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Cool Names For Chaos Vessels

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We had a RT ship called 'The Righteous Indignation'. 10 points if you get the reference.

And 10 points to you if your warmaster was Capt. Buck. E. O'Hair, a Slaanesh devotee with fantastic hair. :P


We actually kept the name, "Chains of Judgement." We would raid Imperial ships and colonies, round everyone up and subject them to a twisted mockery of the inquisition. Those whose faith in the Corpse-God was strong where sacrificed to the Dark Gods. Those whose faith was lacking was pressed into service as slaves/crew.

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I tend to name my ships after songs.

Various Chaos-aligned vessels I've named...

-The Burden of Wrath

-The Foreshadowing Furnace

-The Maelstrom Mephisto

-The Serpentine Offering

-The Sacrilegious Scorn

-The Journey of Death

(yeah yeah, I have an entire fleet named after Dimmu Borgir songs...)

Other ships I've named after songs

-The Dead Skin Mask

-The Wrack and Ruin

-The Bonepeeler

-The Ruiner

-The Prelude to Agony

-The Kafir*

*an Infidel-class raider, this was me attempting to be both lazy and clever, as "Kafir" not only means "Infidel" (among other things) in Arabic, but is also a death metal song by Nile, so as to keep with my naming convention...

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  • Forever War (World eaters)
  • Slaughterhouse V (World Eaters)
  • Harsh Mistress (Emperor's children)
  • Left hand of Darkness (Sons of Horus)
  • Crytonomicon (Thousand sons)
  • End of Eternity (Sons of Horus)
  • Lord of light (Wordbearers)
  • Lucifer's Hammer (Wordbearers)
  • Blood Child (World eaters)
  • Xenocide (Death guard)
  • Gray Prince (Death guard)
  • Iron Council (Iron warriors)
  • Nightfall (Night lords)
  • Omega (Alpha legion)
  • Player of games (Alpha legion)
  • Red Thunder (Thousand sons)
  • Dept of bones (Nightlords)
  • Semper Mars (dark mechanicum)
  • Vulcan's Hammer (Alpha legion, former Salamanders)


All of them are titles of science fiction novels. ;)

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Beautiful Death


Reborn Immortal



...those are the group's frigates, while our Thunderhawks are/were:






and our Thunderhawk Transporter is Monstrous




we're a Renegade DA group

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