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Why is nobody else making LCG's?

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gdotbat said:

The reality is, FFG could afford to take the risk when trying the LCG model. If it failed, they would lose money sure, but not enough to put them out of business by any means. 

I don't think this is correct. My understanding is that FFG didn't take any risk. They had two CCGs at the time, Game of Thrones and Call of Cthulhu. Both were failing miserably despite devoted fans. They didn't so much take a risk developing a new game with a new distribution model as they came up with a model to save a dying game. That model worked and then they started releasing new games directly to that model.

I think LCG's are the way of the future for collectible card gaming just as Free To Play has become the way of the future for MMORPG's. While the kings of those game types (Magic and World of Warcraft) will likely stay the way they are for a good while longer, the competition is learning that adopting new, less greedy business models can allow them to still be successful. I think the key is getting the playerbase to realize that they can play a top grade customizable card game without having to pay hundreds of dollars every few months on new cards. I'm hoping Netrunner (which is one of the best CCGs ever made) brings more attention to LCGs from dedicated CCG players.

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"I'm hoping Netrunner (which is one of the best CCGs ever made) brings more attention to LCGs from dedicated CCG players."

Maybe, but it's not going to be easy.  The more someone has invested in a lifestyle game:

1.  The less money they have to try out other games

2.  The harder it is to overcome their resistance to try something else


#2 is especially important I've noticed.  I'm mainly going by tabletop minis games experience here, but there's a very strong tendency in some people to cling to their existing game they've spent a lot of money on even if better games exist.  In their mind, playing and enjoying another game is effectively admitting that they wasted all that money on their current game (yes, I know it's a stupid way to think but it exists) and some people can't deal with that.

If Shadowfist and Magewars succeed over time, we may see other games follow, and if multiple companies are following an LCG-like model that will lend legitimacy to the idea that will help convince more people.  Note that I say "succeed over time" because one of the important characteristics of these games it that the company gives a long term commitment to keep supporting the game and to continue doing a good job with balance and correcting any flaws that arise.  If the players don't trust them to do that then they're not going to want to invest.  So for instance, Magewars is doing well now but they haven't really been tested as to their ongoing support yet.

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I think it will just take time for LCG to influence other companies.

yeah FFG has done lots of success with their LCG. But I guess it is not as successful as the start of TCG

If the Competitor for Magic only took a year, I guss the Competitor for FFG's LCG is going to be a bit longer….

Let's see…. probably 5 years? then some company will know the possibility of LCG and start to use it one by one

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