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League FAQ 2nd session - updated 6/22 9:10 AM

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Hey Howdy Hey,

This is JR. I am the one setting up and running the league. A few clarifications for league play.

Yes it is free. All scenarios will be posted on our site in the Arkham section.

Investigators will be chosen from a pool of available investigators. This pool will change from scenario to scenario. Players may choose which investigator they wish to play, or they may choose to select randomly. If an investigator is devoured the player chooses from the investigators remaining in the pool. If the pool is empty, the player does not rejoin the team during that scenario. When the next scenario is posted, the pool is refreshed entirely including any devoured investigators.

In each scenario there will be listed what expansion is included. Only the listed expansions will be allowed in the scenario. No other items or expansion components my be used. ONLY THE ITEMS LISTED.

Location is where your team is. If you are playing in Missoula, MT put that there. If you are in London, England put that there.

Results will be on the honor system, and yes there will be postings of all teams.Scoring is done as per page 12 of the rulebook, with the +1 point for each task/mission completed.

Characters chosen don't matter power wise, the goal is for people to play with who they want, and have a good time doing it. There might be some scenarios where being a spell caster might be harder, some where close combat is harder. The goal is fun, pure and simple.

You may play solo with as many investigators as you want. (within the 2-8 rule)

Once an investigator is devoured they are not out. They are only out for the current scenario. The investigator pool is refreshed when you run out of playable investigators or when you move on to the next scenario.

New scenarios should be going up every two weeks. You don't have to play the scenario within that time frame, but results will get posted as often as I can get them up.

You will not be required to print out any heralds.

Only monsters from the game set being played are allowed in. (If base then only base monsters, if Dunwich then add those...)For a full listing of which monsters are in which set check out this thread. (special thanks to ColtsFan76 for posting the list)

There is no form to fill out this time around. Just include all the info in an e-mail and send it to J.R.

In addition, I will do my best to read this forum and answer questions as I can. If there is a specific question that pops up and doesn't get answered please e-mail me. I am working on getting all the Arkham questions currently open answered.

Once I answer a forum post here, I will be deleting them to avoid confusion. If I missed a part of your question, I do apologize. Shoot it to me in e-mail form and I will update the FAQ.

Yes you may change Investigators every scenario. The pool will refresh and some Investigators may no longer be in it, new ones will be added.

Scenarios and Clue Tokens
Clue tokens are a finite resource. Once you are out of clue tokens they can not be obtained. The clues put on a rumor are only markers, and may be replaced with coins if clue tokens are needed. If you must place a marker on a rumor and there are no clue tokens, you must place a replacement marker on the rumor.

Scenario 1

Defeating the AO does result in victory.

Gate closed always count, even if the gate trophy is spent for something. ie. You have closed 4 gates and have redeemed 2 of the resulting gate trophies. Your team still counts as having closed 4 gates.

Elder signs do remove a doom token from the doom track. If an Elder sign is used to close a gate, no roll is needed. Congrats on getting one!

Calvin only reduces the Sanity loss for the Investigator who has him. If the Investigator who has Calvin as an ally is devoured, Calvin is gone as well.

Any Investigator who begins the game in a closed area instead begins in the streets.

The Science building encounter does count towards trophy totals.

Scenario 2

Investigators do not start with any clue tokens. And no they do not receive any compensation, as they get to use whatever they had saved up from Scenario 1 at the bank.

Monsters only provide clue tokens if they become trophies, so the Warlock and Endless monsters do not provide extra clue tokens. These clue tokens are received upon defeating the monster, the trophies are not traded in for clue tokens.

Scenario 3

The herald is not put into play... yet.

Cultists move on black, when they move. This move supersedes any other movement they may do.

No, the +4 win condition is no longer a valid path to victory. It may return, but it will say so in the rules.

Clue banking works the same as Scenario 2, provided you are willing to corrupt yourself to gain those clues. The clue tokens must be banked in sets of three, and yes they are the clue tokens from the previous scenario.

All characters from an expansion begin the game with the items listed on their card. The scenario will mention if this is not the case.

When adding Dunwich, only the listed things are used. No board, no common items, no Mythos... not yet anyways.

Clues banked at the bank do count towards the maximum that can appear.

Any time an investigator has 3 or more corruption cards, they must take a cult membership. This can be during setup, or during the game itself.

Scenario 4

Clues that are banked at the woods do not disappear if a gate opens there. Clues that appear due to Mythos cards are added to the total banked. Any investigator may take banked clues instead of having an encounter.

The Clues that are banked are the unspent clue tokens from scenario 3. No, you do not have to take a corruption card. The rules do not carry over from scenario to scenario unless otherwise stated.

Clues appear wherever the Mythos card says.

If you draw a task or mission that requires you to enter a closed location, discard it and draw again.

The Silver Twilight Lodge. If a gate opens there, you may enter the gate, and once out of the gate, close or seal it. You may not enter the location for any other reason.

Reducing your maximum stamina can not be prevented, as it is not a stamina loss (I know it technically is, but not according to the terminology or Arkham)

The herald is not put into play... yet.

Scenario 5

Both Ithaqua and Shub retain their -6 modifier and Physical Immunity even if they wake alone.

No, no herald is in play. As if 2 Ancient Ones isn't enough.

Cultists gain benefits from both Shub and Ithaqua, giving them a total toughness of 4.

If Doom tokens are removed, they may be removed from the Ancient One of your choice.

If only one Ancient One wakes up, you only need to remove the Doom tokens from the awakened Ancient Ones track.

If no Doom tokens are placed on Shub's track, then Ithaqua wakes up at 12 not 11. You will need to remove all 12 doom tokens in the final combat, instead of the normal 11.

The Outskirts and Sky do not count for the purposes of total monster count when placing a Doom token. Only locations in Arkham are counted for this.

When scoring the game, the Ancient One's Doom track counts as 12.

No Clue tokens are banked.

If the Ancient Ones are awakened by too many open gates or some other effect that causes them to awake, both tracks are filled up and both awaken immediately. If the spell Call the Ancient One is used, fill both tracks, and then remove Doom tokens as per the normal rules (alternating between the two tracks).

When the Ancient One wakes up, or if they both wake up, fill the Doom track with Doom tokens, just as if this was a normal game of Arkham. All normal rules apply, the scenario just lists exceptions or changes.

After drawing a card for an open location during the Mythos phase, the rules say: 1) the doom track is increased, then 2) the gate opens, then 3) the monster appears. This holds true for the "A gate and monster appear."

The first gate will place 2 Doom tokens.

Scenario 6

Yes, every time a monster surge occurs, a rubble token is added. This includes the monster surges for the Witch House and Science Building.

Treat all Cultists as Cthonians. Each Cultist loses all stats and name. They then are treated as having the exact stats and name as a Cthonian.

A Gate and a monster appear. The monster that appears is part of the total number of monsters that appear for the monster surge.

Rubble markers are placed on the locations that are reduced to rubble. Yes this will mean that there are rubble markers that do not match the location they are placed on.

A location with a rubble token on it is closed. That location may only be entered for the express purpose of closing an open gate.

For this scenario, Kate's ability stops both the gate opening and the monster surge at her location.

Calvin's bonus applies to any checks based on the six skills listed on the investigator's sheet. It adds a temporary +2 to that skill, giving you 2 extra dice for that check.

If a location is sealed with an Elder Sign, the sign prevents the gate opening and cancels the monster surge.

If you draw a task or mission that requires you to go to a closed location, either during setup or during the game, discard it and draw again. If there is a task or mission requiring you to go to a closed location on the bottom of the deck, "Ashcan" Pete may not discard it and draw the item behind it using his ability.

If a gate is supposed to open on the Science Building or Witch House, and there is a gate already open on it, this causes only one monster surge, not two.

Calvin no longer has the "Cannot be lost or sacrificed for any reason." This means he can be lost or sacrificed.

Scenario 7

Investigators that wish to be sacrificed may do so in response to events. ie. If a card is drawn that would place the final doom token on the track, any investigator may "take one for the team" and remove the doom tokens before the last one hits.

Scenario 8

Monsters in the Sky, Outskirts, and Dunwich are not counted for the purposes of Doom token placement.

Scenario 9

If there are multiple locations for the clue placement on the Mythos card drawn to determine starting position of the Dunwich Horror, discard it and draw again.

Investigators may elect to be devoured during any phase in order to remove the Dunwich Horror.

"Treat the Dunwich Horror as normal." This refers to the Dunwich Horror spawning, and Investigators may no longer elect to be devoured to remove the Dunwich Horror from the board.

Scenario 10

The number of Investigators chosen must remain the same. Calvin must be chosen as one of your investigators.

Calvin does not need to reduce his stats for Cthulhu's "Dreams of Madness" start game effect. Calvin may close/seal gates to R'lyeh without reducing his maximum Sanity or Stamina. Calvin's special ability is lost at the start of battle with Cthulhu. His ability does prevent Mother Hydra's "Tekeli-li Tekeli-li!" ability. Calvin's ability does not trigger if he gains a bonus to Stamina or Sanity and then subsequently loses that bonus.

Other Relevant Information

Results must be sent in by July 31st to be posted.

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Guest Not In Sample

The investigator pool does not automatically refresh if you replay a scenario. Devoured investigators cannot replay the same scenario until the investigator pool has been exhausted or depleted to the point where you're unable build a new investigator team of the desired size. Plus (as stated in the rules), if the investigator pool is ever exhausted during a game, devoured investigators cannot be replaced during that game.

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Guest Not In Sample

Clues that are banked. Only clue tokens held by investigators at the end of the scenario are kept. All clue tokens not held by an investigator, even those still banked from earlier scenarios, are lost.

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Guest Not In Sample

If using Innsmouth for Scenario 10, yes Personal Stories must be used.

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I'm new too and I have the same question. Since I wish to build a team and train myself and my fellow investiguors to be somewhere in top of the list gran_risa.gif

When should we expect a season 3 and how long will we have to finish it?


Many thanks, thoses scenario are awesome!


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Er, I'm a bit confused.  You mention that the scenerios should all apear on this page:

However there are only scenarios for "season 2" through #4 and you are clearly detailing rules for "episodes" beyond that count.  Where can I find the rest of season 2 for download?



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dreamless said:

Er, I'm a bit confused.  You mention that the scenerios should all apear on this page:

However there are only scenarios for "season 2" through #4 and you are clearly detailing rules for "episodes" beyond that count.  Where can I find the rest of season 2 for download?




I'm not sure where they are on this site but you can find them all in the files section of Board Game Geek. Here's the link:

You should be able to find years 1 & 2 plus this year's Spanish league translated into English.

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