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My Kights of the Realm

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hey guys i was hoping for some help with my knights of the realm deck. as the title implies im using the knights of the realm deck from the kings of the storm expantion. with my own improvements(or at least i hope!) added to it. i will accept any critizism needed to bring this deck up to snuff. but keep in mind that i only have the core set and the stark. baratheon, greyjoy and targaryen expantions.



kinghts of the realm


Lineage and legacy

Tourney for the hand

Rains of autumn

Summoning season

feast or famine

the power of arms




Hedge knight x3

vanguard lancer x3

knight of the rainwood(core)

vetran knight x3

devan seaworth(core)

marya seaworth(kings of the storm)

ser axell florent(core)

brienne of tarth(core)

ser preston greenfield(kotstorm)

knight of flowers(core)

ser guyard morrigan

ser parmen crane

ser courtnay penrose

sallhador saan x2

ser barristan selmy(core)

robert baratheon(core)

stannis baratheon(core)

renly baratheon(kotstorm) x 3

knights of the storm x3



narrow sea x3

street of steel

king roberts chambers

stormlands fiefdoms x3

smuglers cove x2

great hall x3

crossroads x2



see who is stronger x3

direct assault x3

heart of the stag x3

narrow escape

support of the kingdom




milk of the poppy



what seems to me the origional deck recipe was going after the strangle king of effect. steal their lands, destroy them or make them worthless while boosting your own income and making your characters slightly cheaper with renly. the agenda helps with this by drawing more cards when i control the most knights. and well... its near impossible for me not to have the most. with heart of the stag and direct assault i get a suprise strength boost that could get by key wins. also the combo of barristan selmy with see who is stronger makes it so i can keep recycling my events. i have plenty of influence for it with 2 crossroads, 3 stormlands fiefdoms and 3 vanguard lancers. the lancers also help with my initiative problem aswell. it seems like a well rounded deck but im open for improvements.

any cards that do not have a x2 or 3 means theres just one. also i dont know if more versions of characters came out so i hope theres no confusion in there.

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