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Looking over the rules for Anti-anti, I'm not sure this is a useful card.  The rulebook specifies that you can only use counter spells on your opponents turns, but Anti-anti clearly has a counter spell symbol in the top left of the card.  If you can only use couter spells on your opponents turn, and the anti-anti card only allows you to target counter spells that are currently targeting one of your spells, then I don't know under what circumstance its able to be used.  It seems like very few to me.  Anyone have any insights on this?

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Tom Jolly wrote on BBG forum:

"Counters can, indeed, counter counters. In old Wiz-War, I once saw Fireball countered by Full Reflection, countered by another Full Reflection, countered by a normal Reflection (1/2 on each player) countered by a Blunt (-2 damage). In the current edition, one example would be the use of Ward out-of-turn, followed by Shield during the turn of the player who received Ward's damage. Likewise, Shield could work to blunt damage done to you on your own turn from Pain Link, as the damage isn't being EVADED, but REDUCED. Or, you could have this exchange:
FIREBALL, PAIN LINK, SHIELD, ABSORB SPELL (on the Sheild), ANTI-ANTI (stopping Absorb Spell).

So yes, you can cast Counters on your own turn when needed."


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