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A few pictures of my units

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Hi everybody,

since many people post their unfinished projects on the forums, then I thought that I could post mine as well just to get some feedback. These are speedpainted with very simple techniques, just to get them to the table quickly and without too much hassle. I also have two walkers ready, but I will post them as soon as I manage to take proper photos.


The BBQ squad. I'm planning to add a tiny bit of battle damage to their armor, the same applies to the Gunners below.



The Gunners



The Hammers - these guys still need a lot of work. Each of them is going to have a different camo pattern (I'm aiming at something like woodland for the guy on the left, while the one on the right is going to have tiger stripe). The middle figure is almost done - right now it is just lacking a wash of gryphonne sepia on the armor (the green is too bright right now) and then some highlights / minor tweaks all over.



The Recon Grenadiers



The Laser Grenadiers



The Heavy Lasers. They look a little better in brighter light, but I'm going to touch them up a little bit either way (i.e. by adding some snow flock and some extra detail here and there.


Hope you like them, walkers (and maybe some other units) coming soon.

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Here are the walkers, plus a pair of scenery projects in the making - a radar station and a reactor. I'm pretty happy with the walkers, maybe I'll add some decals and of course some snow flock. As for the terrain, it needs more objects (wiring, pipes, decals, etc.), but when I finish then the pieces should blend well with my other base / factory pieces. I will post those later if time permits. Enjoy!


Steel Rain was the first one I did. For a moment I thought I had overdone the weathering, but now I think it's ok.


And here is the radar dish (well, this one actually IS a dish, but never mind ;)



And here's Lothar.



The "reactor" thing is at an early stage but I guess it'll turn out nicely. 


OK, that's it for now. Thanks for all your feedback.

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Right, so here come the promised scenery shots. These are, of course, unfinished and ongoing projects (plus, the photos are actually quite old), yet even in their current state they are good enough so I thought I'd share. Some of these can be found on BGG, however, I still wanted to put everything here so everybody can see all that I've done for DT in one place. Enjoy ;)



Factory exterior


Factory interior


Submarine base


Defense line (small)


Defense line (large)


City ruins


OK, so that more or less wraps it up. These are essentially the scenarios that I play in DT (all my own, yet featuring many ideas from the official ones). I hope that I'll be able to show You some upgraded versions or even entirely new settings in the near future. Cyah!

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A small update on the Hammers - they're almost ready, just a few final touches to apply. However, I'm still not sure whether I should darken the green on the armor a little more and, if so, how. Any suggestions?


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Dear Muttah, would you mind posting a general or specific outline for your scenarios? They might be inspiring for me in my games.


The styrofoam work is great. I have made up a lot of the paper craft walls and columns which are so much better than the square tile given in the box, but they take up an entire square. Your walls are very starp.

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Hi there,

the scenarios I've created generally fall into two categories - either assault or skirmish.

The first one is played on an assymetrical map with a heavily defended zone on one side of the board, and a relatively open approach on the other. These scenarios can feature a variety of objectives for the attacker (such as reaching the enemy deployment zone with a given number of units, destroying high-value targets [usually crates or selected units], or conquering predetermined enemy positions). There is usually a turn limit (typically 8 turns) and a bonus of 50 to 100 army points for the attacker (as the fortified positions constitute a huge advantage for the defending side).

The skirmish variant is always played on a roughly symmetrical map with even armies and slightly different objectives. Usually we place a given number of crates around the board and play a set number of rounds. The winner is determined by the number of crates in possession at the end of the game. The crates are destructible, of course, which brings an additional layer of strategy into the game ;)

I am currently considering a three player variant - one player defending in the middle of the board and the other two assaulting from both sides ;)

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Finally got to play a multiplayer scenario (2 vs 2). The Allied team was mounting an assault on a factory from two different sides. Their objective was to eliminate the Axis Kommandotrupp before the end of round 8. The axis team was deploying inside the factory and was supposed to keep their precious squad alive. It was a very tense game, yet the Allies won somewhere around the end of round 6.




a very brief AAR:

I commanded the Allied team assaulting from the back door. The Fireball closed in quickly, but almost got melted by the Heavy Lasers. Thankfully, it managed to get an instant repair by Rosie (whom it was transporting). After that, the tank took down the heavy lasers with a flood of napalm and machine gun fire ;) That opened the path for the flamer squads that instantly rushed in, only to get under fire from both infantry and tanks. A few lives were lost in spite of hard cover. The other allied player also made a breakthrough on his side and reached the interior, yet he got bogged down by an axis counterattack that prevented him from closing in on the objective in time. I, on the other hand, finally managed to get the flamer guys in and support them further with the Fireball. In spite of heavy losses, they managed to toast the Axis command squad, who was hiding behind the storage tank (somewhere around the middle of the first photo, near the heavy lasers). 

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Thanks, I've put a lot of time and effort into it, but DT is a game worthy of such sacrifice. Right now I'm quite happy with the factory setting, so I think I'm gonna focus on the city ruins, and maybe the bridge later. Need to finish painting the Sturmpioniere and the Pounder as well and finally move on to Ludwig. So little time and so much work…

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Here's a new urban scenario that I put together yesterday to introduce a new player to DT. We played a small skirmish, 200 points per side. The objective was to destroy as many opposing units as possible and to control the 3 crates in the middle of the board before the end of round 6. After that, the winner was determined on the basis of army points count in destroyed enemy units (plus a 30 point bonus for each crate under control).




 The Allies managed to eliminate all enemy armor, but lost Blackhawk in the process. The crate on the right became a hotly contested objective, but neither player was able to get hold of it before the end of the game. The crate on the left was captured quickly by allied jetpack infantry, and the last one in the middle (which you can barely see in the first photo) almost got into the hands of Lara and her Flak Grenadiers. Ultimately, the Allies won a solid victory by eliminating more enemy units and capturing the left crate.


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Some stuff I I've been working on recently.


Here's Pounder, it's almost finished:





And here's Ludwig. I'm generally happy with the camo so far, but there's still a ton of work that needs to be done here:





Last, but not least, a handful of pictures featuring new battlefields. Enjoy!








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