saver, it's a shame they are bound to bridges wall. Near the end , Great grandfather was really getting crazy over this cruiser, maybe it was what started all this, no, it was definitively it. This cruiser had ruined the family, now it had to save it.

I am Maximus Horalis the 17th, 7th son of Proclius. Born Matheus Horalis, in the Imperial pleasure world of Natarhan III. Raised to be a 10th on the line to Scion of the family, I was groomed to be a naval master, a swords master, a marksmen, etc. In theory anyway, b how was I to know, 10th in the line, now last and first of hundreds of posible choices.

It had been made clear a long time ago anyway, the family fleet was very powerful because of the selection of the Scion. It had been made clear that brother Kahel or Nathaniel 16th and 23rd respectably in the line would be Scion and 1st mate choices, each taking the name of Maximus and Proclius as the warrant said it. Reports suggest that they were in the 1st ones to die. My older brother John had nearly saved it all, bringing a full fleet of navy ships, led by nothing less than a battleship. I was crying with joy when he contacted me, I was screaming to him to take the cane, when his words sank in. He was a dead men. He had diverted an Imperial fleet to help me, and he told me that even if he was only reserve, he still had made the worst of transgression. The crew is giving him a few minutes before executing the CEOs orders and seizing him. I had to take what I could and flee with our people. I was now Horalis' Scion, his words strong and resolute "Maximus Horalis, you are alive and strong!".

That was it. That single line, said it. I was stuck.

I unsealed the ship and it went alive, and the crew jumped into action. It was my first warp jump from Natarhan, and I knew form teaching we were too far in system. The tidal waves would nearly destroy the planet, yet it was a better fate then the bombardment it was suffering from the enemy fleet as the last defense grid on the counterside of the planet was sundered. The administrum would want answers someday maybe, if the faction within the Administrum that hated my family was not able to cover all that happened during the slaughtering of my house.

But anyway I did what had to be done. The Warrant said the Expense, my father was weak and the fleet had become lazy. Probably why the crew of the flag ship always worked poorly with the other ships. They were action seekers, they had come and gone in the expense, bleed, die, loved and fought there. My Great-Grand father, Maximus the 16th had been found of voyages ,but when he died my father had decided to keep the name of Proclius and leave the name of Maximus to the next generation. He angered many and perhaos hasted the fall of the house. His love for the gambling dens and bordellos also help sap our finances. Little did I know then , for I indulged too, as part of the entourage of my father it was all I could ever be I taught. He had created a sort of a name for us as party goers, and closed our ties with Natarhan. This angered many as it was contrary to our Warrent and to most other Rogue Traders house was seen as a starting sign of the aging the house about to fall apart. After the Inquisition blockaded Natarhan for 3 years claiming a cult had sprung up, our family coffers where nearly empty. Poorly timed for delays and even more poorly made bargains further destroyed our assets as my father sold ever more to pay debts. He made one final desperate attempts to lure in people back to Natarhan, but it was all in vain, Natarhan was indeed found to have a cult a few years after, many member of the line were killed or went into hiding. My father was cleared of all charges as was the majority of the family, but the damaged had been done. It took 2 months for our enemy to move in, but by then I think my father had understood that maybe it was too late to save Natarhan. He put all of us on a ship and sent us in any direction. We had almost no time to flee, before our enemy bore down on us. At the time, we had a mix of transport, frigates and a dozen old captured raiders turned escort two even now bound for ever to the system, deemed to hazardous for warp travel. The Light of Ambition the flag ship of our house sat motionless in the void, as the crew stonily refusing to move. It was not until the command cane's confirmed my orders, that they accepted me in command, and by then even the murder servitor made that true. They were programmed to shooting anyone trying to force the ship to active that the cane did not approve of. One of my other cousin found it out a bit too late even as the crew shouted at him to stand down guns raised. How shocked was I, seeing the resolution to kill the intruder daring the order them around, for they cared not who it was that would die, only that it was one of the line that had tried to active the ship. I cursed my father as I realized the ship was known as a Church against the sins of Natarhan more than a cruiser anyway having been under construction for decades since the last Maximus death. My father had put those he cared the most for in the most able ship, and now I was here. He trusted the cane in my hands and with it the house. The whole time with a shilling resolute smile on his face. It was shortly after that when my brother's fleet came in, and shortly after that we found ourselves gunning the engines.



We had another we the forces perusing us as we make our way for the expanse. I am unsure how they have been tracking us, but that marks our 7th engagement with them since leaving Natarhan. Regardless, we are nearing the jaws of the Expense, and they won't dare follow us there, at least I think not. At least these battles have allowed me to garner some trust form the rest of the crew. Today, I was in the deepest part of the ship I dare go, so far that I even need a translator, but even there they showed respected, and admiration.

I spotted my great cousin Cludious on the trip, he said he is 2nd man to targeting and was proud when he said it. He even saluted me. He boosted he had scored a hit on one raider that had tried to get to us when we where hiding near a dead spot. Apparently, we were not the only one thinking this spot safe haven. That hit had been lucky indeed, he crippled the raider from the 1st seconds of battle before even the enemy had sprung their trap. We talked for awhile before he deciding to do impromptu firing drill to impress on me why he was in charge of the guns and not me. It was pleasant experience, I have now the 1st real friend I think I ever had.



We made it to Port Wander, the gates of the Koronus Expense await. I am no longer the young fool that spent my family fortune with a careless attitude. We will need to acquire a few friends around before we set forth and we desperate need a safe house for the women to start bringing a new generation. Speaking of which, I may need to find a wife.

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----------------Somewhere deep in the bowels of The Light of Ambition------------


“I told you, I saw him on the railing, he looked just like Grand Pa used to say.” The young bridge officer looked to is older sibling, a 1st gunner master and 2nd sergeant of counter-boarding party.

“How can you know what they looked like before, hmm? Grand Pa used to say all kinds of things! Like he was sure this damned cruiser would finally leave the dry dock every other month.”

The young officer looks at the floor, now uncertain. “So you think we are doomed too?”

With an exasperated voice the older officers says, “For Imperator’s sake, why do you say those things?

- Well the word is he was not a chosen, not even looked at. He is weak and as not guts, they say. He never did anything to even make himself visible to the family.
- So what, you really think those old geese know everything? They claim to be the most knowledge full of crew but if you look at the dates correctly they haven’t left dry dock ever. So, I am sorry if my words offend you but bullocks for the old farts and bullocks for your house wife fears, go back on the deck and be a man. Old fast as she does, HE IS Maximus Horalis ALIVE AND STRONG.”
- Yes,… he is Maximus Horalis alive and… strong.”

Beaten the younger officer head lowered even more. How pathetic the older brother tough, how did he score a bridge assignment? “Listen, I got something for you, read this but be sure no one knows where it comes from and that our good captain doesn’t read it too, I don't think he would be very happy this was made public…”

Curious the young officer took the folded new paper article and went to his duty until later that night, he finally had time to reading it.

“The Natarhan Real News --- Result of the inquiry into the underground pit fighting has been stopped. The ring leader who is supposedly attached to the infamous cult of pleasure was found dead inside the fighting pit. This man had been under arrest orders by mostly all the branches of the Imperium from the Adeptus Arbites to the Inquistion itself. “He was beaten at his own game of swords; the Imperator Might was shown to him. If we could only know who this local vigilante is so we could reward him.” The article goes on and on, it describes how this man was a sword master and a very dangerous psyker… The young man just realized this article came from a banned news paper that had tendency to write about censured topics, why did is older brother want him to read this... a second smaller article fell off. He pick it up and read, “The Natarhan Digest –- Yesterday night, it is rumored that Matheus Horalis was admitted to the Natarhan greater hospital for he is grievously wounded. He is in an uncertain state nad kept in an artificial coma, the 10th heir to the House Horalis is renowned for is strong word and drinking habits. An hospitals staff said, under the cover of anonymity, that he was bleeding to death, scored with battle marks and had cuts all over is body, he also refused any help to walk or stand until he had reached the house Horalis personal quarter inside the Hospital walls…” Why did my brother want me to read this… The article date where the same realized the young man, maybe there was more to the man… Anyone willing to put is life and standing on the line to save is family and yet not claim the reward back for himself should be able to lead the family.

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------------------- To Reclaim what is rightfully ours! 1st session -------------------

Gm : Timeless

RT: Maximus (crisaron)

AM : Eva (Kwindle)

Explorer : Magos Vaatze

Navigator : Glennoth (i.e. Noctus)

Seneshal : Asajev (forgot player name sorry)

SM Librarian : Getit (forgot the name too bad bad maximus


p.s. there was over 6 hours of play, I will do this in small sections.


-------------- Command Bridge of The Light of Ambition ----------------


"All crew and passengers, Brace for Warp transit and secure all heavy cargo" came the drone voice of the Explorator Magos Vaatze, as he monitored the various dials, screen or monitoring servitors around the him. Is voice was broadcasted through all the ship which was already bustling with activity. Alto the ship did not expect to exit close the the target planet, the crew and passengers knew that the window of deployment would be very tight, preparations where underway. No one wanted to be the one found wanting or even worst incompetent after years of dock stay. "Transit in T minus 5 minute, ... transit in 30 seconds"

"5, 4, 3, 2, Transit .... "

"All command staff on bridge, we have made transition" blared the voice of the Rogue Trader Maximus Horalis. All around the ship, most crew could not but hide a little smile, in the voice of the captain you could ear the travel sickness as he was fighting to keep is lunch in. "To all crew, we made transit without any incident, please resume your duty." Not that the crew was doing much better off, their : "We re naval fleet stuff..." attitude the only reason why so many white grim face did not too loose a few lunch on the shined floors. If the Rogue Trader did not display any weakness the crew would not either, they where made of stronger stuff then planet bound "know-it-all" [knitall].

The incisive voice of the Seneshal a very new member of the crew having boarded the ship at Port Wander, he had managed is own escape to the Expense form the Calidix sector "Status report of our surroundings? Is there anything of interest?" as all crew turned around towards the sensors day, the seneshal and Explorator magos stared fiddling. "our intelligence of the system seams accurate, we can confirm the various stellar object, no reported anomalies, we have contact with an automated beacon form the planet Lord".

"Send out the usual platitude on the Vox repeat in a loop comm officers, don't forget to add we have come to save them and claim what was ours.

- Aye Lord"

- Deploy escort fighters and keep running full sensor sweep, inform me of any deviations or anomalies

- Aye Lord"

- Lord, we report contact from our convoy, one of the Jericho transport-class as entered the materium Lord."

- Good, establish com with the ship, insure everything went well then deploy two third of our escort fighters and have them establish patrols until she is within our gun protection."

- Aye Lord."

- I will retire to the C&C room with the command staff, steady as she goes, bring us in orbit of the planet, insure we keep scanning for hidden ships or ground to space weapons and remind the captain of the transport ship to stay being us, I want The Light of Ambition to shield them from the planet.

- Lord we report no contact from the transport sister ship, she is overdue.

- Have all free hands report to the chapels of the ship, they are to pray the Imperator for 36 hours to help guide the ship to us, Praise the Imperator, he protects and shows the way! Contact the 1st eclisarch on board I want him to sanctify our arrival in system" barked Lord Horalis as he walked of the command throne and towards the C&C room.

"Master seneshal if you would do a full report of our status and the system please?"


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==== Chronicle Report of House Horalis ====

From: High Factotum Torus Glennorth, Chief Seneschal of House Horalis
To: Lord-Captain Maxiumus Horalis
BCC: Arbitrator Primus Naxander Durantis, Magos Juris Konstantyn Ambolic, Ordinate-Majore Mordechai Lorik, Commodore Teodor Naremmus

==== Report from Mnemosyne ====

My Lord,

This is a record of the events at the Horalis Colony site to the best of my resources. In it you will find the recorded transmit ions and additional supplemental resources you need to evaluate the chain of events that developed in your absence.

Horalis Colony Site, High Orbit - Light of Ambition
It truly was a depressing looking planet. I do not know what the dynasties ancestors found of value here. The reports that are coming in display that the planets hydrosphere is extremely active with a near permanent storm covering most of the planet and rolling mists clinging to the surface of the land masses. Historical records report that besides the odd weather patterns the planet is host to some xenon spires made of a dark basalt like rock. The other strange report of the planet is that it has no geological activity and no tidal force to speak of even though it is host to three natural satellites in the form of moons.

As it is stated in the records of the ship the Lord-Captain along with his command staff and a small detachment of Housecarls deployed to the surface after my evaluation that the colony site a massive prefabricated hive substructure was running on emergency power and no communication of any kind was being received from the planet surface. Of note is that the only real signal that could be perceived was that of a low frequency psionic 'noise' would be the best interpretation.

The Lord-Captain and his command staff that made planet fall reported upon return that some strange phenomena was occurring planet side and the Engineseer Primus had taken a sample of a human like blood substance but in haste the Lord-Captain ordered the elimination of the sample. I feel much understanding could have come from review of that sample.

The next couple of days were busy I had made planet fall with the rest of the command staff and we established a field base at one of the secondary space ports that the hive substructure hosted. Our goals were simple get as much of the structure up to functional parameters before night fall. In this world it seems that the day and night cycles are that of 3 standard Holy Terra's months each. We were in the dusk period with approximately one standard week to complete the objectives. At the same time the Jericho Transports that were carrying the new colonists were due to arrive any time.

I will update you with further details as I compile the information.

==== Encrypted Subtext ====
I would also like to inform you my Lord that it is my theory that the souls of the departed wish to communicate with us as the attached details of Sub-Rector incident report that the dolls attempted to communicate with me when I asked a question. This needs greater evaluation by a higher order and I would submit that this be handed to the authorities that need to see this.



The proragaus system is located deep within the heathen stars. The colony you visited on on the fifth planet of the system.the 2nd, fifth, and seven plant actually have a surface. All the others are gases bodies.

Proragaus Five
Roughly 2/3s the size of earth, Proragaus is covered mostly with water with all the land concentrated to a central super-continent. The land itself is mostly flat and covered with a swampish forest that stay damp and moist year round due to near constant rain fail. In addition, during most of the time, the planet is covered in a heavy mist. This forms a near static weather condition with a complete lack of volcanic, seismic, and tidal activity. This is despite have three moons orbiting the planet. The speed of the rotation of the plant is also slow for planets of any size with it only complete one rotation on it's axis every cycle around it's sun(which takes six months earth time). This results in three constant months of night, and three of day. The surface of the planet itself is covered with tall black spires that protrude form the surface of the planet for exactly 3.14 kilometers, and are also 3.14 kilometers from each other. Although only barely explored these spires also seem to protrude form the ocean's floor at the same measures. Despite all these oddities, the planet still offers value. The rainfall from the planet is saturated with rare and valuable materials that have proven to be easy to harvest due to the constant nature of the rainfall. However, the minerals are not present in the large bodies of ocean water, and it is still unexplained how they get into the rainfall.

---------------------------------- The Longest night begins -------------------------

Location : Command center Zeta, at the foot of the Hive Spire

" My Lord, we are expecting the Engineer Chimera to be here in 20 min. Platoon 2 and 3 will also send out there engineers chimera as soon as fortification around the civilians habitats are ready. The colony deployment coordinator reports mostly everything is on track my Lord...

- Mostly, explain you self?

- Well my Lord, there is complain about fatigue, people have issue sleeping and...

- Must be due to the planet day and night cycle and the resent long warp voyage" waved the Captain.

"If I may my Lord many believe it could be related to the black spir...

- None sense! There as been no Xeno activity on this planet for eons.

- But my Lord the signs of battle all over the abandoned colony?

- Probably the local governor went to far from the Imperator's view and the people revolted", dismissed the Captain. " Very well, extra grox ration for all and insure the weapons lock are doubled and post guards around them. I don't want unrest." At that, the the clerk eyes widened in anticipation "Not that I expect any" added the Rogue trader in an icy voice which made the clerk squirm a bit.

"Of course my Lord who would dare arise your ire!" said the clerk as he baked out quickly.

After the clerk left the Rogue Trader left under a breath, "well a whole sector for starters..."

The longest night had just started as the colonist now called it, there 1st night here. The next one would be better, the lights would be back up and the city would be beautiful but now living in those pre-fab plasti-crete mini houses at 3 family and sometimes 4 packed in those, surrounded by a lake of knee deep mud, the engineers had installed the camp on the best spot but on this planet, water as a norm and it filled any little hole, the heavy machinery used to install the site had pretty much made a mess of the entire area, it would take a while for the mud to settle down.

Everything is covered in mud and dirt as passing vehicles throw the mud ever higher, the mist is thick once sometimes can't see is own foots. Those ours are the most grudging as the entire complex slows down to a crawl to avoid accidents.

The Rogue Trader is still concentrated on the colony deployment papers with the senechal when the remaining members of the command crew entered the room.

"Greeting Lord Maximus" opened the massive Librarian, having removed is helmet. Is deep rich voice echoing an understandable boredom, such mighty warriors where not designed and bread to protect a bulging colony but to dominate war fields. " My Battle brother have establish a few deep patrols and have found nothing of interest. We report no new movement form the black spires.

- All activated secondary power station are working to optimum power as are all vehicles and systems" added the Explorator Magos, which triggered in turn a response from every command crew member as all where still a bit eager to please the Lord Rogue Trader and show as much efficiency as the Space Marines.

"On my part, I have top report a very slow advance. All the doors of the Hive Spire are sealed, I have ordered all free engineering corps to be assigned to the Hive Spire taking column. Right now they are parked in front of the main access boulevard gates. We estimated 5 hours per doors and there is a Holy Imperator's dung load of them", we should be able to reach the central power core and the command center within the next few days. Hopefully, we will reach both in time for the longest night but I doubt it right now.

- Will this impact the colony deployment my Lord?

- A Bit but nothing too bad right now, the work not spent on the rain collectors can be spent on reinforcing the defences and and drain the hab complex, we would not want to have a sanitary issue at also.

- You seam irate my Lord if my may inquire?", said the Senechal.

" It's nothing really some bad sleep, nothing a few glasses of amesac won't fix. Arch-Militant Eva and my dear Space marine Lord, have your investigations revealed anything new on the previous colonist demise?

- No, my Lord, besides the all ready curious claw marks, we haven't found anything new. Besides, anything exposed to the elements as been washed away a long time ago, we can only rely on places where the elements aren't exposed and those area are full of molds and rot, so any remains could have either rotten away or been dragged of by some local scavengers or even a introduced one, like your good old raat-Dag, that follow any Imperial colony...

- Reports we gathered from the governor mention hint at a global rebellion, anyway, we should not be jumping at corners I say," says the Rogue trader in a flat but decided voice. "Our current modus operandi is still to establish the colony."

- My Lord I must add that we all feel a bit insecure, there is something amiss on this planet. There are reports of more candles appearing all over the compound...

- Which we still haven't found the source my Lord" added the Librarian.

-"Indeed..., the priest are able to dispel those but there are more and more and the priest are getting tired of constantly blessing every nook and crany we find one of those. The worst part is sometimes they have to redo the same place every other hour as the candles and dolls keep reappearing...

- Keep burning those site or doing the exorsion rituals we will win over those by praying to the God Imperor." All bowed their heads in respect to the Lord of mankind but all where uncertain about the upcoming events.

----- Incoming The night falls and the Hive is opened to us at last ---------------

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----------------- The night falls and the Hive is opened to us at last, AKA Mid summer dreams ---------------

A night so dark that you could believe the starts where gone, the fog so thick you could barely see you own feet. The light of the projectors, cooking fires or the welding torches created eery effect over the motor column. Little could be seen of the space port here too, except maybe for a glimpse of light when one of the orbital reentry shuttle would power it's engine to the max to acquire an escape velocity to leave this Emperor forsaken planet. The spell of bad dream had not receded if anything it had amplified with the coming of the night. The soldiers where on the edge, the engineers restless and tired from the constant wielding. How long at it been now? 2 days? Every single door of the spire was welded shut, it at considerably slowed the colony deployment, the main power generator was located at it's base and the colony command and control center was located within the central area like the power generator but a few kilometers above.

"I KNOW we are late on deployment schedules,... , NO, civilians are still confined to the temporary habitat, ... a reason? Tell them, the sentry will shoot at any moving shadows outside the perimeter it as to do for now. ... listen we are dealing with the spire right now, we have breached the outer doors, probably half way to the commander center and the main generatorium... No, I don't want the civilian to block the supply lines, they are to remain on the tempo..., listen you incompetent fool, if you cut me again I'll have shot then replaced. As I said, the spire is still of limits for security reasons, we would not want our troops shooting on civilian while we clear it corridor per corridor. This is the official story, any deviation from it means you make the carrier of the rumor a forgotten one. The real story? It for those in need only and you have don't need to know. Above all, KEEP 'HEM QUIET N REASSURED and indoors as much as possible. Okay, as soon as we are done, I'll try to pass by and pretend I enjoy their company.. YES of course it's a joke...

- My Lord, I have just been informed by the 2nd Engineer crew, they are about ready to break the seal for the Command and Control Center." said the Senechal from is own day a bit further off, both had been elbow deep in coordination and paperwork, since there was little else to do while the engineering crew where at work " The Blood Ravens are assembling bu the door.

- Good, have a word sent to wait for me, I'll head there right away.

- The 2nd engineering crew reports it should breach the main power generatorium in the next hour or so my Lord.

- Are you going to accompany me?

- If my Lord does not mind, I would rather...

- Maybe I said it wrong, you are going to accompany me...

-... As you wish my Lord." The senechal eyes rolled again, can this man do anything without me?

- Ev... My dear Arch Militant, if you could please ensure that our most effective CC team is ready with the engineering crew." Without hesitation Maximus strolled out of the room not looking at is personal body guard and alto he was the overall house control, she held the true power over the military elements of the house. here icy stare followed him and she stepped out after him. Only the senechal was able to see the desire to kill in her eyes... what had triggered that feeling he thought? He could see a few actually, the Rogue Trader had a bad tendency to macro manage, probably Eva just did not like to be second guessed...

------ Deep within the Hive a little while latter -----

"Lord Rogue Trader Maximus, how gracious of you to be here... finally" The booming and clearly annoyed voice and impatient of the Librarian covered all the noise around the site, the supply line created by the deployed man power to keep a retreating path in the hive had helped to navigate the hive but it was still an impressive structure and traveling it could be long.

"I have no doubt your team could have managed anything we will find on the other side my dear friend" at that the Space Marine eyebrow raised had he not just jested the Rogue Trader? Yet is words where not supplicating or asking for forgiveness for ordering the Space marines to wait. The Librarian gaze concentrated deeper on the Rogue Trader brushing the contour of is soul, trying to reading is upper thought. Then the librarian understood the mornings exchange of words clearly...

"I am sorry Lord Space Marine" said the Rogue Trader and after a pose," you may find this planet uninteresting, next time I will try harder to find a stop where your skills are more challenged.

- There is no smaller task, only the eternal vigil.

- yes... then I assume as you are always vigilant there is no need to worry..."

The Librarian eyes crossed those of the Rogue Trader, the same state was there as this morning... then the image sunk in, this man was ready for a fight to the death, he was looking to avenge someone or something... around the Rogue Traders left hands was wrapped a prayer bead, caked in blood. He had seen those before, the maiden of the house ***** that same prayer bead, so did all the young women of the crew... That one was quick to anger, he would have to insure this would not jeopardize the greater mission or is battle brothers.

"Do it" simply said the Lord Rogue Trader. As one the Space Marines caught each an handle on the door and started to pull them apart with a great grinding noise. The Rogue Trader did not move, standing strait in front of the great doors not moving, defiant. Then is shoulder sank, nothing rushed out, no answer yet, no enemy to come to grasp with, still no answer on what had happened to the original colony.

The room was empty, completely empty. As had been the Hive up to know, not a single trace of blood either, the carnage had been limited to the area surrounding the hive spire, well every where else then the spire. The Only sign had been this "Do not Open" painted in great letters on the 1st door then nothing at all. Only the mansion of the governor had revealed a bit more "Death" had been written in blood on the walls, nothing much there either.

As they explored the room, nothing obvious came, except when the Navigator and the Librarian opened their sense to the effect of the Warp. There on the command chair was a shade, an echo of the past or a psykic impression. As the Librarian and the Navigator spoke about it's origin, the crew listening to the discussion of ethereal matter, the Rogue Trader moved towards the chair en surprisingly sat in it at once and yelled: "I reclaim this Colony in the glorious name of the Emperator of Man and Horalis!"


As had happened previously, the power went out at once over the entire colony, with a scornful reply the Rogue trader said : "Bring back the power now! I command you!", and just as he finished the power did come back...

All the remaining of the command staff looked at him with stare of confusion.... "What are you doing, Senechal call the colony manager tell them we finished cycling the power cells again...

- But my Lord what power cell", inquired the Magos.

- Just mind your business Magos.

- But I believe the Power cell should be my business, I demand to know what power cell...

- You demand NOTHING!!!" yelled back the Rogue Trader, after a few seconds the Rogue trader said "All none command crew clear the room", as all followed with side way glance to each other expecting hell to break loose as soon as the door would close. " Now we are alone, please excuse the charade my good Magos, we are telling the colony those power outage are due to power cell cycling to prevent unrest, I don;t know if it really works but it's better then general panic when the population realizes we are under threat.

- But clearly you have no signs of this", stated the Magos, "Like you had none to force me to destroy the blood sample, which could have wielded valuable information...

- Well not until a few seconds ago", the Rogue Trader slipped a data pad on the desk, the 1st note said:

---------------------- Engineering Report -------------------------

TO: Governor Alicia Horalis

FROM: 1st shift assistant to main Power Hub, Frackles MeGood

Reason : Crack on the floor

My dear Governor, no we cannot simply patch the "crack" in the floor as you said it, it goes very deep, it could destabilize the entire Hive Spire super structure, We must send out a investigation and assessment party to quantify the amount of damage to the structure and t#&%^@%^$@^&%$@

---- Message terminated for unknown reason ------

- The next message talks about unrest while the last one is unreadable."

The booming voice of the marine added:" We now know wher...

- Stop, don't open the doors", yelled the Rogue Trader in is comm-bead, already running down the corridor, "To all teams relay the message do not open...

- .......bbzzzzzzz... ggrssshh....Eeelllppp, they are everywhere.... by the Imperor mercy... ", staccato of gunfire and the zapping sound of lazers carbine being fire.

- Pull back, pull back" yelled the Rogue Trader, pushing is speed to the limit, only the astartes had been able to catch and double him.

As they made for the main Spire crossing, they found the column of vehicles abandoned, candles, those damned candles where every where again. Not stopping for long, they kept bolting for the main generatorium hopping to be able to catch the crew before they had broken loose wha...

Just as the thought formed in is mind about what he was really going to do, he but headed a guard on duty who had taken the opportunity to try and cook some recaf.

"SORRY my Lord, please I beg of you excuse me.

- it's okay, you don't use milk.

-... euuhh, yes my Lord...

- What is the report of the missing teams? What have you seen?

-...euuuhh...", the soldier looked at is cup, then the Rogue trader, unsure: " Missing team sir?

- Didn't you ear their screams on the comm?

- Euuhhh... Screams my Lord?

- Never mind resume you duty and next time, the thing running down the corridor might be a monster soldier be on your guard, I could have killed you...

- Yes my Lord Trader.

- maybe you should still Lord Captain for incompetence and dereliction of duty my Lord", added the towering and imposing presence of the Librarian. At that the soldier took is guard post white like a flag...


----- part 4 coming up, into the rabbit hole! ----------------

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------------------ The Lord's Captain planet side HQ --------------

Night was pushed back by huge light post mounted here and there, yet those flicker in and out. The cogboys couldn't find the error, they said it was related to planet. More power, yet all back up generator where at maximum and the colony planers where asking for more, if he could just resign himself at turning the power on but some sort of dread push it back, as long as possible he thought.

Huge piles of papers lied before him, the captain kept frowning every time another one was added which was much more often then he woudl have cared for. Further down in the tent, the Senecal sitting before a similar pile of papers was nodding trying to refrain from sleeping. Boring work, both had stop reading while ago and where just signing off papers, trusting the various advisers and confident that if anything went wrong they could always back track the faulty paper to someone else. 

Pushing aside a newly signed document, Maximus took a book note from is chest pocket and started writing in it various clues and notes. The previous day had been long, running through the underground xeno complex may seam like a child play to a space marine and is cohort but for humans remained a challenge. Still for a second he had wondered if this dash had been safe but as the Omega class 3 creature had fallen over after but a single step, he had become confused, this destroyed the colony? The Xeno computer was rambling on and on about it, well it was a sight to behold a mix between a xenos, a power armor and some other regenerating metal. A mighty servitor platform argued the tech-priest which I had to oblige, alto at this moment, it is still planet side within the temporary planet side laboratory, a point of contention between the tech-priest and the captain, who kept arguing that the ship laboratory where much more efficient then this crude installation and at the ensuing unrewarded handling of the Omnissia's holy diagnostics equipments. The xeno-servitor, to witch a remote detonation melta-charge had been attached, was still dormant on attached to a plasteel table and the tech-priest buzzing over it, trying to understand it's inner-workings.

The team of engineers repairing and sanctifying the hive's main power source had just reported they where ready to power it up, the captain asked for a command team conference when a emergency call from rain collector 7 came in, it was clogged and was about to overspill the entire sector 7 then all comms went dead with members of the command staff. Dread filled the captain as he remembered leaving the navigator in the xeno complexe under the spire with the audacious space marine and wondered if they would insure is survival. A dilemna imposed itself, so the Rogue Trader decide to see to the colony 1st and went out to gather the tech-priest to fix the rain collector 7, trusting the senechal to keep out of the rain and warm inside the tent.


During the next sequence of event, series of events transpired under ground to which I am not privy betwixt the navigator, the librarian, is squad of brothers and a group of dark eldars or more precisely with the Incubi Dres, who for a while pretended he was Drazhar. There are rumors of a fallen and captured brother to the dark eldars as well as wounded, the navigator amongst them grievously wounded.




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-------------- Flooding rains, rivers of blood,  Eh I said us some power I didn't mean... ---------------------

Rain and fog, more of it. Water was knee high as they entered the hearth of sector 7, the rain collector was definitively overflowing. Must be all the bodies silently tough the Rogue Trader, they have to be somewhere...

Water was flowing down the main doors into the street, at every glimpse the level seam to be higher and higher. The troops where trying to use sand bags to contain the worst of it in the middle of the street but is was visible they where only delaying the inevitable.

"Let's go inside see if you can fix this my good Enginseer.

- Yes, I believe it would be much more efficient then trying to do it from here, I don't have that much reach... yet." Unsure if it was a sarcasm or a logical affirmation the Rogue trader simply opened the pace. "My estimate is we have less then half an hour before the entire sector should be evacuated my Lord. Water level keep rising in force.

- I tough so too magos.

- I am making a statement here, my ocular augmentation don't "think" they provide me the facts, it will happen, in 25 minutes 32 seconds...

- My Lord," said Captain Johnson, commander of the 1st Infantry division was running down the hall, "By the Emperor blessing there you are and with the enginseer none the less, my prayers where heard!

- Status, Capt'ain.

- Yes, Lord. The Rain collector is blocked, we have tried rerouting power too it but too no avail, all the lower sectors are flooded and the system is located at sub level 7.... There just does not seam to be enough power right now too push it.

- Magos see if you can pull extra power here.

- Yes, my Lord" said the Magos and after a few minestrations, the power indeed came and with a great shudder the rain collector restarted.

- The Emperor bless us!" Added the obviously reassured Captain Johnson "I will go see to my men up front..."

At that moment a terrifying scream rose from behind us, just in the machines chambers we had left, men had there lazrifle pointed at the water around there knees and where quickly emptying their chargers, creating a scalding steam.

"Report", yelled the Rogue Trader.

"There is som...." started a soldier when something dragged him under water, just before he disappeared, the Lord Rogue trader placed a plasma shot directly in is head.

"The Emperor protects you and guide you" said the Rogue trader softly before bellowing "Out! Every one out!" More screams this time from adjacent rooms and more from the exterior.  Opening to a wide frequency band, the Lord said in a cold voice "This is Lord Rogue trader Maximus Horalis Priority order, Abandon sector 7, I repeat, abandon sector 7 all troops and personnel are to pull back to the space docks. I repeat...." static in is com bead, " I think we lost all the communications again Magos"

- It's possible, this planet is interfering..."

At that moment, they reached the from doors, huge amount of waters started flowing anew between their legs and the power went out and this time it was obvious that it was a complete failure. "When i told you can you pull extra power I never meant it all" said the Rogue Trader gesticulating at the complete darkness in front of them. No not complete, down the street/river came the candles, by thousands again floating gently on the water. All aroudn them blood was visible in the water but not a single guardsmen. "It's getting a bit ridiculous don't you think? Every time I loose my man... oh mans you hiding behind us, half take point, the other half take the back and cover us. We are going for the central hub."

- My Lord, the Chimeras all have the same power issue...

- But they are not tied into the grid.

- Obviously.

- But?

- It won't help, machine don't fear being raped..."

At that they looked at one another and their eyes crossed, apart from the jest jokes, neither where actually enjoying this. They started walking, following the candles for a while.

"Remember man, stay close, call out any odd things. Don't want any errors..." at that one of the guards opened fire, shooting at a ripple in the water.

"Contact! 10 meters left!" yelled a very young looking one covering the back.

"Contact 15 meters!" yelled someone at point.

The rogue Trader spotted a serpentine shape in the water, opened fire with is plasma pistol but hit the water with a sharp boom of the water/plasma mix but there was no trace of the alien. "There in the building, dug in! We will cover you" all the man surrounding them not waiting to be told a second time to get out of the dark murky serpent waters infested waters rushed the doors as a great serpentine tentacle erected itself out of the water and swallowing the tech-priest whole.

The Rogue Trader rushed to is enginseer help to only to completely miss the create but the tech-priest was about to fire when swallowed and the close range effect of an full auto bolder in it's throat did not seam to please the creature who spit back the badly broken magos, is armor dented, twisted and just short of rendered useless. " You really should better pick your time for xeno-biologie magos" said the Rogue Trader in a jest, slashing for once the great beast, who had decided that it's diet contained enough iron but not enough Rogue Traders.

"There is no bad time to learn, as you see, a close shot to the head with a full-auto bolter is a way to have them release their grasp on you!

- or a quick side step!!!!

- Well done my Lord" added the Magos, emptying is charger in to the fleeing creature which seam to have decided that they where more then a match for it's appetite. "Why is there no noise from the building or cover fire?" Dread filled them both.

---------------------- upcoming the flesh thing, where is my Navigator! ----------------------------

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-------------------------------- Here fleshy fleshy fleshy, Evacuate the colony Lord?, Shark Attack!!!! G,G,G,Great  grand Pa? ----------------

--- > Somewhere within sector 7 <-----

The room was a bloody mess, blood gore but no corpse... wait in the back of the room, a single guards was sitting against the wall seemingly dead. A huge pool of coagulating blood around him.

"Stand to duty man", said the Rogue Trader, with a soft voice.

"I believe he is dead my Lord.

- Yes me too", said the Rogue Trader lowering is plasma pistol and aiming for the head. "Let's just be sure..." as the plasma bolt buried itself in the corpse chest, the Magos said something about needing to adjust the Lord's flesh above the shoulders for missing a big target a such a close range.

The Rogue Trader was turning around to answer something clever of is own, when the corpse raising with pernatural speed lounged for the Rogue trader, who with a lucky shot got it's head this time around and quickly dispatched it.

"My Lord the fleshy thing is regenerating at an extremely fast pace.

- Emperor protect, we need to inform everyone,is there infection risk?

- Yes Sir...

- ... we will order the evacuation of the colony, mass them in the space port but insure not a single craft takes off with colonist.

- Why my Lord?

- I want them at a single place, if we need to bring the Emperor peace to them... it will just be simpler. let's keep this between you and me and good Magos as soon as you can, try to run a self  diagnostics for signs of infection...

------> on out way back to the HQ <------

"Looks like the remote melta charge detonation was also blocked by the fog, in any case the Xeno construct is still inactive my Lord

- Indeed I can see, now let's head for the Command central, I need to order the 'evacuation'.

- Let's hope we don;t have to evacuate anyone...

- Yes, Emperor protects and willing.

--- To be continued -----

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--------------- Ok I slacked and I need to put info here so sorry if it's not spellchecked and it's more of a brief.... ------------

Returning to the main compound, we found the Senechal soundly asleep on a huge pile of paper.

"How is the evacuation of sector 7 going", briskly said the Rogue Trader walking into the command center tent.

"Evacuation my Lord?" said the Senechal stiffing a yawn and trying to get is bearing back," we haven't heard form you since you left my Lord...

- Then sector 7 is lost.

- Surely you must be mistaken my Lord, maybe a hit to your hea...", then the Senechal made eye contact with the baddly bathered shape of the tech-priest, "My god Emperor Cogboy what happened to you? If you can excuse my saying so!

- Never mind him, order full evacution, anythign comming out of sector 7 is to be shot on sight. Please get me Captain Veer, I believe h is now our most senior CEO.

- ...but 1st division sir? Captain Johnson?" added the Senechal " surly such man of valor...

- Captain Veer, secure thsi channel please... very well here is the situation, 1st is MIA, we have rampaging Xenos forms in the sector 7 and a possible infection spreading to the population. I want a defensive peremeter around the space port with a full body check ASAP for any corruption of the flesh.

- Aye my Lord.

- I also want a detachement of your best troops, we have lost contact with the Hive and need to evacuate our Navigator who decided to stay there.

- I recommand a Shark assault sir, we will be able to dig pretty deep right away sir.

- But the damage to the hive my Lord?

- And the affront to the Omnissia my Lord?

- We need the old man, I can't risk loosing him, what would the crew think of me, he as been with 'hem for over a 100 years... No we do it Captain Veer, make the arrengement.

At that moment power came back all overt he colony. "This is Engineering team alpha, we had to start the main hive generator Sir as you said we had final decision, we have no contact with the astartes teams and the navigator for hours Sir.

- Calm down man, we are sending out rescue parties right away.

- Rescue Sir?

- old tight man and be on your guard spread the word as much as you can, we are going to be at your position soon. Maximus out.

- Please put me into the two ship captains in orbit... in my private tent.

- Aye my Lord!


- You must be kidding there is half a million people down there...

- Yes I know!" yelled tghe Rogue trader," but if the infection spreads there will be half a million monsters down here, if I give to order, you reduce the region of a radioactive slag, I am clear?

- Yes Maximus," said one, they had played some regicide game before, gotten to know one another a bit. "You heading in there personaly if I can muster?

- Yes..." said Maximus to the great attonishment of the other Captain who added : "But My Lord Horalis that would mean we may destroy you and your dinasty?

- If push comes to shove, there is another heir.

- What?

But the conversation never went further as the Lord Rogue Trade Maximus cut the transmission.


The yell of engine was defening, the shark attack boat was in a steep insertion trajectory, the hive rushing at them at extreme speed, all sense and survival instincts yelling for the occupant to do anything to prevent that crash but all where veterant troopers or man made of sturn stuff, none flinched.

- I am suprised to see you here Captain Veer, I would have tough my orders clear, you where to direct the evacuation...

- Yes Sir, my best NCO are overseeing the redeployment, they are capable." The Captain did not cross eyes with the Lord Trader, instead looking at the floor.

"It's okay Captain, Diana is a very capable women, I put her in charge of the Colony because of that, your sister must be waiting for you with a smile... 

- Yes my Lord.

- Besides, I would never put my futur wife at arms lenght... I am kinding James, she already refused me so many years ago as you know...

- yes.. my Lord, I am sure...

- Besides I could never have childrens with coliflowers ears like yours, just to imagine..." finished the Rogue trader as the assault boat crashed inside the hive spire aiming for the command and control center.


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The deafening noise of the shark assault boat ripping through the hive super structure was barely muffled by the cockpit of the boarding plane. The screeching sound of warping metal against the reinforced hull of the shuttle was enough to deafen anyone outside and insure a good ringing in all the occupant’s ears.
As the shuttle grounded to an alt, the elite soldiers of Captains Veer already where un strapping themselves and gearing up. The Rogue Trader was pleased, Captain Veer had been recommended to him over so family relative to command is personal army and right now was very happy with himself.
This new strategy of putting competent person on a job before family ties was working out pretty good and those few family members that were able to follow where now made of much more stern stuff then he could remember, forcing them to do jobs they where qualified with was hard since they had no qualification for most except for excess baggage and complaining capacity, a few of the worst where assigned to plasma conduit scrubbing… the rest never complain and became good crew members, especially after the “accident” in the plasma conduit that was restarted by mistake, a pity but they where the hard to deal part of the family so in the end a solution…
“Diana”, shouted James as he exited the shuttle.
A strong women voice answered “What in the Emperor name did you do James! You nearly DESTROYED THE COMMAND center! Wait t’ill I tell the Rog… oh I should have know you are there too.
- Hi Diana.” Waved the Rogue Trader “Sorry for the grand entrance but you know me…
- But my Lord the damage to the spire…
- Never mind the damage, we are evacuation the colony. Your personal guards are getting the details. I am having them escort you out with the last armored column to the civilian enclave; orders have been given to keep you out of arms reach and out of the contamination z…
- I will not be sidelined!
- Diana, listen to the Lord Trader please!
- I will not tolerate this, your listen Mathieus!
- I listen! I listen!!!!” the enraged voice of the Rogue Trader covered every noise for a few rooms.” I will LISTEN TO WHO DIANA?
- Regent Dian Veer,” said Captain James Veer in a cold detached voice ” you will address you Lord and Master as Lord Rogue Trader Maxi…
- Shut up James!” said both Maximus and Diana, this strange synchronization of their voice and the way their bodies were poised, both showing something he never actually believed when people hinted at it…
- No husband of mine will tell me how things wo…
- No wife of mine will carry child in such a zo..
- You made me regent!!!
- Yes because I was fed up of your constant complaining!
- … Lord we may have something important to do” said the Magos in a matter of fact way” Something pressing if you recall.
As the Colony Regent Diana left the room with an icy cold stare for the Rogue Trader, he added: “God James, if she ever changes, I’ll be a sad man!
- He… yes my Lord.
- My Lord and Chief Explorator Magos", said a low tech priest “if I have new information that will probably prove pertinent. I was able to locate a gene coded databank in the cogitator of the spire.
- Show me.
- If you could just put your finger here my Lord, It will only sting for a second… Ah there we go; there is a pict-view and data. The pict-view is starting...
"Hello Maximus! If you see this, it's because I Maximus the 6th am dead. It is now left to you to uncover the secret of the gateway. I have established a colony here because one of the key is located in the underground complex but we have been unable to reach it for some reason or another... Now I have to go in the Calidixs Expense to help secure some assets of ours, I hope it will become the Calidix Sector soon! Maximus Horalis the 6th out and to you... Maximus Horalis is Alive and Strong."
For a while the Rogue Trader sat silent, looking at the now dead screen, the pict-view had been badly broken and degraded after untold times sitting in the data banks f the old cogitator array. The Chief cogboy had done a very good job, you could even see the resemblance in the Pict-view between both Maximus.
“We have a new destination I believe, lets link up with the Astarte and the Old man then we go straight for that dot.
- My Lord this is 40 levels further down then the main generatorium.
- It looks like it…
- The lets start the walk.
- Captain, if you could have an escort around us.
- Aye, Lord! You heard you apse get moving! Stark and Caponie point, Blain you and Pakes take the rear.

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