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Chaos Self Corruption

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 I really like the new theme that the past couple of battle packs of emphasized of rewarding Chaos for corrupting their own cards.  I am trying to build a deck around that idea.  Below is what I have so far, can you please tell me what I might want to take out or put in to make the deck better. Thanks!  

Units (27 cards)

Braying Gore X3 

Ungor Raiders x3

Warhounds x3

Festering Nurglings x3

Bule, Lord of Pus x 3

Khorvak Grimbreath x3

Beastman Shaman x3

Shaggoth x3

Screamers of Tzeentch x3

Support (15  cards)

Warpstone Excavation x3

Warpstone Meteor x3

Desecrated Temple x3

Effulgent Boils x3

Disc of Tzeentch x3

Tactics (9 cards)

Blood Summoning x3

Seductive Delusion x3

Seduced by Darkness x3

Total cards: 51


I appreciate your suggestions and thanks for your help! 











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Units ()

Bule, Lord of Pus x 3 => out 

Screamers of Tzeentch x3 => out

Support ()

Effulgent Boils x3 => out

Disc of Tzeentch x3 => out

Tactics ()

Seductive Delusion x3

Seduced by Darkness x3


At least Sorcerer of tzeench in

Some more low cost (3 or less) unit in, like savage forsaken, moulder elite...

Think about plague bomb if it's good in your "meta" game or not.

Think about call the breyhard (cause you have now less high cost unit and more low cost unit) and call the breyhard has a good synergy with blood summoning. And sometime able to get some "infamous" combo as Khorvak coming in BZ (or not), getting enought unit to blood summon your shaggoth and attack with "crazy" amount of power.

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It all depends on whether you are looking for it to be more corruption themed or a bit more competitive. If you are looking for more competitive, then yes, stick the Sorcerer, Clan Moulder's, etc in.

Something to consider would be Bleeding Wall, since you are going to be corrupting some of your own units anyway, and you can then take your opponent's out. Shrine to Nurgle is an old stand by. I definitely think you can do without Warpstone Meteor and Effulgent Boils, so I would take them out. Savage Forsaken is a nice addition as you have several cards which have fairly high loyalty. He would probably be more useful than Ungor Raiders. I would also consider Keeper of Secrets (expensive) as both a corrupter and a way to also damage or destroy units. I have even, on occasion, used Pure Warpstone, although I think it's cost for value is too often not effective. I would agree with Shindulus in that it seems that some of the more useful corruption cards are on the expensive side.


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