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Ars Magnus of the planets

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oh boy, wow, where to start. first off, here are my 10 Ars Magnus based on the planets in our solar system, i am proud to present them to you now for your review.


but a few disclaimers first: 1) i was very sick (twice) over the past couple of weeks so my flavor text could get awkward at points. 2) i have been unable to test any of these, and while i pride myself with getting things balanced the first couple of times around, there is no way i can say for certain with these. 3) without thinking i ended up using a mixture of standard and metric units of measurement, i hope this doesn't cause too much trouble. 4) i tend to shoot high on the base presence, its just how i prefer things. 5) there are a lot of things here that allow blocking projectiles with shield benefits, my group uses a lot of projectiles so it kind of came naturally.


so, without further hesitation....

- - - - -




requirements: willpower 9+, aura extension, elemental attack (fire), inhumanity


base weapon: none


DP cost: 20 MK cost: 20


mercury embodies, to some, the vision of a true warrior, hero and villain. with mercury, the users weapon dissolves into licking flames, becoming a weapon of living fire that wreathes up and down the now phantasmal blade and around the haft of the weapon and up the users arms. granting the user the ability to control flames with sheer willpower.




base damage: special speed: +0


primary attack type: special second attack type: none


breakage: as base weapon (see special) fortitude: n/a


required strength: n/a presence: as base weapon


special: fiery weapon, burning surge, flame burst, designate ignition


fiery weapon; the blade of the users weapon dissolves into a concentrated flame wreathed with tongues of fire, this grants multiple bonuses. the users weapon has heat as its attack type, it also increases by 2 its breakage against material susceptible to intense heat.


burning surge; the user may expend a point of fatigue to increase the base damage of mercury by 10 for one round. this fatigue expenditure offers no other bonus, and only one point may be spent per round for this purpose.


flame burst; by expending 6 points of Ki, the user can cause the weapon to explode into a torrent of fire that lashes out at his opponents. this is considered an area attack that effects up to 5 opponents in front of the user, the user has some effect on the shape of the burst and can cause it to snake around allies who may be in the way, this allows the user to effect less targets if he so desires to avoid harming a specific target or two. the damage of flame burst is twice the base presence of the user plus their willpower bonus of the heat attack type. after using this ability it cannot be used again for an entire minute.


designated ignition; once per round per opponent struck, when the user of mercury attacks they may attempt to set the target ablaze. this is done by the target making a magical resistance check against a difficulty set by the user making a base presence check plus their willpower bonus. if the target fails they are set ablaze with three intensities of fire.


- -




requirements: mercury, willpower 11+, life sacrifice, elemental immunity (fire)


base weapon: none


DP cost: 30 MK cost: 30


the flames of mercury at this level are primordial, and require the user to make sacrifices to be able to use them properly. burning white hot and clean, this can be the ultimate look for a warrior. upon achieving mercury magister, choose 2 of the following additions.


volcanic burst: the flame burst ability can now make an advanced attack that can effects 10 opponents and ignore up to three friendlies within the area of effect. also, the fire burns so hot that all caught in the blast (of either form of this attack) have their heat AT reduced by 1. to use volcanic burst the Ki cost is 18 Ki points and the downtime after using the advanced form is a minute plus 3 rounds.


immolating surge: the user may now expend up to three fatigue points in a round to boost mercury's damage by 10 points per point spent. the effects still only last one round.


relentless blaze: the user with this advantage may expend 12 Ki points or 2 fatigue point to grant all attacks they make for the next round the advantage of a charge maneuver and increase their weapons breakage by 3.


call of the phoenix: the user of mercury magister may sacrifice some of their own physical being to gain increased tenacity and speed. for every 10 life points sacrificed (up to a maximum of 40) the user gains +1 to their movement and +15 initiative. for every twenty sacrificed they gain an extra attack. these benefits last 1 round.


-    -




requirements: power 9+, block ability 140+, aura extension, inhumanity


base weapon: none


DP cost: 50 MK cost: 50


not necessarily a weapon all on its own, Venus is still a very potent and difficult magister to use. the user of Venus controls several medium sized mirrors that float around them and react to their will. the user may use these mirrors to transport items, attack, or reach over distances as the mirrors can act as portals. the user may also channel their energies into the mirrors to produce a number of effects. abilities and uses often varies between Venus users.





base damage: n/a speed: special


primary attack type: none secondary attack type: none


breakage: n/a fortitude: special


required strength: 0 presence: as the character


special: enchanted mirrors, distant reach, shield, mirror sight, personal touches


note: the user of Venus must always have at least one free hand to use Venus, they may hold a small object in their focus hand but they may not carry anything that won’t fit in their palm or use their focus hand for anything other than quick passive actions or all the mirrors will fall to the ground. they may still use Venus if one of their arms is bound or immobile, but if it is badly broken or severed then they will have to quickly switch hands or Venus will fail. the user must remain conscious to use Venus. also, when a mirror is occupied by an ability in a round it cannot be used for any other in that same round.


speed: Venus does not effect the user’s speed, though if Venus is the user’s only implement in a given round then they are considered unarmed.


fortitude: each of Venus’ mirrors has a fortitude equal to twice the user’s power score plus that mirrors quality bonus.


quality: Venus is effected differently by quality bonus than other items. for every +5 bonus a mirror is crafted with when it is enchanted it adds its quality to its fortitude, has the potential to increase the user’s defense when used to block, and increases the difficulty of some of the effects mentioned in the ‘personal touches’ section. if multiple mirrors are used for one ability, only the lowest quality amongst the mirrors is used.


enchanted mirrors: the user of Venus must acquire and synchronize their spirit with specially made mirrors to use them. each mirror must be of at least +0 quality, and be adorned with at least 150gp worth of precious metals, gemstones, and other decorative things. the mirrors themselves also have to be made of good material, only fine silver, polished steel, or some other clear colored rare metal or crystal will work. once at least three mirrors of moderate size have been acquired the user must perform a ritual on each mirror which involves parting some of their soul into the mirror. the ritual takes 1 hour for each mirror and reduces the user’s maximum Ki pool capacity by 1. though the user must have at least 3 mirrors, they may have as many as they want up to a maximum of their power score. if a mirror is ever broken or dismissed the character may then recover as normal the Ki point spent on bonding the mirror.


distant reach: the user of Venus may use the mirrors to reach over a distance, they can reach into one mirror, and their hand will exit any other they wish. a mirror can be separated from the user by a distance in meters equal to the user’s power score. they may pass objects through the mirror as well, as long as they will fit easily and do not have a presence greater than the character. this can be used to make attacks at a distance, the mirror has a movement value equal to the user’s power score, and by nature of the attack the target cannot make counter attacks. this grants the user +15 to feint attempts. additionally the user may make a power check against a dexterity or agility check by the target, if the user succeeds more than 2 they receive ‘flanking’ bonuses or ‘higher ground’ bonuses (user’s choice), if they succeed by more than 5 they receive ‘from behind’ bonuses. this occupies two mirrors, and costs 1 point of Ki per attack.


shield: the user of Venus may use one or more mirrors to block incoming attack as if they had a shield. they cannot have more than one ‘shield’ at once but for every two mirrors used beyond the first adds +15 to the block check. standard penalties for blocking multiple attacks applies. this occupies as many shields as are used to block in that round.


mirror sight: the character can use the mirrors as viewing portals to see far away things or around corners and such. only two mirrors may be purposed for such a thing, one for receiving and one for the users viewing.


personal touches: not every user of Venus uses them in the same way, so when a user takes this magnus they may choose 3 of the following abilities, this choice cannot be changed.


illusion projection: the user can make illusions of themselves by bending and projecting light with the mirrors. the user can have mirrors float around the copies and even have them use the ‘shield’ and ‘distant reach’ abilities. these copies follow the rules of the ‘mirage’ Ki advantage, and as such the copies cannot cause real damage, but until the illusion is reveled they can put targets on the defensive (though a blocking character will immediately know their nature once put on the defensive by one). to notice that a copy is fake requires a notice check of absurd plus twice the lowest quality mirror’s quality bonus. the illusions spawn near the character and from then on are free to move about within the mirrors range and act on the users initiative. the maximum number of illusions is naturally set by the mirrors usage limit. this occupies two mirrors for one copy and one more mirror for each additional copy, this ability also costs on point of Ki per copy per round.


blinding flash: the user charges the mirrors with light and lets it out in a bright flash, all those within 3 meters who can see must make a physical resistance check of almost impossible or be partially blinded, those that fail by more than 40 are totally blinded. this lasts for a number of rounds equal to half the users power score, rounded down, plus one more round for every +5 quality of the lowest quality mirror used. this occupies 4 mirrors and costs 6 Ki points to use.


energy burst: the user of Venus may condense energy into a mirror and fire it as a projectile. this costs 6 Ki points, is an energy attack, has a range of 60 feet, counts as a fired projectile, and deals damage equal to twice the users base presence plus their power bonus. this only occupies one mirror but can only be done once per round and is the only attack the user can make in that round.


reflective sight: by carefully and precisely placing mirrors around themselves they can halve the penalties of being flanked and being attacked from behind. this occupies three mirrors.


reflect attack: by temporarily allowing other objects to pass through a mirror the user can cause a melee attack to be redirected at the attacker, by literally making them hit themselves. this can only be done once per round and only if a counterattack is achieved by blocking with a mirror. the attack score of the redirected attack is that of the original attack plus the counterattack bonus. the user may not also counterattack on their own, though this ability does not count against the users number of attacks in a round and does not need to be called at the start of the round like normal attacks. this costs 5 points of Ki and occupies one mirror, plus however many were used to block.


shed light: the user can cause the mirrors to cast light about as bright lantern. this costs 1 Ki point per hour for up to three mirrors. this occupies 1 to 3 mirrors.


- -




requirements: Venus, power 11+, block 200+


base weapon: none


DP cost: 40 MK cost: 40


Venus magister is considered a most beautiful display by those who see it. this is where Venus users differ greatly in application. with the enhanced comprehension the user may select 3 additional properties from below or from the original list. keep in mind that some additional properties have others as prerequisites.


surrounding shield: the user extrudes the energy that their shields emit into a force field of awkwardly refracted light that surrounds the user, though they must still roll to block attacks. this supernatural shield has 800 life points. this occupies at least three mirrors, adding a fourth gives the shield a damage barrier of 40, every extra mirror beyond that increases the damage barrier by 10. activating this ability costs 8 Ki points. mirrors used for this run no risk of breaking even if the barrier breaks, and the individual mirrors used to make the shield cannot be targeted unless by supremely powerful beings.


multiple mirror sight: the user may now purpose as many mirrors, in groups of two, towards viewing things remotely.


convincing illusions: (requires illusion projection), the notice check to discover the nature of the illusions is now impossible plus three times the lowest quality bonus of the mirrors used.


tough illusions: (requires illusion projection), the illusions now follow the rules for phantasmal illusions. this triples the cost of illusions.


super blinding flash: (requires blinding flash), blinding flash now reaches out to 5 meters and requires an inhuman check to overcome.


energy beam: (requires energy burst), now three mirrors may be used to fire a strong beam of energy. this follows the same rules for burst except it costs 18 points of Ki, has a 80 foot distance, and uses rules for ‘trail of destruction’ as described under the distance attack Ki technique advantage. once used neither burst nor beam can be used for 5 rounds.


multiple reflect attack: (requires reflect attack), the user may now reflect up to 10 attacks in a round. and the cost of reflecting an attack is now only 3 points of Ki.


radial vision: (requires reflective vision), the user now has radial vision when using three mirrors for that purpose, becoming immune to ‘flank’ and ‘from behind’ penalties.

-   -


let me split this up into a few posts, i had to make some formatting changes

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oh god, that looks ugly, okay here's some more...



requirements: athleticism 120+, sleight of hand 120+, attack ability 120+, dexterity 9+, inhumanity

base weapon: special

DP cost: 30 MK cost: 30

Terra is an unusual and often unassuming magnus used by a rare few, even for as far as magnus users go. it requires athletic inclination and good reflexes for proper use. Terra summons up a ball associated with some sport, in Gaia it is usually an eden ball, as is the most popular sport, but it is not impossible for another similar ball to be summoned. and while Terra may seem like an ordinary sports implement, it is also an effective weapon.



base damage: 30 speed: +10

range: 30 ft

primary attack type: impact secondary attack type: none

breakage: 0 fortitude: 20

required strength: 5 presence: 25

special: melee or ranged, returning shot, stop the attack, tricky shot, ricochet shot, double shot, recall, rotation setup

quality: Terra benefits from quality bonuses just like any other weapon.

melee and ranged: Terra can be used as a melee weapon or a ranged weapon that counts as a thrown projectile, using all the respective rules in either case.

returning shot: whenever Terra is thrown the user may attempt to have it return to their hands immediately after the shot. the user must declare he will attempt to have their ball return to them before making their attack roll, then they make a sleight of hand check after the attack roll. the difficulties for the varies shots are listed below...

regular attack; very difficult for the first attack in a round, then absurd for each extra attack

tricky shot; absurd

ricochet shot; impossible

double shot; almost impossible (or impossible if the first attack fails)

...if the character fails the sleight of hand check the attack still follows through as normal, but the ball simply falls to the ground and skitters off a little, if they succeed the ball returns to their hands after the attack. return shot will also not work if the ball is thrown passed effective range.

stop the attack: if during a ranged attack the ball is dodged by more than 50 points, or blocked by more than 75 points, it runs the risk of still not returning to the user’s hand, increase the difficulty to return the shot by one level.

tricky shot: if the user only attacks once with Terra in a round they may make a ranged attack with a +20 to a feint maneuver.

ricochet shot: if the user only makes one attack with Terra in a round they may make a shot that can bounce around corners and obstacles to hit its target. the target must be within effective range, the ball must not have to make more than two 90 degree turns (or an equivalent numerical combination) and any opponent it passes by can use an active action to try to halt its movement with a block. if the user cannot see the target they take the total blindness penalty to the attack. the first few times this attack is used in a combat scene it may surprise its targets, any target unaware of the nature of the attack must pass a notice check against the attack roll or suffer the surprised penalties to their defense, plus any penalty for flanking or from behind, if applicable.

double shot: if the user only makes one shot in a round they may attempt a bouncing shot that strikes two opponents, the user must declare both targets before the attack and they must be within 10 feet of each other.. the shot must strike the first target before it can assault the second, if the first attack does not at least put the target on the defensive then the second attack automatically fails. if the first attack succeeds then it flies towards a second predetermined target with an attack roll of -30 of the first, the second target may be caught off guard just like as with ricochet shot.

recall: if the user of Terra ever drops or is disarmed of their ball, or if it is ever sundered or destroyed, the user may attempt to recall it to their hands, should Terra ever break the user suffers a loss of 6 Ki points from the shock. if the ball is within 100 feet of the user they may spend a round trying to call Terra to their hands, it will spend the round bouncing and flying towards the user, it will attempt to maneuver around obstacles and escape snares with a strength or dexterity equal to the user’s power score. if it fails one check, or an opponent manages to halt its movement with a block, athletics, or sleight of hand check against a difficulty of almost impossible, it stops immediately. if the ball is broken or irreparably stuck (or if the user does not have the time to wait) they may spend 12 Ki points and take an active action to re-summon Terra to their hands.

rotation setup: as a passive action, the user may spend 6 Ki points to cause Terra to spin at high speeds, doing so increases its ranged damage by 15 and its melee damage by 20. this also grants it extra range as if the user’s strength was 3 higher. it also increases the difficulty of return shot by one level.

- -


requirements: Terra, athleticism 200+, sleight of hand 200+, attack 200+, dexterity 11+

base weapon: none

DP cost: 40 MK cost: 30

this masterful rank of Terra creates mind blowing feats of mathematically impossible throws and shots, but the users mind and body can be stressed to their limits. upon achieving Terra magister the user chooses 2 of the following advantages.

skillful returning: no longer is the difficulty of returning shot increased if it misses by a wide margin, even if it is blocked or dodged by an extreme amount unless the attack fumbles it will have the usual difficulty to return to the users hand.

triple shot: when making a double shot, a third target within 10 feet of the second target may also be chosen. also, when making a double shot the second attack is only at a -20, while the third is at -35.

improved ricochet: ricochet shot can now move the equivalent of four 90 degree angles.

supersonic rotational setup: the user can now spend 18 points of Ki to send the ball into a supersonic spin, this boosts all of its damage by 20 for ranged and 25 for melee. it also increases its range as if the users strength were 5 higher (instead of 3).

power throw: Terra now counts as a fired projectile.

explosive shot: if the user of Terra only makes one attack in a round they may make an attack that involves throwing the ball charged with energy with such force it ruptures and explodes upon contact with a hard surface. this costs 18 points of Ki to initiate and costs the user 6 more points once it strikes the ground and breaks. any struck by Terra in this state and anyone (including the user) caught in the 15 foot blast radius is subjected to the attack, which has a base damage of the ball’s ranged damage plus twice the users power bonus, of the impact attack type

- -


requirements: strength 10+, attack 120+, defense 120+, feats of strength 50+, inhumanity

base weapon: none

DP cost: 20 MK cost: 20

Mars conjures thoughts of brutish brawlers and strong thugs, and Mars often advocates these very things, but underestimating a Mars who also has finesse is often fatal. the massive metal gloves that Mars creates are equal parts offense and defense, and despite their size they can operate with grace with little effort on the user’s part.


base damage: 50 speed: -5

primary: impact secondary: none

breakage: 4 fortitude: 20

required strength: 9 presence: 35

special: punch attacks, power punches, blocking, fisticuff arts

quality: Mars benefits from quality bonuses as any other weapon

punch attacks: the user of mars may only fight with their fists. they cannot operate any weapons or benefit from any extra weapons or taekwando kicks, the user may hold things in their hands but they cannot fight with that hand while doing so. though the user is considered to be wielding two weapons and gains all the benefits and detriments thereof (the given initiative already takes this into account)

fisticuff arts: a Mars user may combine Mars with the martial arts; boxing, muay thai, and pankration. using the base profile of Mars.

power punches: if the user succeeds a feats of strength check of impossible before making an attack they gain their constitution modifier to the critical level of that attack and an additional +10 if it is an attack with the intention of knocking the target unconscious.

blocking: a use of Mars can set aside attacks with one of their gauntlets for that round, if they do they can block as if they had a shield, if they use both for this purpose they gain a +15 to their final block.

- -


requirements: Mars, strength 11+, attack 200+, defense 200+, feats of strength 200+, advanced boxing, muay thai, or pankration

base weapon: none

DP cost: 30 MK cost: 30

an even more imposing display is Mars magister, the perfect display of raw might. upon obtaining this level of Mars, choose 3 of the following bonuses from below.

advanced arts: add olympus mons, godhand, and luminuse to the list of martial arts usable with Mars.

roaring punches: before rolling initiative, the user may make a feats of strength check, on a result of inhuman they gain +3 to breakage and an additional +10 to critical levels, on a result of zen they also gain +10 to damage and +1 strength to any attack that delivers impact.

razer and destroyer: when using destruction by Ki, add the users constitution modifier to the final check needed to resist the effect, this can allow the check to bypass double the characters presence.

haymaker: if the user makes only a single attack in a round they can make an attack with +30 to damage and issues an impact equal to the user’s strength.

improved blocking: the user can still benefit from one gauntlet defense even if they have attacked with both gauntlets in a round. they can still forfeit attacking and put both gauntlets towards blocking to gain a +30 bonus to block (instead of +15).

flooring knuckle: Mars grants a +1 to checks to attempt a take down maneuver, plus one more for each +5 bonus.

- -

okay, let's see how these look, once i get the layout down i'll put the rest in a single post.

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okay, i can live with that, here is all the rest




requirements: con 9+, wear armor 150+, energy armor, physical dominion, inhumanity

base weapon: none

DP cost: 40 MK cost: 40

Jupiter embodies power in its rawest form. when summoning Jupiter the user calls forth plates of mysterious metal that connect to each other by tendrils of electricity, and it almost seems to weld itself to the users flesh. this armor protects the user like normal armor and can be used in all ways like a normal suit of armor. Jupiter also empowers the user’s physical abilities by assisting muscle movements and reinforcing ones body.


damage: 25 (see special) speed: -20 (special)

primary attack type: impact secondary attack type: none

breakage: 4 fortitude: 45

AT: cut 8, thrust 8, impact 8, heat 6, elect 8, cold 6, energy 6

required strength: 9 presence: 35

special: orichalcum armor, heavy gauntlets, physical augmentation

quality: effecting the quality of Jupiter is no possible at this level

orichalcum armor: Jupiter counts as a suit of armor, and as such protects the character. no other suit of armor can be worn with Jupiter, any other armor worn will be ‘banished’ upon Jupiter’s summoning and will return upon its dismissal, aside from that any other magnus can be used with Jupiter in use. these stats already take into account the energy armor Ki ability.

speed: since Jupiter is not a weapon in the purest sense, the initiative penalty of Jupiter counts as an armor penalty, and is simply subtracted from ones initiative.

heavy gauntlets: Jupiter comes with reinforced gauntlets with wide plates on the forearms, and these can be utilized in a number of ways. the user of Jupiter can attack with them like a weapon using the given damage, though if they choose to punch with Jupiter they cannot attack with any other weapon in that round. Jupiter’s gauntlets together count as one weapon and cannot be dual wielded, though they can be combined with any maneuver or Ki technique freely. also, if holding a single one handed weapon or no weapons at all the user of Jupiter can block with the gauntlets, doing so adds nothing to the user’s defense but does give them the benefits of blocking with a shield and allows them to block energy. if the user wishes they can dismiss just the gauntlets of Jupiter, this will allow them to fight with martial arts while wearing Jupiter, but none of this bonus will apply.

physical augmentation: Jupiter offers physical reenforcement to the users body, allowing even more impressive feats of athleticism and strength. with this magnus active the user gets a bonus of +30 to athleticism and feats of strength checks. they also get one of the following bonuses below...

extra muscle: +1 to strength, additional +10 to feats of strength checks

better physique: +1 to dexterity, additional +10 to athleticism checks

quicker movement: +1 to agility, +1 more movement value

stalwart grit: +1 to constitution, +20 to withstand pain

- -


requirements: Jupiter, con 11+, wear armor 200+, armor of greater energy, physical shield

base weapon: none

DP cost: 30 MK cost: 30

at this level, Jupiter undergoes an evolution, gaining additional components and raising the users abilities even further. the user may choose 3 advantages from below.

additional physical augmentation: the user may select another physical augmentation from the list given in the original Jupiter listing. this can be taken 3 times.

spiked gauntlets: the gauntlets take on spikes, when used as weapons they gain thrust as their primary attack and impact as their secondary. their base damage now becomes 35, and their breakage becomes 6.

increased quality: Jupiter gains +5 to its quality, this effects it only as an armor, the gauntlets remain unaffected except for their fortitude. this may be taken up to 3 times, and all quality bonuses grant their bonus to all secondary abilities effected by Jupiter’s physical augmentation.

sturdy: when inflicted with an impact, the user gains a +2 to their check to resist it. also, the effects of high wind on the users footing and movement are cut in half.

braced arms: the user may use a weapon one size larger than normal without penalty.

ultralight: Jupiter’s initiative penalty becomes nulled, and is now +0.

- -


requirements: dexterity 9+, attack 140+, sleight of hand 60+, aura extension, inhumanity

base weapon: ring blade

DP cost: 30 MK cost: 30

Saturn calls forth spinning blades operated by controlled winds. spinning at high speeds the user can cut through some of the toughest of materials.


base damage: 55 speed: +0

primary: cut secondary: none

breakage: 4 fortitude: 30

required strength: 6 presence: 35

special: lousy blocking, bleeding critical, puncture armor, wide reach, dual wielding, tornado

quality: Saturn benefits from quality bonuses like any other weapon

lousy blocking: Saturn is horrible for blocking attacks, so any attempt to use it for such a purpose is met with a -20 penalty.

bleeding critical: Saturn spins at incredible speeds, this causes it to reek extra havoc on vulnerable targets. when a critical is scored the character loses double the life points from bleeding (2 per minute), and Saturn also increases critical level to all criticals scored with it by 10.

puncture armor: the high speed rotation of Saturn’s ring grants it amazing cutting power, thus reducing the AT of all soft armors by 1. also, attacks made by Saturn are counted as being 10 base damage higher when taking damage barriers into account, though this does not actually effect the damage dealt.

wide reach: the winds that control Saturn allow it to temporarily swing out past the reach of the user’s arm, this grants two benefits; the first is that Saturn counts as a large weapon when making area attacks, and the second is that the users may make attacks against targets 1 meter out of reach.

dual wielding: while Saturn only confers the use of a single blade one may use a second weapon in the other hand using additional weapon rules. though it is difficult to do so and all attacks made with it are at a -10, unless Saturn is considered the second weapon, in such a case it is Saturn instead that suffers the attack penalty.

tornado: Saturn is capable of unleashing a potent attack that can knock back surrounding enemies as well as cause significant harm. by spending 10 points of Ki the user can call forth a small tornado and send Saturn’s blade flying freely through it, this is considered an area attack against all opponents within 15 feet and subjecting them all to an impact equal to the user’s power score. after using this ability the user must wait half of a minute to use it again.

- -


requirements: Saturn, dexterity 11+, attack 200+, sleight of hand 200+, zen

base weapon: none

DP cost: 30 MK cost: 30

Saturn magister is the manifestation of unbelievable finesse and gale force winds, granting the user 3 of the following bonuses.

sheering critical: bleeding damage is now 3 life points per minute and the bonus to criticals is now +25.

shred armor: Saturn reduces by 2 the AT of soft armor and 1 of hard armor. also, Saturn’s damage is considered 20 higher when confronting damage barriers but does not actually have higher damage.

great reach: effect two more enemies in an area attack and reach out to 3 meters to strike an enemy, opponents more than 2 meters away are denied a counterattack unless they too have sufficient reach.

buzzsaw attack: the user of Saturn may spend 10 Ki points to unleash all of their attacks they receive in a round, plus one more, in rapid succession against a single target with the benefits of ‘continuous attack’ as the Ki advantage.

cutting wind: by only making a single attack in a round the user may make an attack at an opponent up to 30 feet away by expending 6 points of Ki. this attack is considered a fired projectile, can snake its way around a number of small obstacles equal to half the user’s dexterity score, and returns to the user at the end of the round. after using this attack 3 rounds must go by before it can be used again.

massive tornado: as tornado, except the reach is 30 feet and costs 13 points of Ki.

- -


requirements: dexterity 9+, attack 120+, defense 120+, acrobatics 50+, levitation

base weapon: none

DP cost: 30 MK cost: 40

an unusual display, this magnus summons a wing that emerges from the user’s back (or, in some cases, transforms a wing the user may already have). the look and form of the wing changes from use to user, it could appear like a bird’s wing, an angel’s, a bat’s or possibly even mechanical, though the form does not effect its abilities. Uranus makes an effective weapon and shield, it also increases the user’s movement and mobility.



base damage: 60 speed: +20

primary: impact secondary: cut

breakage: 5 fortitude: 20

required strength: 5 presence: as character

special: area attacks, shield, additional weapon, movement increase

attack type: the user takes no penalty for using Uranus’ secondary attack type

area attacks: Uranus counts as a large weapon when making area attacks, but if the user wishes they can make a single attack in a round to deliver an area attack against all opponents surrounding him in a 1 meter radius.

shield: the user can make use of Uranus as a shield, to do so they must declare they will do this before rolling initiative, and they cannot attack with Uranus in the round they do this. in that round they receive +15 to block and dodge and have the benefits of a shield when blocking projectiles. in this form the user is free to use their other weapons as normal, but they may not benefit from another shield.

additional weapon: using Uranus is so complex and taxing it makes using other weapons difficult, but not impossible. as long as the weapon is not in the same hand as the shoulder that sprouts Uranus, they may make on attack with that weapon using the rules for additional weapons, applying all the usual penalties (even taking ambidextrous into account if applicable) plus an additional -15 to the user’s attack.

movement increase: even being only a single wing, Uranus does a lot for the user’s mobility. the user’s movement value is increased by 1 for every 50 points of acrobatics the user has. and when using the levitation Ki ability the user need only maintain it half as often (every two minutes instead of one).

- -


requirements: Uranus, dexterity 11+, attack 200+, defense 200+, acrobatics 200+, flight

base weapon: none

DP cost: 30 MK cost: 30

a true evolution occurs when the user obtains Uranus magister. they grow a second wing similar to the first and gain 3 of the following benefits.

(note: both wings are still one unit, and anything one wing is doing the other is doing or assisting. one may not dual wield the wings.)

heightened shield: the bonus to block and dodge is now +25.

more fluid weapons: if the user has the martial arts taekwando or xingyiquan they may attack with their weapon and their martial arts attack regardless of which hand their weapon is in. they still take an additional -15 to these attacks on top of all other penalties. if they know both they may only benefit from one of them in s given round.

wide area attacks: when making an area attack against all surrounding opponents the reach is extended to 3 meters and when making normal area attacks the user may effect 2 more opponents (for a total of 7).

wind gust: if the user forfeits making attacks in a round and does not take an active action to move they may flap their wings hard and create a potent wind to send some opponents flying. the user must spend 10 points of Ki as the wind is partially supernatural, and effects up to six targets in front of the user. all of these targets (friend or foe) are subjected to an impact equal to the average of the user’s strength and dexterity, though this deals no damage on its own.

project feathers: while not necessary feathers, this ability grants the user ranged attacks with small shards from Uranus. by spending 6 Ki points per attack the user can make a fired projectile ranged attack against a single target that deals half of Uranus’ damage with thrust as its attack type. this can be done as many times in a round as the user has attacks with Uranus.

- -


requirements: aura extension, attack ability 140+, style 60+, dexterity 9+, inhumanity

base weapon: pistol or arquebus

DP cost: 20 MK cost: 20

this flashy magnus grants the user a veritable arsenal of ancient and highly advanced firearms. the pistols and rifles that this magnus conjures are all incredibly deadly and fire lightning quick barrages of bullets and seem to pull their ammo out of nowhere. the shots from Neptune all give off bright light and almost entrancing sound, like spectacular fireworks. originally these types of weapons were lost logias held only by those with access to the most expensive technology, the character needs simply a working base gun to channel their impressive might. when taking Neptune the user selects one of the weapons below to gain access too, if they take one of the pistols they require a working pistol or other small firearm, if they take one of the rifles they require a working longarm.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Neptune (heavy pistol)

damage: 65 (80 with str 10)

distance: 225 feet

speed: +0

attack type: thrust

breakage: +3 fortitude: 10

required strength: 6 presence: 35

special: armor piercing

- -

Neptune (machine pistol)

damage: 50 (60 with str 9)

distance: 100 feet

speed: +5

attack type: thrust

breakage: +0 fortitude: 10

required strength: 5 presence: 35

special: automatic fire (concentrated, area attack)

- -

Neptune (sniper rifle)

damage: 65 (85 with str 11)

distance: 375 feet

speed: -5

attack type: thrust

breakage: +3 fortitude: 11

required strength: 7 presence: 35

special: armor piercing, precision

- -

Neptune (assault rifle)

damage: 50 (65 with str 10)

distance: 250 feet

speed: +0

attack type: thrust

breakage: +0 fortitude: 11

required strength: 6 presence: 35

special: automatic fire (concentrated, area attack)
- - - - - - - - -

automatic fire: the machine pistol and assault rifle are capable of unleashing streams of bullets that can rip opponents to ribbons, these come in two forms.

concentrated fire: this adds +20 to the character's base attack with the weapon and doubles the base damage of the attack, due to the nature of the weapon this only counts as one attack, though it does expend 3 shots.

area attack: the machine pistol may reach up to 5 targets with an area attack and blocks do not halt the attack, the assault rifle may reach up to 10 targets with the same rules. this expends 5 shots from the pistol and 10 from the rifle

armor piercing: the heavy pistol and sniper rifle reduce the AT of the target by 1

reload: the user of Neptune need not carry around any actual ammo, but they do need to will it to appear in an open hand, all of Neptune’s weapons take specialized canisters called 'clips' filled with bullets that slide into the gun, only the user may put ammo into their own gun, one Neptune user couldn't pass a clip to another as the bullets have different Ki signatures. reloading a Neptune firearm only takes one full round to reload or two if no more than one other active action is taken either turn. clips can range from 6 to 15 rounds.

quality: these artifacts benefit from quality bonuses just like any conventional weapon

- -


requirements: Neptune; wild munitions, attack ability 200+, dexterity 10+, style 85+, inhumanity

base weapon: (same as Neptune) + blunderbuss or cannon

DP cost: 40 MK cost: 40

this enhancement for Neptune adds to the arsenal of the user as well as grants the user more fluid use of Neptune as a whole. when taking triton the user selects one of the weapons below to add to their arsenal, and they may summon it with whatever firearm they use for their original Neptune. as well as having an additional gun, they can also switch between the two as an active action that counts as drawing a melee weapon. the drawbacks of this enhanced arsenal is that the ammo requires an additional action to summon (two actions for a cannon shell or shot cartridge, or another action for the second pistol clip) and it also takes an additional round to load the convoluted ordinance (an extra round for the shotgun, and one round for each pistol) except the shoulder cannon which requires 5 rounds to reload. also, when achieving this the weapons created by Neptune make distinct and mesmerizing sounds, as well as creating immense flashes of light, this is not a subtle magnus.

second pistol:

this is a simple one, if the user has one of the pistols from Neptune, they obtain the ability to summon a second statistically identical pistol. they must, however, summon them separately, as if the second pistol was the transformed state of triton.

damage: 60 (75 w/str 10)

distance: 25 meters/70 meters

attack type: thru

speed: -10

breakage: -0/+3 fortitude: 11

required str: 9 presence: 35

special: belled fire (shorter range, area 5, less breakage, armor piercing) or chocked fire (longer range, single target, improved armor piercing)

modes: the shotgun has two modes; belled and chocked fire. switching between them is a passive action and can be done once at the beginning or end of ones turn.

ammo: like all magnus, 'shotgun' has a clip of 6 bullets and can make that many attacks consecutively before needing reloaded.

belled fire: when in belled fire mode Neptune fires a spray of loose bullets in a spread in front of the user, and all attacks made are considered an area attack that can strike up to 5 targets in within a few immediate yards in front of the user, a successful block does not halt the area attack like other area attacks, and all targets are considered struck at the same time. its range is limited to this and is useless passed this distance, it also suffers from +0 breakage. though it does reduce the targets AT by 1.

chocked fire: when in this mode Neptune fires its bullets in a concentrated stream that stretches for some distance, and strikes a single target. in this mode triton has a longer range of 70 meters, a +3 breakage, and reduces the targets AT by 2.
shoulder cannon:

damage: 120 (140 w/str 12)

distance: 600 feet

attack type: impact

speed: -30

breakage: 8 fortitude: 15

required str: 9 presence: 35

special: explosive shells, armor piercing, blast shield

explosive shells: shells fired from this form explode per normal cannon rounds, except the radius is only 10 feet.

armor piercing: all targets hit by the shrapnel of the explosion reduce their AT for the attack by 1

blast shield: the cannon comes with a small blast shield to protect the user from muzzle flare, this has the secondary bonus of allowing the user to block with Neptune, this grants no bonus to defense but the user is considered to be blocking with a shield.

- -


requirements: attack ability 140+, power 9+, aura extension, inhumanity

base weapon: none

DP cost: 30 MK cost: 30

Pluto is an interesting magnus as it is was fabled to be created by a nameless nemesis user who had strong ties with the undead and demons. this magnus carries no curse or evil intent but it still leaves an odd impression on those who see it. Pluto allows the user to summon a weapon like any normal melee arm but it is made of ectoplasmic energy formed by their own spirit. this magnus is as unique as the person wielding it and few are similar, and the base abilities are as follows.


base damage: 65 speed: +10

primary attack type: variable second attack type: none

breakage: 2 fortitude: 25

required strength: 6 presence: as the character

special: reformation, block, variable abilities

damage: already taking into account aura extension

quality: adjusting Pluto’s quality is not possible at this level

primary attack type: at the time of taking Pluto the user chooses impact, thrust, or cut to define its attacks, once this decision is made it cannot be changed.

block: blocking with Pluto is difficult due to its wraith-like qualities, the user applies a penalty of -10 to their final block ability when doing so.

reformation: the user cannot be disarmed of Pluto and if Pluto is ever sundered the user loses 6 Ki points from the shock but can otherwise summon Pluto again the following round without any additional issue

variable abilities; when taking Pluto the user may apply two of the following, once the decisions have been made they cannot be changed.

weightless: the required strength of Pluto becomes zero

heart seeker: Pluto gains the precision ability

translucent: the user gains +15 to feints when attacking with Pluto

project power: the user gains the ability to fire a projectile of Pluto’s energy at a distance, this counts as thrown, has a range of 30 feet, and deals half of Pluto’s base damage (no other modifier applied). this ability costs 3 Ki points and can only be done once every other round.

increased size: normally Pluto counts as small for the purpose of area attacks, with this magnus it is considered medium size for the purpose of area attacks (but receives no other benefit for its size)

spiritual luminescence: Pluto glows like a bright torch out to 15 feet, this can be suppressed at will. this also grants the user a special bonus, the light itself will cast itself upon prominent spirits in the area, and any sentient or dangerous spirit in the area is made visible to the naked eye. this does not reveal invisible creatures unless they are invisible by benefit of being in a spirit form, and creates with presence 15 greater than the user can resist this effect with a willpower check against the user of pluto.

- -


requirements: Pluto, attack ability 200+, power 11+

base weapon: none

DP cost: 30 MK cost: 30

At this level of mastery the user of Pluto has gained total suffusion with its energies, becoming truly one with it. Pluto’s powers are significantly more imposing at this point and even those unfamiliar with it can feel its sentience when Pluto is active. upon taking Pluto magister the user may apply two additional properties to Pluto from both the list below or from the list given in the original Pluto entry. also keep in mind that some properties have others as prerequisites.

also, at this point Pluto gains energy as its primary attack type, replacing its original. if the user so chooses they may sacrifice this bonus, retaining their original attack type and never gaining energy as a attack property of Pluto, and in its place gain three bonus properties instead of two.

increased damage: the base damage of Pluto goes up by +20

quality: Pluto is considered a +5 weapon in all aspects. this may be taken twice, making Pluto +10.

secondary attack type: Pluto gains a secondary attack type of any type but energy.

more potent projection: requires project power; increase range to 60 feet, counts as fired projectile, costs 12 Ki points. even after this ability is taken one may still fire an original project power projectile, it retains all of its original properties but still is considered a fired projectile.

nearly invisible: requires translucent; increase feint bonuses to +30

additional size increase: requires increased size; Pluto now functions as a large weapon when making area attacks.

blood drinker: when delivering a successful critical the user of Pluto recovers a number of hit points equal to 1/5 of the damage dealt to the opponent, rounding down. the opponent must be living, and neither the user nor the opponent can have damage resistance or this will have no effect.

soul stealer: the user of Pluto can decide, before making their attack roll, to make a special soul stealer attack, this attack cannot be combined with project power. when making such an attack the base damage is reduced to half, but it deals additional damage to the opponent’s Ki reserves equal to one quarter of Pluto’s full damage (one half of one half), the user recovers this much Ki for themselves, any excess Ki is lost.

- -


requirements: power 11+, attack 250+, aura extension, zen

base weapon: none

DP cost: 70 MK cost: 100

a spectacular and awe inspiring magnus, named for a phantom comet that soars through the heavens and beyond reality. Haley summons a small number of glowing orbs that float close to the user, replicating with their energies a variety of supernatural attacks the user may produce.


base damage: special speed: special

fortitude: special

presence: as character

special: consume focus, align energies and replicate attacks

consume focus: to be able to summon up gradius options the user must ingest a sizable amount or radioactive material (the default is lampyridea). once ingested it fuses with the users body, when ingested in large amounts some may develop strange tumors on their insides, with various effects.

to prepare the material for consumption it must be soaked in the users blood and 1 life permanently sacrificed to ‘awaken it’, this is on a per ounce bases. the user must obviously only consume as much as they can swallow whole at one time, though grinding it up and consuming it with food or drink is also acceptable. after consumption the user must make a physical resistance check of impossible or vomit the material back up, if more than one ounce is taken in at the same time increase the difficulty one level for each extra ounce.

if vomited, the ritual fails and must be performed again, spending more life points. the user may summon one option for every 2 ounces of material they have consumed, up to a maximum of half their power score, rounding down.


align energies and replicate attacks: Haley replicates the attacks of the user, but only certain ones. the attack must be ranged in nature and be supernaturally created by a Ki technique, magic spell, or psychic discipline. if the attack consumes or requires some physical object then these objects must be supplied for each option used, and the object cannot be more than what would fit in ones hand or the effect cannot be replicated. the character must make an attack to be replicated and all additional attacks use the same result as the characters first roll. when using Haley, the user may only make one attack per round, though each replicated attack can be aimed at a different target.

if the attack is a Ki technique: the user must spend (but need not accumulate) one third of the Ki used in the original attack for each option used to replicate it. the minimum Ki that must be spent is at least one point from each attribute that the technique was based. if the technique makes several attacks the option only replicate the first and the character is denied the rest of the attacks granted by the ability. if a supernatural state is applied to the attack the user selects which of the attacks, his or one of the options, carries this state.

if the attack is a spell: the user must spend (but need not accumulate) one third of the zeon required to cast the spell for each option used to replicate the attack. the minimum zeon that must be spent is 10 per level of the spell. if the attacks carry supernatural states then the attacks delivered by the options only have 3/4 the resistance check that must be overcome.

if the attack is psychic: the user must designate a psychic point to each option being used, and cannot have options maintain powers. when replicating an attack the psychic must roll potential for each option at a -30 penalty, even if they need not roll for the attack they themselves made, and loses fatigue for each failure. even if they fail their potential for their own attack they can still attempt the ones for their options, but the penalty is now -40. when using psychic crystals all replicated attacks receive the benefit, but on a failure only the attack attempted by the user suffers the additional fatigue loss.

-   -

-   -


phew, glad that's over...

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Just read everything. Here comes the comment.

As a general thought: really interesting stuff. I like them a lot and my girlfriend does too. We can't wait to see the rest!

Now...let's go in detail...

MERCURY: Looks good to me, but I have a couple notes. Designated ignition has actually no meaning, since making Heat attacks means the target ALREADY has its chance of getting aflame. That’s simply redundant. As for Call of The Phoenix, the extra attack thing seems a bit too powerful to me, and I would add only +10Iniziative per 10Life Points sacrificed, but I might also be wrong about it. Consider Initiative is very “limited resource” in this game. It shouldn’t be increased so much, so easily. I’d add a couple more “bonuses” to the Magister version and allow taking 3 instead of 2.

VENUS: PhR checks of Almost Impossible and Inhuman?! Consider the max PhR check imposed by LEVEL3 techniques (which cost TONS of ki) is 200…I’d think about it. 140 and 180 would be more than enough for a low ki-cost effect. As for the rest…very nice.

TERRA: I’d set a difficulty for a Notice check against ricochet and double shot from Terra. I’d stay with 280 for Ricochet and 180 for Double Shot and lower the difficulty level by 1 each time the attack is witnessed up to a minimum of 120 for ricochet and 80 for double shot. Besides, why only 2 improvements at Magister Level? I’d concede 3. I hate the concept of this…but it’s funny anyway and very well done.

MARS: You already increase Critical Level a lot with the power punches, I don’t think Roaring Punches should add even more to critical…as for the rest I liked this one a lot too.

I hope I wasn't too harsh, as already said I like this stuff a lot!

PS - Once everything's done, could you e-mail me a word version of the stuff? That would be awesome!

EDIT: Oh, the other stuff is here...I read and comment it asap!



JUPITER: Armor requirement and natural penalty must be put over there, as well as movement penalty. I’d remove the “Martial Arts” option to Jupiter…or at least require use of Ryute for it. I’m not entirely sure about the balancing of granting extra characteristics…a characteristic bonus applying only to checks? Like +2Str/Dex/Agi/Con FOR CHECKS only?

SATURN: If the “Cutting Wind” attack is made with wind, opponents should pass a Notice check against a difficulty of Absurd not to suffer from Blindness against it. What is the Ring Blade, by the way? A Chakram?

URANUS: Add one more option to Uranus Magister. As for More Fluid Weapons, I’d even go as far as allowing the user to treat the wings as a completely additional attack with a -30 penalty or something like that…

NEPTUNE: I must admit I’m not wholly enthralled by this, especially by the magister version.

PLUTO: Since it was created by a nemesis user, why not substituting aura extension with Void Extrusion for a change? Of course primary attack type would be Energy, as for the Nemesis Ability. Again I’d grant 3 benefits with magister. I believe I forgot to say earlier that using quality bonus as an advantage from magister does not meet my likings, although for Pluto it might make sense, I guess. Blood drinking damage resistant targets should be allowed, but “healed HP” should be further divided by the Life Point Multiplier of that creature.

HALEY: Ingesting radioactive material will DEFINITELY cause tumors, and despite what Marvel or DC comics might think, tumors KILL people, don’t grant strange powers. Again…PhR280...good luck. As for the rest…interesting. No Magister?! Lazy boy!

One final note, you forgot the “failed” planet: Asteroid Belt should definitely be there!

Again I'd request of you if possible a word file by e-mail. It would really be appreciated!

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whoa, didn't realize you edited your post. thanks for the feedback. lemme go ahead and just take this from the top.


mercury: i see what your saying, i would almost maybe increase the life point cost for more attacks, but then the character would be paying too much. so initiative looks like a safer bet.


venus: i was wondering if the checks were too high on that one (and a few others), i'll look into it.


terra: ha, yeah, some people thought terra was awesome, others thought i was in idiot. the notice check thing sounds like a good way to handle the unpredictable nature of terra, good catch (pun intended).


mars: hmm, yeah, i guess that could used toned down.


jupiter: jupiter's armor requirement would be the minimum score in wear armor to summon it, i figured listing it twice would be redundant, and it really isn't supposed to have any movement restriction though its penalty is listed under its speed. it is an entirely defensive magnus and i tossed in the gauntlets for the heck of it, so i'll probably leave the martial arts in for myself, but obviously anyone may feel free to use it as they please. the bonuses to stats are rather low, but i'll try to test this one out, it may be a good idea to downgrade that to checks only.


saturn: cutting wind is made with the blade, so it is quite visible. and a ring blade is a weapon i made stats for on the request of a friend, i can post these later.


uranus: i'v gotten tons of second opinions on uranus, i'll need some time to sort them out...


neptune: this was one i did entirely for myself, it is supposed to be all sorts of stupid. i can't really take any offense to bad criticism for this one, but i still hope it is balanced, i'm putting this one on the top of the list to be tested.


pluto: oh, i totally forgot to mention that in my group we allow the substitution of several nemesis abilities for Ki abilities, so having emptiness extrusion would count, but i'll make sure to specify in the original document. and yeah, i wasn't sure what i was thinking with only 2 magister bonuses, pluto was the first one i made so i was kind of skittish with it.


halley: this is where the well went dry, i didn't have it in me to put together a magister for halley's comet (which i am just now realizing has two (L)s). i will put one together soon.


asteroid belt sounds like a nice idea, i can see what i can do. i will send you the stuff in one document later tonight when i get off work. and while i am thinking about it, when my creative fire has been rekindled, i was wondering if anyone has done magisters for the magnus out of the book that don't have them yet, if not i wouldn't mind trying my hand at that (though a colaberative effort might not be bad either.)

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I've made Master version only for the Impossible Weapon Magnus. Actually a few "Blood Dependant" Magnus I created also work as "Master" version of other Magnus.

As for the ring blade I googled it and discovered it's a giant ring weapon...I believe it should work like the Arancar (two-handed, only single Strength bonus, but allows a second attack as if dual-wielding with ambidexterity).

There's one more thing I'd like to suggest about this magnus and it would be more about fluff than anything else.

Most of this magnus "generate through ki" something. In my opinion most of these magnus would be more interesting if they didn't "summon" but simply "allowed to use" physical objects that couldn't be normally used as weapons. I'll get more specific:

MERCURY: Turns the blade into flame. Fine.

VENUS: Controls several enchanted mirrors. Fine.

TERRA: Controls a ball (I don't love sports, so don't worry about my opinion on it, still it's a very nice idea, reminding of Aquarion, I just had to get my mind on it). Fine.

MARS: Controls two otherwise unusable giant fighting gauntlets. Fine.

JUPITER: Instead of "summoning" the armor, it would be much nicer if the character using Jupiter simply used ki to USE a huge and heavy Powered Armor. That kind of Armor should be (in my imagination) around the size of a Space Marine's one, meaning no human can normally wear or use it (simply put, it's impossible to fight or even MOVE with that much metal on you!). The magnus would make it "usable".

SATURN: Well...it controls a Ring Blade in a superior way. Fine.

URANUS: Again it would be cooler to me if the magnus simply allowed the user to project the Ki into controlling a metal wing "worn" on the shoulder, turning it into a weapon.

NEPTUNE: What about the magnus not summoning the weapons but "temporarily technologically advancing it"? Then I'd use Intelligence as a prerequisite, instead of Dexterity, and Science instead of Style.

PLUTO: Ok, this one is a simple extrusion. I can't argue with this one (I imagine it as Protoss psy-blades, by the way).

HALLEY: Ok...orbs...how about cristal orbs levitating around the user and replicating beams around, but also having the opportunity of being thrown? This would look much like David Bowie in Labirinth, which is definitely cool.


Anyway, I got your e-mail. During these days I'm re-working the Planets Magnus a lot. I'll send you privately my re-work on them.

And again they are all awesome and the idea is very very cool!

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now that i think about it, have you (or anyone else here) ever played a video game called gradius? that is where i got the inspiration for halley, in it you collected power ups that summoned fireballs that floated around your space ship and shot whatever you shot, it was a cool game.


and i forgot about the giant version of the ring blade, the one for saturn isn't supposed to be so big.

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Sorry for necroposting, but I found no better place to post this, here are  a few creations of mine. The three following Impossible Weapons are addition to original brewmaster_vitty's Planetary Impossible Weapons.


I added the Sun, Moon and Asteroid Belt. The Asteroid belt is actually a "wanna-be-planet" in our system...simply put, something went wrong and instead of a whole planet we have a belt of asteroids between Mars and Jupiter. Sun and Moon are NO planets, of course, still under a "terran" perspective (which is the same perspective of people on Gaia), the Sun is still the center of the system and the moon is a just as important mass. I'm also posting again all other Impossible Weapons, because within time they went under several revisions by me and vitty, so a bit of "refreshing" would be in order.



Requirements: Willpower10+, Attack140+, Defense140+, Psychic Potential100+, Energy Creation, 1+Innate Slots, Aura Extension.

Base Weapon: Anyone Sword or Sword Class Module.

Cost: 40 MK: 60

Base Damage: 130. Speed: +10.

Primary: Energy. Secondary: Variable.

Breakage: 15. Fortitude: 35.

Req. Str.: -. Presence: Special.

Special: Cutting Through All, Energy Weapon, Rebound Blasts, Saber Color.

Cutting Through All: Sun halves the final Damage Barrier value of any target and ignores 2 Points of AT if the Energy Creation is sustained at Absurd Difficulty Level plus an additional 2 Points for each additional Difficulty Level Energy Creation is sustained at.

Energy Weapon: Sun is a weapon that must be created and sustained by Energy Creation Psychic Power by its user. Once developed, it permanently occupies an Innate Slot, although it can be summoned or unsummoned at will as an Unsheathe Action from the hilt of anyone sword-type weapon lacking the blade. It applies no Quality Bonus and does not add the Strength Value of its user to the Base Damage. Base Damage, Breakage and Fortitude include the bonus from Aura Extension. Sun is considered as having a Presence equal to twice that of the user. If broken, sun can be summoned again after 5 turns have past. The Light Saber is considered a Small Weapon for the purpose of Additional Attacks Penalty and a Medium Weapon for the purpose of Area Attack targets.

Rebound Blasts: The character can defend against projectiles as if employing a shield (but with no Block or Dodge bonus). The character can Counterattack if he/she successfully Blocks against a Distance Attack (even of Supernatural origin) attacking on any Elemental AT or Energy AT, as if it were a melee attack. The character will be considered as performing the Counterattack with the same attack he/she Blocked, but he/she can always use his/her Psychic Projection or Attack value to direct it.

Saber Color: When developing the Light Saber for the first time, the character must choose its color, applying following bonuses.

- Blue Saber: +5 Attack, Block and Psychic Projection. Cold Secondary Attack Type.

- Green Saber: +10 Block and Psychic Projection while defending. Electricity Secondary Attack Type.

- Red Saber: +10Attack and Psychic Projection while attacking. Heat Secondary Attack Type.



Requirements: Sun, Willpower11+, Attack 200+, Defense200+, Psychic Potential160+, Style200+, Psychic Projection Module, Modify Nature.

Base Weapon: None.

Cost: 30 MK: 30

Choose 3 of the following advantages.

Color Flexibility: Each turn, the user can choose to change the Light Saber color into a different color applying different bonuses for the Saber Color ability. Also Energy Discharge and Energy Dome attacks used by the character can now attack on either Energy AT or the same AT currently used by the Light Saber.

Double Saber: The weapon becomes two handed, but allows its user to make each turn a Secondary Weapon Attack with only a -10Attack Penalty, as if Ambidextrous.

Energy Fulcrum: While holding a Light Saber, the character gains a bonus to his/her Psychic Potential equal to +10, plus the Light Saber’s current Quality Bonus. The character also applies the weapon’s Quality Bonus to Psychic Projection rolls, Base Damage of Projected Powers, and Initiative while using Psychic Powers.

Improved Light Saber: The Sun weapon gains a +5Quality Bonus for each Difficulty Level the Energy Creation is sustained at beyond Very Difficult.

Piercing Energy: Sun completely ignores Damage Barriers. Energy Discharge and Energy Dome attacks projected while using Sun benefit from the same AT modifier currently possessed by the Light Saber and completely ignore Damage Barriers as well.

Rebound Stance: While using the Defensive Movement Manoeuver or Total Defense Manoeuver, the user of Sun can Counterattack against all successfully blocked Distance Attacks attacking on any Elemental AT or Energy AT as a Passive Action. The character can apply both Rebound Blasts and Rebound Stance abilities while employing for defense the Energy Shield Psychic Power.



Requirements: Willpower9+, Attack100+, Fire Elemental Attack.

Base Weapon: None.

Cost: 20 MK: 20

Base Damage: Base+10. Speed: Base.

Primary: Heat. Secondary: Variable.

Breakage: Base. Fortitude: Base.

Req. Str.: Base. Presence: Base.

Special: Burning Surge, Designate Ignition, Fiery Weapon, Flame Burst.

Base Weapon: When turning a weapon aflame, it maintains its base profile, with the exception that its primary Attack Type becomes Heat. The Base Damage bonus includes that of Aura Extension. The weapon benefits from any Quality bonus as normal.

Burning Surge: Before rolling for Initiative, the user of Mercury can spend 1 Fatigue Point to increase the Base Damage of Mercury by +10 for the whole turn.

Designate Ignition: When inflicting damage with Mercury, the character adds +20 to the roll on the Aflame Table.

Fiery Weapon: The weapon gets +5breakage against items made with materials susceptible to fire.

Flame Burst: When making an Area Attack maneuver the user of Mercury can spend 6ki points to affect up to 5 opponents within 3m in front of him regardless of base weapon and ignoring up to 2 targets within the reach. The base damage of this attack is equal to double the character’s Presence plus his/her Willpower Bonus. This special attack can only be used once per minute.



Requirements: Mercury, Willpower11+, Attack 200+, Life Sacrifice, Fire Elemental Immunity.

Base Weapon: None.

Cost: 30 MK: 30

Choose 2 of the following advantages. May choose to specialize on a single flaming weapon. If you do, you don’t get any Magister bonus while using Mercury with any other weapon, but may choose 3 of the following advantages for the chosen weapon.

Call of The Phoenix: Before rolling for Initiative, the user may Sacrifice 10 to 40 Life Points to gain a bonus of +1Movement and +10Initiative for each 10 Life Points sacrificed. The bonus lasts for one turn.

Fiery Will: The user can subtract his/her Willpower Bonus from the penalty for any Combat Maneuver.

Greater Ignition: Mercury adds +40 to the roll on the Aflame Table instead of +20.

Immolating Surge: Before rolling for Initiative, the user may spend between 1 and 3 Fatigues to increase damage Mercury by +10 for Fatigue Spent for the whole turn. This rule substitutes Burning Surge.

Relentless Blaze: Before rolling for Initiative, the user may Sacrifice 10Life Points to increase the weapon’s breakage by 10 points and have it negate up to 3 points of the enemies’ AT for an entire turn.

Volcanic Burst: Increase the number of targets affected by Flame Burst to 10 and the number of targets which can be ignored to 3. Flame Burst reach is increased to 5m. Flame Burst now ignores up to 1 point of opponents’ Heat AT.



Requirements: Power9+, Block140+, Aura Extension.

Base Weapon: None.

Cost: 50 MK: 50

Base Damage: N/A. Speed: N/A.

Primary: -. Secondary: -.

Breakage: -. Fortitude: Special.

Req. Str.: -. Presence: As The Character.

Special: Enchantment, Hand Requirement, Distant Reach, Mirror Shield, Mirror Sight, Personal Touches.

Quality: Venus is affected from quality bonus in its way. The quality bonus applies to Fortitude and to Block rolls made using the Shield rule. Also some Personal Touches effects are granted bonus from Quality. Whenever multiple mirrors are used for an action, use the lowest Quality value among that of all mirrors employed.

Fortitude: Fortitude of Venus is equal to double the user’s Power score plus the mirrors’ Quality Bonus.

Enchantment: In order to make use of Venus, the user must enchant at least 3 Mirrors, the maximum number of enchanted mirrors a Venus user can control is equal to his/her Power value. Enchanted mirrors must be made with a mild precious metal (like silver) and each must be adorned with 150GC worth of precious metals and/or gems. In order to enchant them, the user must invest 1ki point and 20Zeon points in each mirror, which are subtracted from the maximum polls of the user as long as the mirror is intact. Enchanted mirrors levitate around the user and can move using his/her Power value as Movement anywhere within a range in meters equal to ten times the user’s Power value.

Hand Requirement: Despite the mirrors not being a weapon as of themselves, controlling Venus mirrors requires one free hand. Although it’s not dual-wielding, until the user is Ambidextrous, he/she will suffer a -20Action Penalty with any weapon held in the other hand.

Distant Reach: Venus Mirrors allow the user to let attacks pass from one mirror through another, even covering some distance. In order to do so, the user requires one mirror at hand (within half meter from him/her). The second mirror must be close enough to the target. The character’s attack cannot be countered and are considered as made from the position of the Mirror. Due to the nature of such attacks, if more than one mirror is close to the opponent, the user gains a bonus of +15 to any attempted Feint Maneuver. The user can also throw weapons or shoot through mirrors using the Distant Reach rule and project any kind of supernatural power through it. Each use of Distant Reach has a cost of 2ki point.

Mirror Shield: Before rolling for Initiative, the user can choose one or more mirrors to be used as a Passive Action to perform Block rolls, which benefits from Shield rules against projectiles. The Block roll also benefits from a bonus of +15 for each 2 shields employed beyond the first. This ability has no cost.

Mirror Sight: The user can use two mirrors in order to see through one mirror whatever is reflected in the other one. Using this ability has no cost.

Personal Touches: When taking the Venus Magnus, the user can choose 3 of the following special uses for his/her Venus:

- Blinding Flash: Using four nearby mirrors and spending 8ki points, the user of Venus can as an Active Action unleash a Blinding Flash, that obliges opponents within 3m of the user to pass a PhR check against a difficulty of 160 or suffer from Blindness for a number of turns equal to the user’s Power score.

- Energy Burst: As a complete Attack Action the user of Venus can use a mirror and spend 8ki points to make an Energy Shot Projectile Distance Attack with a range of 20m and Base Damage equal double the user’s Presence plus his/her Power Bonus. Such attack can benefit from the Quality bonus of used mirror.

- Illusion Projection: Any number of nearby mirrors can be used to generate each a Mirror Image of the user which can be detected by supernatural means only by achieving a check of Absurd, which is able afterwards to move completely independently. The cost of this ability is 5ki points per Mirror Image when it’s used, plus one additional ki point per turn, in order to maintain each Mirror Image.

- Reflect Attack: Once per round, instead of making a Counterattack the user can reflect an attack successfully blocked by a Mirror Shield for a cost of 8ki points. The attack is redirected with the same Final Attack value scored by the attacker plus the Counterattack bonus. Using the Reflect Attack ability does not count toward the number of attacks a character makes in a turn and is not considered an Active Action. Reflecting each attack requires employing a mirror in addition to those used for the Mirror Shield.

- Reflective Sight: Halves penalties to Defense against Flank or Behind attacks.

- Shed Light: One to three mirrors can be used to shed light like a lantern at a cost of 1ki point per hour.



Requirements: Venus, Power11+, Block200+.

Base Weapon: None.

Cost: 30 MK: 30

Choose 3 of the following advantages.

Constant Reflection: If the user employs the Reflect Attack Personal Touch, he/she can use it up to 5 times per turn employing only 1 mirror for such purpose and reducing the ki cost to 5 points.

More Touches: Can choose an additional Personal Touch ability for Venus. Can be taken up to 3 times, choosing a different Personal Touch ability each time.

Multiple Sight: The user can simultaneously purpose as many mirrors as desired in groups of two to use the Mirror Sight. Moreover, if the user employs the Reflective Sight Personal Touch, he gains a complete Radial Sight.

Perfect Illusions: If the user employs the Illusion Projection Personal Touch, it’s Mirror Images can be enhanced to only be detected by passing a check of Impossible and are considered Ghostly Illusions unless opponents pass a PsR check of 140. The cost for creating Perfect Illusions is increased to 10ki points per image, plus 3ki points per turn of maintenance.

Surrounding Shield: If three or more Mirrors are used for a Mirror Shield, the user can Block that turn as if using a Supernatural Shield with 800Life Points, benefitting from the usual +15Block bonus for each two additional mirrors employed beyond the first. Adding an additional shield also confers a Damage Barrier of 40 which is incremented by +10 for each additional mirror employed beyond the fourth.

Superior Light Charge: If the user employs the Blinding Flash Personal Touch, its radius of effect is increased to 5m and the PhR check needed to overcome it has its difficulty increased to 180. If the user employs the Energy Burst Personal Touch, its range is increased to 25m and it can affect all individuals within its path for an additional cost of 5ki points.



Requirements: Dexterity9+, Attack 120+, Athleticism120+, Sleight of Hand120+.

Base Weapon: Eden Ball.

Cost: 30 MK: 30

Base Damage: 30. Speed: +10.

Primary: Impact. Secondary: -.

Breakage: 0. Fortitude: 20.

Req. Str.: 5 Presence: 25.

Special: Melee or Thrown, Recall, Returning Shot, Double Shot, Ricochet Shot, Tricky Shot, Spin Setup, Stop The Attack.

Quality: Terra benefits from Quality like any other weapon.

Melee or Thrown: Terra can both be used in melee or thrown at opponents.

Recall: If the user is disarmed or drops Terra and even if it’s destroyed, it can be recalled to the user. If Terra is within 100m of its user, he/she can spend a turn to recall it. The ball will move toward the user avoiding any obstacle or snare employing the user’s Power score for any characteristic check needed. The user loses 6ki points whenever Terra is destroyed, but whenever Terra is destroyed or irreparably stuck, the user can spend an entire turn and 12ki points to summon it back, plus 4ki points per Quality bonus Terra has.

Returning Shot: Whenever Terra is thrown, the user may have it bounce back to his/her hands by making a Sleight of Hand check against a difficulty of Very Difficult, which is increased to Absurd for a Tricky Shot attack, Almost Impossible for a Ricochet Shot attack, and Impossible for a Double Shot attack.

Double Shot: As a Complete Attack Action, the user of Terra may throw it so that it bounces over to a second target. If the Attack against the first target is successful (it puts the target on the defensive), the attack will bounce with the same Final Attack value -30 on a second target within 10m. The second target will have to pass a Notice Check against a difficulty of Absurd which is lowered by 1 Difficulty Level for each time the target has already witnessed such attack up to a minimum Difficulty Level of Medium, or suffer from the Surprise penalty to its Defense roll.

Ricochet Shot: As a Complete Attack Action, the user of Terra may throw it by exploiting ricochet to attack targets from unpredictable directions or ignoring cover. The user suffers penalties for covered target or for blindness if targeting a partially or totally covered target, but the target of a Ricochet Attack has to pass a Notice Check against a difficulty of Impossible which is lowered by 1 Difficulty Level for each time the target has already witnessed such attack up to a minimum Difficulty Level of Difficult, or suffer from the Surprise penalty to its Defense roll.

Tricky Shot: As a Complete Attack Action, when throwing Terra, the user can make with it a Feint Attack Maneuver with a +20 bonus to the Feint check.

Spin Setup: As a Passive Action, the user of Terra may spend 6ki points to charge the ball with rotational kinetic energy. This increases Terra thrown damage by +15 and melee damage by +20. The range of thrown Terra increases as if the user had 3 more Strength points and the Sleight of Hand check difficulty for Returning Shot is increased by 1 Difficulty Level.

Stop The Attack: If a thrown Terra attack is dodged by 50 or more points or blocked by 75 or more points, increase by 1 level the difficulty of the Sleight of Hand check for the Returning Shot rule.



Requirements: Terra, Dexterity11+, Attack 200+, Athleticism200+, Sleight of Hand200+.

Base Weapon: As for Terra.

Cost: 30 MK: 30

Choose 3 of the following advantages.

Improved Ricochet: The Difficulty Level of all Notice checks caused by Ricochet Shots is increased by 1.

Power Shot: Terra thrown attacks are considered as made with a Shot Projectile.

Skillful Returning: Unless the attack fumbles, the Difficulty Level of Returning Shot is no longer increased by successful Dodges and Blocks by opponents regardless of the defense achieved.

Supersonic Spin: The Spin Setup now grants an extra +5Damage to both thrown and melee Terra, as well as increasing the user’s Strength for calculating range by 5, instead of 3.

Triple Shot: When making a Double Shot, the user may choose a third target within 10m of the second target, if the second attack was successful. The penalty to the Final Attack value becomes -15 against the second target and -30 against the third target.

Cannonball Shot: As a Complete Attack Action, when throwing Terra the user can spend 10ki points to grant it an Area of 5m of radius and a Base Damage bonus equal to double the user’s Power Bonus.



Requirements: Intelligence10+, Attack120+, Defense120+, Memorize120+, Aura Extension.

Base Weapon: Improvised Weapons Module.

Cost: 40 MK: 40

Base Damage: 20. Speed: +20.

Primary: Impact. Secondary: -.

Breakage: 0. Fortitude: 20.

Req. Str.: 3 Presence: 30.

Special: Basket, Forgotten Place Forgotten Things, Variable Quality.

Basket: The Luna Impossible weapon needs a character to use a basket or bag of some kind as either primary or secondary weapon. Note that the bag/basket is pretty encumbering, hence the arm used to hold it cannot hold any other weapon. The characteristics indicated are those for a +0Quality Basket/Bag weapon.

Forgotten Place: Luna can be used to defend as if employing a Buckler with all bonuses it grants. Projectiles blocked through Luna are absorbed by it and moved to the Forgotten Place, hence if they had an Area Effect it is dispersed. Physical projectiles will eventually reappear in the place they would have landed if not blocked (they won’t overlap with other physical objects, so they will reappear in the closest possible position, if the exact spot is occupied). The required time is 5 turns for projectiles which Presence is higher than that used by Luna while blocking them, 5 minutes for projectiles which Presence is equal to that used by Luna while blocking them, 5 hours for projectiles which Presence is lower than that used by Luna while blocking them. Owners of Projectiles moved to the Forgotten Place will have to pass a PsR check against a Difficulty equal to current Presence of Luna or forget about the existence of such Projectiles until they reappear from the Forgotten Place.

Forgotten Things: As an Unsheathe action, the user of Luna can spend 5Ki points to grab anyone non-weapon item (but any Improvised Weapon at Master’s Discretion is allowed) of his/her choice whose one-handed Strength Requirement isn’t higher than the character’s own Strength value, directly out of the basket/bag. To determine the base Quality of the item roll a d5 and consult the table below.

1 – The Thing is -5Quality (Fortitude never drops below 1).

2 – The Thing is +0Quality.

3 – The Thing is +5Quality.

4 – The Thing is +10Quality.

5 – The Thing is +15Quality.

Forgotten Things will disappear within 15 seconds after they leave contact with the user of Luna or if they don’t leave contact with the user, they can last for a number of minutes equal to the result of a Memorize check made by the user at the time the items are grabbed.

Variable Quality: At the beginning of each turn roll a d5 to determine the basket/bag Quality and consult the table below.

1 – The Basket is -5Quality.

2 – The Basket is +0Quality.

3 – The Basket is +5Quality.

4 – The Basket is +10Quality.

5 – The Basket is +15Quality.



Requirements: Luna, Intelligence13+, Attack180+, Defense180+, Memorize200+, Use of Necessary Energy, Zen.

Base Weapon: As for Luna.

Cost: 30 MK: 30

Choose 3 of the following advantages.

Everything’s Forgotten: Whenever Luna successfully blocks an armed melee attack, the user can automatically make a Disarm check against the opponent. If the Disarm check is successful, the disarmed weapon is moved to the Forgotten Place as if it were a Projectile.

Extended Memory: Time of permanency for Forgotten Things is doubled both if they remain in contact with the character and if they leave it.

Forgotten Legends: Every time the user of Luna uses the Forgotten Things ability while engaged in a lethal fight roll a d100. On a roll of 100, instead of the intended item, the user draws a random Artifact from it (at Game Master’s discretion). The Artifact will remain in play following the same rules for other Forgotten Things, applying the Extended Memory ability, if purchased, unless the character can pass a Memorize check with a difficulty depending on the Artifact Level. If such Memorize check is passed, the Artifact becomes permanent and is no longer returned to the Forgotten Place. The Level of the drawn Artifact as well as the Memorize check difficulty needed to make it permanent is determined by rolling a d10.

1 – Level 1 Artifact. Memorize Check Difficulty: 100

2 – Level 1 Artifact. Memorize Check Difficulty: 150

3 – Level 1+ Artifact. Memorize Check Difficulty: 200

4 – Level 1+ Artifact. Memorize Check Difficulty: 150

5 – Level 2 Artifact. Memorize Check Difficulty: 300

6 – Level 2+ Artifact. Memorize Check Difficulty: 350

7 – Level 3 Artifact. Memorize Check Difficulty: 400

8 – Level 3+ Artifact. Memorize Check Difficulty: 450

9 – Level 4 Artifact. Memorize Check Difficulty: 500

10 - Level 4+ Artifact. Memorize Check Difficulty: 550

Gate to Forgetfulness: The Presence of Luna is considered 40 points higher for calculating all effects of Forgotten Place and Everything’s Forgotten. Items moved to the Forgotten Place whose Presence is 50 points or more lower than Luna’s current Presence are permanently moved to the Forgotten Place and can only be recovered by a Luna user passing a Memorize check against a Difficulty equal to double the item’s Presence. Characters failing the Forgotten Place PsR check by more than 50, permanently forget about the item that got sucked into the Forgotten Place.

Lucky Draw: The user of Luna can roll twice for using Forgotten Things, Variable Quality and Rarest of Things abilities and choose the favored result.

Rarest of Things: Substitute the d5 roll on tables for Forgotten Things and Variable Quality with a d10 roll on the following table.

1 – The Basket/Thing is -10Quality (Fortitude never drops below 1).

2 – The Basket/Thing is -5Quality (Fortitude never drops below 1).

3 – The Basket/Thing is +0Quality.

4 – The Basket/Thing is +5Quality.

5 – The Basket/Thing is +10Quality.

6 – The Basket/Thing is +15Quality.

7 – The Basket/Thing is +20Quality.

8 – The Basket/Thing is +25Quality.

9 – The Basket/Thing is +30Quality.

10 - The Basket/Thing is +35Quality.

Note that +20 or higher Quality items are considered powerful mystical items.



Requirements: Strength10+, Attack 120+, Defense120+, Feats of Strength50+.

Base Weapon: Claws OR Shuko OR Cestus.

Cost: 20 MK: 20

Base Damage: 50. Speed: -5.

Primary: Impact. Secondary: -.

Breakage: 4. Fortitude: 20.

Req. Str.: 10 Presence: 35.

Special: Blocking, Fisticuff Arts, Power Punches, Punch Attacks.

Quality: Combat Gauntlets benefit from Quality Bonuses just like other weapons, plus any Quality Bonus granted by Karate.

Blocking: For each Mars the user does not use to attack in a turn, he/she can add a Buckler bonus to Block rolls. If the character has the Shield Dodge module, he/she can apply the same bonus to Dodge.

Fisticuff Arts: A Mars user can benefit from Aikido, Moai Thai, Boxing, Kempo, Kuan, Judo, Karate martial arts while using the Mars magnus as its base profile.

Power Punches: Before making an attack, a Mars user may make a Feats of Strength check against a difficulty of Almost Impossible. If successful, he/she can add the Constitution Bonus to any Critical Level inflicted, as well as an additional +10 if the attack is a Knock-Out attack.

Punch Attacks: While using Mars, a character cannot attack with any other weapon, nor benefit from any extra attacks except those made with his/her two Mars. The character can still grab objects while wearing Mars, but then he/she cannot fight using this Magnus. Mars are used in couple and the character is considered as dual wielding them. The Initiative already takes into account that the user is dual-wielding with same sized weapons.



Requirements: Mars, Strength11+, Attack 200+, Defense 200+, Feats of Strength200+, Advanced Boxing, Moai Thai, Grappling, or Pankration.

Base Weapon: As for Mars.

Cost: 30 MK: 30

Choose 3 of the following advantages.

Complete Arts: Add Emp, Seraphite, Godhand, Leminuse, Panzerkunst or Tekken to the Martial Arts which can be used in combination with Mars.

Flooring Knuckle: Mars grants a bonus of +1 to checks for Take Down Maneuvers plus an additional +1 for each +5 Quality bonus.

Haymaker: The user can forfeit the possibility of making more than one attack or any attack maneuver in order to make a single Attack benefitting from +30Damage and dealing an Impact using the user’s Strength.

Improved Blocking: The user can always benefit from two Buckler bonuses even while attacking with Mars, and for each Mars not used to attack in a turn, he/she can add a Full Shield bonus to the Block roll. If the character has the Shield Dodge module, he/she can apply the same bonus to Dodge.

Razer and Destroyer: When using Destruction by Ki, add the user’s Constitution bonus to the final check required to resist the effect and don’t apply the limit of double the user’s Presence.

Roaring Punches: Before rolling for Initiative the user of Mars Magister can make a Feats of Strength check. On a result of Inhuman he/she gains a +3breakage bonus and a +10Critical Level bonus. On a result of Zen he/she also gains +10Base Damage and +1Strength for calculating any Impact dealt. These bonuses apply for the whole turn.



Requirements: Will10+, Attack160+, Defense160+, Inhumanity.

Base Weapon: None.

Cost: 60 MK: 60

Base Damage: 60/70. Speed: +10/+5.

Primary: Cut. Secondary: Thrust.

Breakage: 2/3. Fortitude: N/A.

Req. Str.: N/A. Presence: As Base.

Special: Damage, Fragmentation, Fragment Barrier, Fragment Belt, Fragment Spry, Size Dependence.

Quality: Asteroids benefits from any Quality bonus the fragmented weapon has.

Damage: Asteroids doesn’t add the Strength bonus of the user to its Damage.

Fragmentation: Before rolling for Initiative, the user of Asteroids must hold a Medium Sized or Larger weapon in hand and spend 10ki points in order to be able to use the Magnus in that turn. When fragmenting the weapon the user chooses whether to use it for a Fragment Barrier, a Fragment Belt or a Fragment Spry. During following turns the weapon can be kept in the same form without spending any further ki points or it can be shifted to a different Fragmented form at a cost of 5 points or returned to normal at a cost of 1 point. While controlling Asteroids a character cannot make any Attack Action, nor combine it with any Technique or Ars Magnus.

Fragment Barrier: Fragment Barrier grants its user a Supernatural Shield with 200 Resistance Points if generated from a Medium Sized Weapon and 300 Resistance Points if generated from a Large Sized Weapon, regenerating completely its Resistance Points at the beginning of each turn. Whenever the Fragment Barrier blocks an opponent’s melee attack, the offender suffers an Asteroids Attack with a Predetermined Final Attack Value of Almost Impossible plus Asteroid’s Quality Bonus. The user cannot spend Fatigue points to increase Defense Rolls with Fragment Barrier. Such attacks allow no Counterattack.

Fragment Belt: Fragment Belt creates an Asteroids circular belt around the user with a radius of 2m for a Medium Sized Weapon and 3m for a Large Sized Medium. The belt moves with the user who can walk with his normal Movement value, but can’t run. Whenever an individual, friendly or enemy is caught within the belt, he/she will automatically suffer an Asteroids Attack with a Predetermined Final Attack Value of Almost Impossible plus Asteroid’s Quality Bonus. Such attacks allow no Counterattack.

Fragment Spry: Fragment Spry allows its user to make a single Area Attack affecting all individuals in front of him caught within a trail wide 2m and long 4m for a Medium Sized weapon and 6m for a Large Sized weapon, with only a -10 penalty to the Attack Roll. The user cannot spend Fatigue points to increase Attack Rolls with Fragment Spry.

Size Dependence: The first indicated values for Damage, Speed and Breakage is for Asteroids generated from a Medium Weapon, while the second values are for Asteroids generated from Large Weapons. If Asteroids is generated from an Enormous weapon, increase Damage by 10, Breakage by 1, reduce Speed by -5 increase the Fragment Barrier Resistance Points by 100, the Fragment Belt radius by 1m, and the Fragment Spry range by 2m. If Asteroids is generated from a Gigantic weapon, apply the same bonuses and penalties again. Note that the user of Asteroids doesn’t need to be able to actually wield the weapon he/she turns into Asteroids, needing only to hold it somehow before rolling Initiative, in order to fragment it.



Requirements: Asteroids, Willpower11+, Attack200+, Defense200+, Zen.

Base Weapon: -.

Cost: 30 MK: 30

Choose 3 of the following advantages.

Controlled Belt: Only opponents caught within the belt are affected. The user can now move up to once and a half his normal pace Movement.

Improved Spry: Fragment Spry now only hits chosen opponents and has no Attack Roll penalty at all.

Independant Fragments: While using any of the Asteroids attacks or defenses, the user may act on his own, even attacking and using any Magnus or Technique. Any Magnus or Technique used can never affect any of the attacks or defenses made through Asteroids.

Lethality Increment: Each turn the Asteroids user decides to maintain a previously cast Fragment Barrier or Fragment Belt, he/she can choose to spend ki points and Fatigue points to increase by 1 Difficulty Level of The Predetermined Attack value used by these two Asteroid forms. Getting the Difficulty Level from Almost Impossible to Impossible costs 10ki points and 1 Fatigue point. Getting the Difficulty Level from Impossible to Inhuman costs 20ki points and 2 Fatigue points. Getting the Difficulty Level from Inhuman to Zen costs 30ki points and 3 Fatigue points. No more than 1 Difficulty Level increment can be achieved each turn, but once achieved Difficulty Levels Increment will apply to both Fragment Barrier and Fragment Belt forms and remain active for as long as Asteroids is used and the weapon is kept fragmented.

Physical Exploit: The user can spend Fatigue Points to increase the Defense Roll using Fragment Barrier and the Attack Roll using Fragment Spry.

Stronger Barrier: The Fragment Barrier now has 250 Resistance Points if cast from a Medium Sized Weapon and 400 Resistance Points if cast from a Large Sized Weapon, plus 150 Resistance Points for each size increase, instead of +100.



Requirements: Constitution9+, Wear Armor150+, Aura Extension, Energy Armor, Physical Dominion, Inhumanity.

Base Weapon: None.

Cost: 40 MK: 40

Base Damage: 35. Speed: -20.

Primary: Impact. Secondary: -.

Breakage: 4. Fortitude: 55.

Req. Str.: 10 Presence: 55.

AT: Cut9, Imp9, Thr9, Hea5, Ele5, Col5, Ene7

Arm. Req.: 180. Natural Penalty: -80. Mov. Penalty: 7.

Type: Hard Cover: Complete + Head

Special: Heavy Gauntlets, Orichalcum Armor, Physical Augmentation.

Quality: Jupiter Quality Bonus apply both to the weapon and the armor profile.

Heavy Gauntlets: Jupiter comes equipped with two Heavy Gauntlets that can be used for Unarmed attacks using a Base Damage of 35 but a Speed of -20. If at least one arm is left unarmed, the Heavy Gauntlet can be used to Block projectile attacks as if employing a shield. The Base Damage includes the bonus from Aura Extension.

Orichalcum Armor: Jupiter cannot be combined with any other Armor and its armor value includes a full +2 bonus from Energy Armor. Energy AT bonus from ki abilities (not techniques) are fully added to the Armor Value and not halved. If the character has any Elemental Immunity Ki Ability, he/she also gets a bonus to the same Elemental AT equal to the bonus currently granted by ki abilities to Energy AT.

Physical Augmentation: A user of Jupiter can choose one of the following bonuses.

- Better Physique: +2 to Dexterity Checks and +10 to Athleticism checks.

- Extra Muscle: +2 to Strength Checks and +10 to Feats of Strength checks.

- Quicker Movement: +2 to Agility Checks and +1 Movement.

- Stalwart Grit: +2 to Constitution Checks and +10 to Withstand Pain checks.



Requirements: Jupiter, Constitution11+, Wear Armor200+, Arcane Energy Armor, Physical Shield.

Base Weapon: None.

Cost: 30 MK: 30

Choose 3 of the following advantages.

Additional Physical Augmentation: The user may choose an additional Physical Augmentation bonus. This advantage can be chosen up to 3 times, choosing a different Physical Augmentation bonus each time.

Braced Arms: The character can use Enormous weapons without penalties and Giant weapons suffering the same penalties as if using for Enormous. If the character is already capable of wielding Enormous weapons without suffering any penalty, he/she becomes able to wield Giant weapons without penalty.

Extra Layers: Jupiter can now be worn along with additional Armor layers, as long as they’re Soft Armors.

Spiked Gauntlets: When making Unarmed attacks with Jupiter the Base Damage is increased by 10 points, the breakage by 2 points and the Primary Attack Type becomes Thrust, while Impact becomes the Secondary Attack Type.

Sturdy: Halve the effect of Impacts on the user. The user gains a bonus of +2 to all opposed checks to resist Take-Down and Impact effects.

Ultralight: The Armor Requirement for Jupiter goes down by 20 points as well as its Natural Penalty and the Movement reduction is reduced by 2 points.

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Second part:



Requirements: Dexterity9+, Attack 140+, Sleight of Hand60+, Aura Extension, Inhumanity.

Base Weapon: Ring Blade.

Cost: 30 MK: 30

Base Damage: 55. Speed: +0.

Primary: Cut. Secondary: None.

Breakage: 4. Fortitude: 30.

Req. Str.: Presence: 35.

Special: Backstrike, Bleeding Critical, Lousy Blocking, Puncture Armor, Thrown, Tornado, Two-handed, Wide Reach.

Quality: Saturn benefits from Quality bonuses like any other weapon.

Damage: Indicated Base Damage includes the bonus from Aura Extension. Saturn only adds once the Strength bonus to the Base Damage despite being a Two-Handed weapon.

Backstrike: Saturn can be used to make an attack as if wielding an additional weapon with an Attack penalty of only -10.

Bleeding Critical: Saturn adds +10 to the Critical Level of Criticals inflicted and doubles damage from bleeding.

Lousy Blocking: Block rolls using Saturn suffer a penalty of -20.

Puncture Armor: Saturn ignores 1 point of AT from Soft Armors and when attacking opponents with a Damage Barrier is considered as having +10Base Damage for the purpose of determined whether it can bypass the Damage Barrier only.

Tornado: When making an Area Attack Maneuver, the user of Saturn can spend 10ki points to make it affect all opponents within 3m of the user, apply only a -20Attack Penalty, and inflict to all targets an Impact with a Strength equal to the user’s Power score.

Wide Reach: Saturn can be used to make attacks against opponents up to 2m away from the user and is considered a Large Weapon for the purpose of Area Attacks.



Requirements: Dexterity11+, Attack200+, Sleight of Hand200+, Zen.

Base Weapon: As for Saturn.

Cost: 30 MK: 30

Choose 3 of the following advantages.

Buzzsaw Attack: Before rolling for Initiative, the user of Saturn can spend 10ki points to gain an additional penalty free attack that turn and make all attacks as continuous attacks, so that opponents can counterattack only after the user of Buzzsaw Attack has completed the entire attack sequence. All attacks that are part of a Buzzsaw Attack must be directed against the same target.

Cutting Wind: As a Complete Attack Action, the user of Saturn Magister can spend 6ki points to make a Shot Projectile Distance attack against an opponent up to 20m away.

Increased Reach: Saturn can now be used against opponents up to 3m away and can strike up to 2 additional opponents with an Area Attack.

Massive Tornado: The range of the Tornado attack is incremented to 10m.

Sheering Critical: The Critical bonus is increased to +25 and the damage from bleeding is tripled.

Shred Armor: The AT reduction of Soft Armors is increased to 2 and Saturn becomes able to reduce by 1 the AT of Hard Amors. The weapon is considered as having an additional +10Base Damage for determining whether it can bypass or not a Damage Barrier.



Requirements: Dexterity9+, Attack 120+, Defense120+, Acrobatics50+, Levitation.

Base Weapon: None.

Cost: 30 MK: 40

Base Damage: 60. Speed: +20.

Primary: Impact. Secondary: Cut.

Breakage: 5. Fortitude: 20.

Req. Str.: Presence: As per Character.

Special: Additional Weapon, Area Attacks, Movement Increase, Unusual Attack, Wing Shield.

Quality: Uranus is affected from quality as normal.

Additional Weapon: The use of Uranus precludes the use of any weapon held in the arm (or the arm itself) corresponding to the shoulder it’s attached to, but the user can dual wield with the other arm as normal.

Area Attacks: Uranus is considered a Large Weapon for Area Attacks and it can be used to attack all opponents within 1m.

Movement Increase: Uranus removes all combat penalties for fighting while levitating. Moreover the user has a bonus of +1Movement while Levitating or Flying for each 100 points of Acrobatics he/she has.

Unusual Attack: Uranus can be used to make attacks using the Secondary Attack Type without suffering any penalty.

Wing Shield: Before rolling for Initiative, the user of Uranus may choose to use it for defending. While doing so, it cannot be used for attacking, but grants all bonuses of a Medium Shield to the defense.



Requirements: Uranus, Dexterity11+, Attack200+, Defense200+, Acrobatics200+, Flight.

Base Weapon: None.

Cost: 30 MK: 30

Choose 3 of the following advantages.

Heightened Shield: Each Uranus used for defending now confers the defending bonuses of a Full Shield.

Independent Weapons: The user can now attack and/or defend with Uranus independently from his/her arms or any weapon held with them. Unless used for defending, the Uranus attacks suffer from dual-wielding penalties if used in combination with normal attacks. If the character has the Second Wing Magister advantage, the two weapons will attack as one when used in combination with normal attacks, using the profile of a single Uranus, unless the character has the Secondary Weapon Double Strike Module, in which case they will attack using it.

Project Feathers: Before rolling for Initiative, the user of Uranus Magister can spend 6ki points to use it for a single Shot Projectile Distance Attack with a range of 20m, a Base Damage of 30 plus the user’s Power bonus and Thrust Attack Type.

Second Wing: The user has now two Uranus equipped which can act independently.

Wide Area Attack: Uranus can now be used to make Area Attacks against opponents within 3m.

Wind Gusts: If not using Uranus to attack or defend, its user may spend 10ki points to produce Wind Gusts affecting all individuals in front of the user and within 5m of them. Such individuals will suffer an Impact with a Strength equal to the average (rounded down) of the user’s Strength and Dexterity. If the character has the Second Wing Magister advantage, the Wind Gusts will reach up to 7m away from the user and the Impact will receive an extra +2 bonus to the final Strength of the Impact dealt.



Requirements: Intelligence10+, Attack 140+, Science60+, Aura Extension, Inhumanity.

Base Weapon: Matchlock Pistol OR Arquebus OR Projectile Class Module.

Cost: 20 MK: 20

Base Damage: 70. Speed: -10 (Arquebus)/+10 (Matchlock Pistol).

Primary: Thrust. Secondary: -.

Breakage: 5. Fortitude: 10.

Req. Str.: Presence: 20.

Special: Advance Weapon, Heavy Gun, Machine Gun, Reload.

Damage: Indicated Damage includes the bonus from Aura Extension.

Quality: Neptune weapons benefit as normal from the Quality bonus of their Base Weapon.

Advance Weapon: Before rolling for Initiative each turn, the user can spend 1 ki point to advance a single held Matchlock Pistol or Arquebus into an highly advanced Heavy Gun or Machine Gun. The chosen weapon no longer suffers from the Complex rule and it cannot burst in case of Fumble.

Heavy Gun: When using this advancement, the weapon gains a bonus of +2Strength, the Precision special rule, a bonus of +3 to Breakage. Shots from a Heavy Gun negate 1 point of the opponent’s AT.

Machine Gun: When using this advancement, the weapon suffers a penalty of -2Strength, but can be used to shot up to 5 targets within half meter from each with a single Complete Attack Action suffering a -40 Attack Penalty, or to deal d5 attacks against a single target as a single Complete Attack Action, suffering a -40 Attack Penalty.

Reload: Neptune firearms are modified so they can be loaded with slits that host between 6 and 15 rounds and require 1 turn to be reloaded.



Requirements: Intelligence11+, Attack 200+, Science200+.

Base Weapon: As for Neptune.

Cost: 30 MK: 30

Choose 2 of the following advantages. May choose to specialize on a single firearm weapon. If you do, you don’t get any Magister bonus while using Neptune with the other weapon, but may choose 3 of the following advantages for the chosen weapon.

Compensating System: The Attack penalty for Complete Attack Actions made with Neptune Machine Guns is cut in half to -20 and Machine Guns only suffer from -1Strength instead of -2.

Elephant Rounds: Neptune Heavy Guns gain a bonus of +10 to their Base Damage, which is increased to +30 when targeting Enormous-sized or bigger creatures. The Shotgun Advancement also benefits from Elephant Rounds.

Shotgun Advancement: This Advancement only works with an Arquebus, cutting in half its effective range. The weapon gains a bonus of +4 Strength, +5 Breakage, and its Criticals gain a bonus of +10Critical Level. Shotgun attacks negate up to 2 points of the target’s AT. Shotgun attacks inflict an Impact with a Strength equal to that of the Shotgun.

Shoulder Cannon Advancement: This Advancement only works with an Arquebus, doubling both its range and Base Damage. This advancement also grants a bonus of +4Strength and +3Breakage. Attacks from a Shoulder Cannon have an Area of Effect with 5m radius and negate up to 1 point of the opponents’ AT. Shoulder Cannon does not benefit from the Reload rule of Neptune and requires 3 full turns to reload each single shot.

Two Hands: The user can now use Neptune with up to two Matchlock Pistols each turn. Each weapon can be given a different Advancement and used independently applying usual rules for dual wielding, with the single exception that using a Complete Attack Action with a Machine Gun does not impede attacking with the other weapon.

Unfathomable Reload: While using one or more Matchlock Pistol Neptune weapons, the user can reload as a Passive Action by passing a Sleight of Hand check against a difficulty of Impossible. The check can be attempted each turn once per weapon.



Requirements: Power9+, Attack 140+, Void Extrusion, Inhumanity.

Base Weapon: None.

Cost: 50 MK: 50

Base Damage: 65. Speed: +10.

Primary: Energy. Secondary: Special.

Breakage: 2. Fortitude: -.

Req. Str.: Presence: As per Character.

Special: Difficult Dual Wielding, Project Power, Secondary Attack, Soul Eater, Spiritual Luminescence, Unbreakable, Void Area.

Quality: Being a projection of one’s Nemesis, Pluto cannot gain any Quality bonus.

Damage: Attacks from Pluto are material and can be parried as normal despite attacking on Energy AT and they inflict Cold Damage as per the Void Extrusion ability. Pluto adds the user’s Power bonus instead of Strength bonus.

Difficult Dual Wielding: Using Pluto alongside another weapon is completely impossible due to the high concentration required to maintain the Ghostly Weapon. It’s actually possible to become able to summon two Pluto Ghostly Blades at once, but it requires the character to buy the Pluto Magnus a second time. If the character achieves Magister level with this Magnus he/she can apply the same Magister bonus to both Pluto Ghostly Blades if this Magnus was bought twice.

Project Power: As a Complete Attack Action, Pluto can be used to make a Thrown Projectile Distance Attack with Base Damage 30 plus the user’s Power Bonus. Using this ability has a cost of 3ki points.

Secondary Attack: The Secondary Attack Type of Pluto can be either Cut or Thrust.

Soul Eater: Before rolling for an attack with Pluto, the user can choose to make a Soul Eater attack. A Soul Eater Attack has halved Base Damage but inflicts to the opponent a loss of ki points equal to the loss of life points inflicted.

Spiritual Luminescence: Pluto can be used to project a light as if it were a torch.

Unbreakable: Pluto can never be broken.

Void Area: Despite being a Small Weapon, Pluto makes Area Attacks like a Large Weapon.



Requirements: Pluto, Power11+, Attack 200+, One With Nothing.

Base Weapon: None.

Cost: 30 MK: 30

Choose 3 of the following advantages.

Blood Drinker: Whenever Pluto inflicts a Critical on a living target, its user recovers a number of Life Points equal to 1/5 of the Damage inflicted. When inflicting a Critical on Damage Accumulation creatures, divide the number of recovered Life Points by the Damage Accumulation Multiple.

Heart Seeker: Pluto gains the Precision ability.

Increased Damage: Pluto gains a bonus of +20Damage.

Quality Booster: Before rolling for Initiative, the user may spend 1 to 5ki points. Pluto gains a +5 Quality bonus for the entire turn for each ki point spent.

Total Drainer: When using a Soul Eater Attack, Pluto also causes a loss of Zeon Points equal to 10 times inflicted Damage, and a penalty to Psychic Potential and all Summoning Abilities equal to inflicted Damage lasting for one hour.

Traslucent Blade: Pluto Magister grants a bonus of +30 to all Feint Maneuver Rolls.



Requirements: Attack 140+, Power 11+, Attack250+, Aura Extension, Zen.

Base Weapon: None.

Cost: 50 MK: 100

Base Damage: 20. Speed: +10.

Primary: Cold. Secondary: Impact.

Breakage: 0. Fortitude: 10.

Req. Str.: NA Presence: That of User.

Special: Alternative Use, Damage, Consume Focus, Eternal ad Vitam, Project Effects, Replicate Effects, Thrown.

Alternative Use: A character can use Offensive Magic Projection  or Offensive Psychic Projection 250+ as a prerequisite for Halley, instead of Attack. Also Offensive Projection can be used to attack with it, instead of the user’s Attack Value.

Quality: Halley cannot gain any Quality bonus.

Consume Focus: In order to generate the Comet Orbs used in Haley, the user has to ingest large amounts of radioactive material and contain its side effects by ki. Each time the user attempts absorbing a sizable amount of radioactive material, he/she has to Sacrifice 50Life Points soaking it in his/her own blood and then pass a DR check against a difficulty of 180 or vomit back the material (he/she will have to start again the process). If the user does not vomit the material, he/she has to immediately invest 50ki points to contain its radioactive effects or will immediately acquire the Serious Illness disadvantage. Regardless, if the user doesn’t vomit, he/she has to permanently sacrifice 1 point from a Physical Characteristic of his/her choice. After that, the Comet Orb has been created and can be summoned from inside the body or banished into it at will as a Passive Action. The required Life Points Sacrifice and DR check difficulty is increased by 10 points for each Orb the user already hosts inside his/her body and the ki cost to contain the radioactivity is also increased by 5 points for each Orb the user already hosts inside his/her body. Both Life Points and permanent Physical Characteristic Sacrifices are required each time the ritual is made. The user cannot store more Comet Orbs than his/her Constitution value.

Damage: Indicated Damage includes the bonus from Aura Extension. Halley uses the user’s Power instead of Strength both for calculating maximum range and damage bonus.

Eternal ad Vitam: Once a Comet Orb is formed, it cannot be destroyed. Even if broken, it immediately reforms inside the user’s body within 5 turns. Also, when thrown a Comet Orb explodes on impact, and the user has to wait for it to reform, in order to be able to use it again. Making use of Haley requires anyway at least one free functioning hand by the user.

Replicate Effects: Before rolling for a distance attack through an attack ki technique, an attack or spiritual spell, or an attack psychic power, the user of Haley may use any number of summoned Comet Orbs to immediately replicate it. Comet Orbs that have a supernatural power stored into them due to the Store Effects rule cannot be used for this purpose. Each Comet Orb can be used to replicate no more than one effect each turn. Replication of a supernatural attack does not require any sacrifice or component the original power required, but still has a cost depending on the replicated power. A replicated power can never be maintained or sustained by any mean, although the original casting can be maintained or sustained as normal. The Final Attack/Projection value for the replicated supernatural powers is the same of that achieved for the original power. The cost for replicating effects is following.

- Ki Technique: the user must spend (without need for accumulation) half (round down) the ki cost of the technique, up to a minimum of 1 ki point per used characteristic, for each Comet Orb replicating the effect. “Additional Attacks” and “Limited Additional Attacks” effects cannot be replicated. Resistance Checks caused by the technique only have ¾ of the original difficulty rounded down at multiples of 5.

- Spell: the user must spend (without need for accumulation) half (round down at multiples of 5) the Zeon cost of the spell, up to a minimum of Zeon points equal to the closest multiple of 5 to the Spell Level, for each Comet Orb replicating the effect. A replicated spell can never produce more than a singe attack. Resistance Checks caused by the spell only have ¾ of the original difficulty rounded down at multiples of 5.

- Psychic Power: the user must spend a number of Psychic Points equal to half (round down) the number of Difficulty Levels achieved in the Psychic Potential roll, up to a minimum of 1 Psychic Point, for each Comet Orb replicating the effect. A replicated psychic power can never produce more than a single attack and is cast with the same Psychic Potential value as the original one. Resistance Checks caused by the psychic power only have ¾ of the original difficulty rounded down at multiples of 5.

Store Effects: The user of Haley may store any attack ki technique, attack or spiritual spell, or attack psychic power inside the Orb, by accumulating the required ki or zeon or by passing the required Psychic Potential check. The supernatural power won’t take effect until the orb is thrown successfully at an opponent, but if an opponent fails to defend against the chosen Haley Orb, the supernatural effect contained in it is released and the target is also considered as hit by the stored supernatural power with the same percentage of success as that achieved by the Orb.



Requirements: Haley, Pow13+, Constitution13+, Defense250+.

Base Weapon: None.

Cost: 30 MK: 30

Choose 3 of the following advantages.

Defensive Orbs: Haley Magister can be used to block as if employing a Supernatural Shield with 200 Resistance Points for each summoned Comet Orb, regenerating at the beginning of each turn 20 Resistance Points for each summoned Comet Orb.

Improved Storage: The user of Haley Magister can store up to 3 different Supernatural Powers inside a single Comet Orb. All will be released with the impact of the orb against the same target which will be considered as struck by all of them with the same percentage of success of that achieved by the Orb.

Multitask Comets: Comet Orbs with a single stored effect can now be used to replicate effects.

Quality Booster: Before rolling for Initiative, the user may spend 3 to 15ki points. Haley Magister gains a +5 Quality bonus for the entire turn for each 3ki points spent. The Attack bonus will be applied to the Final Attack/Projection value of any Replicated Effect as well. The Block bonus will be applied to defensive rolls made through the Defensive Orbs advantage, if the character takes it.

Reduced Replication Cost: Cost for replicating Ki Techniques is reduced to 1/3 (round down) of the original ki cost. Cost for replicating Spells is reduced to 1/3 (round down at multiples of 5) of the original Zeon cost. Cost for replicating Psychic Powers is reduced to a number of Psychic Points equal to 1/3 (round down) of the number of Difficulty Levels achieved with the Psychic Potential roll. The minimum replication cost remains the same.

Replicate Others: Whenever defending successfully against a Distance Attack Ki Technique, Attack or Spiritual Spell, or Attack Psychic Power, the user may immediately use any number of Comet Orbs to replicate the effect against the offender, following exactly the same rules and limits as for replicating his/her own effects.

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Sun. I can't even deal with it right now. I can't.


One question about it though: Does the Quality Bonus stack beyond +25? I ask because some of your other stuff does.

Edited by Nurddude

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My count is that maximum quality for Sun is +25, by the way I only allow qualities beyond +25 (up to +35) to exceptionally rare cases in which extremely rare and powerful divine powers are involved...well Luna grabs forgotten stuff, so, although hardly it can grant you +35 jugs and +30 butter knives!

Edited by ElricOfMelnibone

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*stares blankly at the screen*

*picks jaw up off the floor*


Elric, these are great. I actually thought the forums where derping for a bit when it told me that there were over a dozen threads with new posts today. Well done!

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from what i gathered the first part of sun. "Cutting Through All" is redundant. Saying it ignores half the damage barrier is irrelevant because by having energy as its primary damage type it already does so. On top of that, by having aura extension you also bypass damage barriers. It would probably be best to remove that, as it just seems redundant. Unless it is meant to inhibit the magnus.

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Hi brewmaster_vitty! You're one of my favourite too, our collaboration brought up some of the favourite homerules I'm always using!


Latoshi: you are totally right, but I don't use common rules for damage barriers and I don't let damaging energy to totally ignore Damage Barriers...I know it's against the rules but I really don't like the idea of a level 2 warrior opening a breach in a castle with bare hands...I think I posted my homerules somewhere else in this forum where "my rules" about Damage Barriers should be. Nevertheless, your point is totally right!

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