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Artemus Maximus

Battlefield Conditions Variant Idea

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Thinking about getting the Weather Effect Marker Set from Litko to use on outdoor maps to help represent various battlefield conditions.



ideas for effects:

SNOW: LoS is 3 circles away max. (unless character ignores smoke w/ equip)

RAIN: Fire (from grenades, flamethrower burn, volatile) lasts until end of turn only.

FOG: LoS is adjacent only (unless character ignores smoke w/ equip)

WIND: Smoke lasts until end of turn only. Fire lasts an additional turn.

SUN: Range for Mental Attacks & Duels is reduced by 2.


So right before the Setup Roll, roll 1d10 to determine the condition for the game:

Priory: 1-4: Snow / 5-7: Wind / 8-10: Sun

Gevaudan: 1-4: Fog / 5-7: Rain / 8-10: Wind

Crash Site: 1-4: Rain / 5-7: Fog / 8-10: Sun




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