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Space Battles and Trinkets

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Guest Not In Sample

here are a couple rules that I think really add to the game.

Debris feild from damage.

In BFG everytime a ship took damage it would create a debris feild representing the residual energy and blown off parts getting sent into the surrounding void, this made the battle feild alive and dynamic I found.  I've decided to adapt the rules to rogue trader.

There are two kinds of debris feilds large and small ones you can either use template which the small debris feilds are 1 inch across and large debris feilds are 2 inches across or if your playing on a grid map different rules must be used.  In the square where the damage takes place place small and large debris feild markers just to keep track of how much stuf there is floating in that piece of void but think of them as diffuse for small debris feilds and dense debris feilds for large ones.

Shooting through a small debris feild adds a -10 modifier to the test and these can stack so that if there are two small (diffuse) feilds in the way or on the same grid then it would be -20.  Dense Debris feilds or Large ones count as asteroid feilds for movement and put -10 modifier on shooting throuhg them which stacks with the others.

At the end of every player turn make a rol on a d10 for every debris feild on a 6+ they disperse and are removed from play.

Everytime a ship takes any kind of damage a small (diffuse) blast marker is placed for each role for damage in the ships current location.  If a ship takes critical damage place D3 small feilds around the ship  And if a ship is destroyed through hulking, or plasma drive explosion (a warp core collapse leaves no debris feild)

a large (dense) debris feild is left behind.  A hulked ship creates 1 debris feild in every square it ends it's movement in as it drifts aimlessly through space.

Trinkets and Treasures

To encourage my captain and players to gather random stuff that doesn't really affect their profit factor but looks cool.  I've allowed my players to collect souveniers from each world they visit, the souvenier adds +5 to interaction tests when made on the player ship as it adds to their repuatation as a bold and daring rogue trader and impresses potential clients.  I've also agreed to draw each souvenier they collect.

Currently my players have a Monstrous Saberfex Skull, a three-testicled Oujami Monkey, an egarian crystal shard and a few tribal customs. 

I find it encourges them to get things that otherwise would have no play value but a Rogue Trader would want to have.

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In BFG you only get a blastmarker if you hit the shields. Probably the result of dissipating energies along with the residues of ionized ordnance that his the shields. Hitting a shieldless vessel does not result in large parts of the ship to be blown off.

That said, this is your game and rules ofcourse.

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