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Draconian Wars -- New Online CCG (affordable)

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Draconian Wars is a new Online Collectible Card Game (CCG) that runs on the *Kardfy engine. Unlike many online card games, such as Urban Rivals and Shadow Era, Draconian Wars is intended to have the same type of depth as traditional table-top CCGs. The first set was released in October 2011 and the second set is supposed to release in the next month or so. The website is:

Use the promo code redditlove when signing up, and you'll receive a 800 points FREE. You also get a FREE pre-construct for just signing up.


How "affordable" is Draconian Wars? Each booster, which includes 2 Rares, 4 Uncommons, and 8 Commons, cost $1 (or 100 points). You can even buy a booster that only includes cards for your Faction for $1.30 (130 points). There are no Ultra Rare cards and all the cards of the same rarity level have the same chance to appear in a pack. Best of all, depending on how many points you buy at one time, you get extra money. For example, if you buy $20 worth of points, instead of getting 2000 points (which would be a 1-to-1 ratio) you get 3400 points (worth $34).

Buying boosters is not the only way to go. They also sell singles of every card. When buying singles, Commons cost $0.25, Uncommons cost $1, and Rares cost $4. Trading is also available.

What about the Game?

The game is played with 50 card decks. No more, no less. This is because your deck is your HP. When you would take damage, you discard cards from the top of your deck or out of your hand. The game is played on a board with 6 areas. Three of the areas are "Ground" and three are "Air." You deploy units to each area and battle for control in order to mill the opponent's deck. There are five card-types:

Ground Units

Air Units

Weapons (Equipment)

Gears (Enchantment)

Disrupts (Instant/Sorcery)

There are 3 Factions. Draconian, Technocrat, and Neutral. Neutral can be included in decks with Draconian and Technocrat, but Draconian and Technocrat cannot be in the same deck.

As far as specifics go, I don't want to cover too much and make this post "tl:dr." If you have played CCGs before, then nothing should be too hard to figure out. Plus, the game comes with a tutorial!

Again, the website:

*What is Kardfy?

"Kardfy is what we call an online Local Game Shop. Kardfy offers: tournaments, a place to play the games, meet players and trade cards, and, of course, many TCGs. And you can enjoy all these features anywhere and any time. Kardfy is composed by two elements: a TCG engine and an on-line community.

The engine allows us to painlessly create new TCG or adapt physical existing ones into its virtual incarnation. Games running on Kardfy are rules enforced, this is, all the rules are managed by the program and the players have only to think about playing."

Essentially, it is a professional Magic Workstation, Apprentice, Octgn, etc. It's an engine for card games, and it can be programmed to enforce rules (as opposed to the player enforced rules of the current card game simulators). It supports online play, card trading systems, and ranking systems. It can be used to re-create current (or past) card games, but it can also be used as the base for a new generation of online CCGs, where developers can sell the cards in pre-made decks, packs, and even singles. The creators of Kardfy created Draconian Wars in order to show-off what is possible with Kardfy.

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So, I just found out this game has a F2P system in place too!  Not sure how I missed that.


Draconian Wars has a DraCoin (in-game currency) Reward system. As you win matches, you "level up," and as you level-up, you get free DraCoins. For example, after your first win you receive 100 FREE DraCoins; this is enough to buy yourself a booster pack! Also, if you don't feel like leveling and you want those new cards NOW, then you can always purchase cards at a very affordable price.

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