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Comprehensive FAQ project

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This is my first post on FFG!

I recently got into Battlelore and have acquired most of the expansions (I can't seem to find a reasonably priced Hundred Years War, and I still need to get the Dragons box and the promo Earth Elemental).

That said, I have played some BL, and I would like to contribute to the FAQ.  Here is a start for me, for some of the more obvious things that I have found:

1) The Commander, while on the War Council, is not a Lore Master.

2) All creatures are level 1, save for the Ice Drake (level 2) and the Fire Dragon (level 3).

  2a) Creatures List to Date

       MASTER SET: Giant Spider

       CREATURES EXPANSION: Blue Widow Spider (card only), Hydra, Rock Elemental, Wood Giant

       DRAGONS: Wood Wyvern, Ice Drake (leve 2 monster), Fire Dragon (level 3 monster)


       PROMOTIONAL: Earth Elemental, Hill Giant

3) HORRIFIC HORDE: 3rd Goblin Expansion, still available in stores.

    3a) Ogres are not creatures.  Ogres are not Goblinoids.  They are a separate race and a melee foot unit.  They have neither Goblin Rush or Goblin Run.

    3b) Updated sling card in this set is the correct one.  Slings add battle with one extra die when the unit has not moved.

    3c) Deployment Cards: All three decks have 5 cards each, including one with a creature.

           The A deck has more variety

  • only deck with Goblins Slingers
  • 2 cards have no repeated units on them (creature card is one of these)
  • 3 cards have one repeated unit on them
  • 1 Ogre unit appears on each of two cards
  • Creature card has Humans and Goblins on it

          The B Deck has more concentrated units of the same type

  • 2 cards have one repeated unit on them
  • 3 cards have 2 repeated units on them
  • 2 Ogre units appear on one card
  • 1 card has nothing but melee foot units (the same one with both Ogre units)
  • 1 card has nothing but Goblin cavalry units (but includes the ranged Ostrich Riders)
  • Creature card has Humans, but no Goblins on it, with one repeated unit as well

          The C Deck is more like B than A, but still in the middle

  • 2 cards have one repeated unit on them
  • 3 cards have 2 repeated units on them
  • 1 Ogre unit appears on each of two cards
  • Creature card has Humans and Goblins on it, with one repeated unit as well

        For what it's worth, the A deck is the only one with 2 Goblin Halberd units on one card.

4) BEARDED BRAVE: 3rd Dwarf Expansion, still available in stores

    4a) Bear Rider unit has four figures, is Bold, cannot make a pursuit action but may stil gain ground and (only) then make a bonus attack)

    4b) Updated card for the Cattle Riders is correct.  They make a bonus attack at one extra die (Bull Rush).

5) CODE OF CHIVALRY: 2nd Human Expansion, still available in stores

    5a) All Knights, foot or mounted, are Bold, have 3 figures, and may make a bonus attack after gaining ground (or, in the case of Mounted Knights, a pursuit action).

    5b) Foot Knights ignore a Sword on Shield from ANY source, even ranged or mounted!

    5c) Updated Mounted Knight and Lance cards are correct. 

  • The Mounted Knight card applies to BOTH the Mounted Knight Lancers and the Mounted Knight Longswordmen
  • This card replaces the Mounted Knight card from Scottish Wars
  • Mounted Knights all ignore an extra Sword on Shield symbol in melee.
  • The Lance no longer, in and of itself,  allows the wielder to ignore an extra Sword on Shield symbol in melee; this has been moved to the Mounted Knights card.


I hope this helps!

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Boromir_and_kermit said:

It would be nice to have some direction now that Code of Chivalry is out wouldn't it...


It most certainly would - I don't know if their policy for announcements is well suited to the type of game that Battlelore is - with many small potentially interdependant expansions and a single core game.  The LCGs - which are similar in release style - at least have a release schedule and have cycles announced so a player can be sure of what is coming next.  This is where a theme could be useful - things can be implied tematically that can be expanded on through future releases, but which don't have to be.


Though I'm sure that would be just as frustrating to some. gran_risa.gif





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Welcome to the forums, Taeblewalker :)


Small point of clarification with regards to the "Lore Masters" - the Commander is indeed a lore master, as is the Creature Handler, though neither of those two lore masters affect the lore deck composition nor number of lore cards one keeps on the initial draw nor number one can hold in hand during the game.  Instead, Commander impacts number of command cards one holds (3 + Commander Level), and the Creature Handler impacts total levels of creatures one can deploy (1 Level per Lore Master token).  The rule book is pretty oblique about all this though.  EDIT:  You know what, maybe the Commander isn't a "lore master", even though one uses lore master tokens to designate its level, etc.  Perhaps pure semantics - regardless, impact of everyone sitting on the War Council is well documented...right? gran_risa.gif

Call to Arms is an area of the game that would benefit greatly from a FAQ.  As composed now, lots of the decisions leave me scratching my head.  Feels like I am playing with half a deck anytime I play any other way than the original CtA rules sans the additional Goblin, Dwarf, and Human cards given by the latest figure expansions.  I love Call to Arms, but have been disappointed by the implementation of the "new" CtA cards.  I was hoping for race specific deployment decks, or at least a smoother integration of the new units within the existing decks.  Code of Chivalry is the biggest offender, simply adding one card to each of the six decks.  Waiting to see if this is just a temporary deal or the final product.

And, out on a limb here, but you don't (or didn't, as is the case with me) happen to be a regular on the HeroScaper forums, do you?

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Not sure if there will ever be a reprinting, but very soon (weeks? couple of months?) the "repurposed" formerly-French sets should be released.  I believe they are supposed to come with English Language cards substituted for the French cards.  Possibly the last chance to get the game as Days of Wonder released it?

All of the expansions released under DoW should also be available.

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OK, I'm just back in the BL game and I was interested in the comprehensive FAQ but there's no FAQ at the end of the day!!! It could have been great for me to get up to date with everything. Hope that they will tell us more about the future. A comprehensive FAQ with a Campaign book... that would be nice!

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 It's now 2012. I guess the obligatory post needs to be made asking will this FAQ ever be completed, or has it been abandoned and left to drift in limbo as seemingly everything else concerning Battlelore has been?

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 hey i just bought battlelore base set. I had a question about support from similar color banners. In the rulebook it says a model is bold (has support) if it has 2 adjacent models with the same banner. In all the examples that i have found online and in the rulebook it shows the "triangle formation" where all three units would be bold because of support.

My question is if you had 3 models in a line adjacent to eachother (unit ABC)would B be bold while A and C arent? does this also count as a support formation? Also if that is true could you in theory have 6 models of the same banner be in a line so that all the middle ones would be bold and the outside ones not? 


Thank you!

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