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Cool Names For Chaos Vessels

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I figured it would be pretty neat to name a ship after ancient Egyptian or Babylonian gods, or after those of whatever ancient civilization of Terra comes to mind. :D Or maybe it would be fun to name ships after characters and personalities we know from real life (after the stories about them have been twisted and circulated for a few dozen millenia).

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How about the High Guard ships from Andromeda?



    AF/A-29 Phoenix
    Andromeda Ascendant
    Atmospheric Attack Craft Carrier


    Balance of Judgment


    Clarion's Call
    Collector Ship
    Crimson Sunrise


    Deep Stand-off Attack Ship


    Glorious Heritage Class


    Halcyon Promise
    Heavy Patrol Craft


    Light Patrol Craft


    Magellan Melrow
    Midian Breach


    RA-26 Shrike
    Resolution of Hector
    RF-42 Centaur Tactical Fighter
    Righteous Fist of Heaven Class


    Siege Perilous Class


    Tri-Lorn's Flagship
    Triumvirate Heavy Cruiser
    Twelve Centuries
    Type 2 Arc Light Slipfighter


    Ung Tae Dropship


    Wrath of Achilles

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How's about "The Gift Horse," "Foot in Door," "Conclusions," "Now and Then," "Fingers Crossed," "Someone's Leg," "Between the Lines," "The Flow," "Dead Body," "Two Cents," "Eating You," "Long Story," "Dressed to Kill," "Beg to Differ," "Said than Done," "The Loop," and "I Disagree!"

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Our group ended up with a carrier called the Will of Tzeench.

Sounds pompous but with a Despoiler-class supercarrier loaded to the gunwhales with bombers on call, few people will be prepared to point that out.


The Horus Heresy books have quite a few named warships. My personal favourite is the Night Lords warship Blade In The Back.

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I would recommend intertran as a handy translation site that offers latin translation and also has synonm dropdowns to tailor yur product sentance.


Gladi Umbra - knife in the dark

slayer of dreams

hammer of hope

Breaker of eternities

life eater

Void strider




memory of light

dream of hunger

wrath of the betrayed

hidden star


screaming maw

unblinking eye

tear of the lost

bloodied son

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Child of Destruction (Khorne)

Skull Crusher (Khorne, Ork)

Infinite Radiance (Tzeentch)

Azure Inferno (Tzeentch)

Harbinger of Sin (Slaanesh)

Ecstasy of Torment (Slaanesh)

Blightwalker (Nurgle)

Messenger of Decay (Nurgle)

Vengeance Ascendant (Undivided)

Sword of Hatred (Undivided)

She's One of Ours, Sir (Alpha Legion)

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Just avoid the culture`s naming conventions where sentient ships pick random phrases they enjoy and get criticised for lacking gravitas.



The frank and honest exchange of views (although if you latin this up it`d be an excellent name for a superheavy gunship.)

deplorable gravitas shortfall

the month of sundays


Think more menacing, less rambling.


Here`s some woefully innacurate latin off the top of my head.



Umbra Domina - Dark Lady

Nox Venti - Voice of Darkness 

Lex Mori - Death`s Law

Gladius Talioni - Vengeful Blade

Vertitas Mortis - True Death

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No, it isn't evil but that's the point. Picture the scene:


Your enemies are laughing and mocking, thinking a ship with such a cute name is crewed by teenage girls with Chiwawa's in their handbags. In fact, you should have a teenage girl with a chiwawa contact the Imperial's just to keep up the illusion. Their laughter will soon turn to a yellowish puddle on the floor when broadsides, lances, torpedoes, attack craft or whatever suddenly locks onto them and the shooting starts. As their ship is rocked by explosions and the crew start dying, their vox channel is filled with the sound of your crew laughing.


Laughing to the beat of their destruction.

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Most entertaining fictional ship name I've ever seen is the Post Dated Check Loan.  I'm not sure how tough it would be to make that work in 40K but it would be very amusing, nonetheless.


(Bonus points if you get the reference.)



- V.

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A Grand Cruiser named The Truth.


"You can't handle The Truth."


"The Truth hurts."


"The Truth will set you free."


Inviolate Destiny, Torturous Redemption of Mankind, Do Unto Others, Thronebreaker, Assassin, Machina Irae (Machine of Wrath), Unsmitten (a bit of a double entendre, captained by a cold-hearted Plague Marine.  No love, and good luck 'smiting' him), Blacksoul, Blackbane, Warpbreak.


The ship with the longest name I saw was a Slaaneshi vessel.


Magnificient Purveyor of Desired Goods and Services Intended Only to Bring Peace and Harmony to the Servants of the Immortal Emperor on His Throne Whilst In the Employ of a Masterful Mistress Beyond Reproach or Doubt.


There was more to it than that, but I think that name hit the highlights.

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"The Truth will set you free."


That's actually my alma mater's official motto.  Of course, we students changed it to "the truth will **** you over".  Which also fits this thread, come to think of it... 



- V.

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All of these are from my now-ended campaign, but since this thread popped up I figured that I should show things off.

Fortuitous Opportunity - the party nicked this while escaping a larger force through a starport

Blood Lightning - the major instigators for getting into crazy stuff were the Khornate berserker and the Tzeentchian psyker, who ended up being quite happy with cooperating

Ascendant Fury - cobbled together out of a space hulk; the "hull" was three capital ships already smashed together

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Also has:


Ultimate Aurora - Retaliator Grand Crusier

Whip of Kaliban - Devastation Crusier

Luminous Luck - Carrack Transport

Silver Arrow - fast Klipper

Loyal Yoke - Armored Transport


Without any meaning just for the cool sound:


Tortenstein - Infidel Raider

Karmakauz - Hellbringer Planet-raider Crusier

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The old Dark Millennium TCG had some cool names for Chaos vessels, too -- ofc some of them may appear in other sources as well, or have been taken from there. Many of them share an obvious connection to the "theme" of their owners, which is something BC players could take inspiration from:

  • Planetkiller (Black Legion, flagship of Abbadon)
  • The Unspeakable (Word Bearers)
  • Terminus Est (Death Guard, flagship of Typhus)
  • Disorder's Call (Word Bearers)
  • Jabbra (Thousand Sons)
  • Safiya (Thousand Sons)
  • Pathos (Death Guard)
  • Paralyzer (Death Guard)
  • Aggression (World Eaters)
  • Blood's Wake (World Eaters)
  • Discord (Word Bearers)
  • Glorious Pain (Emperor's Children)
  • Love and Agony (Emperor's Children)
  • Pandemonia (Word Bearers)
  • Unruly Penitent (Word Bearers)
  • Skullsail (World Eaters)
  • Karston (Iron Warriors)
  • Lorgar's Rising (Word Bearers)
  • Nicodor (Iron Warriors)
  • Sacrificer (Word Bearers)
  • Amander (unaffiliated)
  • Damnation (Word Bearers)
  • Jihselcheh (unaffiliated)
  • Khepri (unaffiliated)
  • Destroyer (Emperor's Children, flagship of Miriael Sabathiel)
  • Omari (Thousand Sons)
  • Eternal Pain (unaffiliated)
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