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Squig Herders

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Hello everyone.

This is my first post in this forum. At first I´d like to say hello to everyone here.

The question I´ve got is about the Orc-Card Squig Herders (Core Set #57)

The Effect of this Card is: 

Squig Herders gains 1* while you control at least one damaged unit.

What happens if I´m controlling 2 Squig Herders and 1 damaged unit?

I alway thought that every Squig Herders gets 2 * cause the effect is two times active and

effects every Squig Herders in Game. So if two Squig Herders are in Game the effect

appears two times on every Squig Herders.


In a German Forum someone told me, that this is wrong and every Squig Herders only gets 1*

regardless how many Squig Herders are in Game.


The Boar Boyz (Core Set #61) have nearly a similar effect but the effect beginns with the words

This Unit ... which means for me, that there is a reason why the effect of the Squig Herders starts

with the name of the card and not with the words This Unit.


Can somebody tell me what is right?

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Quite sure that this card is commonly played as if it is written this unit.

But have to agree that the wording leads to some ambiguities (and make my answer not so consistant)


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You should read it as "This unit gains ...". After all, it says "Squig Herders gains ...", singular. That distinction was lost in the German translation. Beast of Rot and The Greatswords also use the card's name instead of "this unit". These three cards don't work differently than all the others. It's just another case of inconsistent wording.


For it to work like you assume, it would have to say something like "All copies of this card ..." or "All cards named Squig Herders ...".

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