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Hostile Aquisitions is now available for download!

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I cheered a little to quickyl. Here is a summary

[imperial Crimes]
Hardly anything new, especially if you own „Book of Justice“. But it is mentioned that “defrauding” is a crime if aimed at one of the Adepta. But since any crime against a member of the Adepta was already defined as a crime against Imperial Law..

The terms of “Sedition” and “Treason” get some more detail, but I do not think that one would need to buy the file for it.

[Ecclesiarchical Crimes]
The important thing: we are now confirmed that their truly is “Church Law” in Calixis Sector. The things the clergly will take care of are “Blasphemy” and “Heresy”.
I think the best way to describe “Blasphemy” is “disrespect in regard to God-Emperor, the Saints & the Ministorum” as Heresy is…well, you know. Or not. Funny thing is that Blasphemy seems to be a very local affair, as per “every world for its own” card so often played in regard to the background. But nice to know that Cleric & Confessor PC –might- deal punishment. Again, all the regular disclaimers about location, status, etc are applied.

But a sidebox makes it clear that once somebody is accused of Heresy and he has no Influence of his own s/he might pretty well be executed if any proof or suspicion are given….

[Planet Law]
Examples and states are given and made about law & law enforcement on Maccabeus Quintus, Malfi and Scintilla. While the description of Scintilla & Malfi (“Law? I have an allowance to break it!”) is not coming as a surprise and none of it gives you a true legal code you get a feel. And some example for Navy Code are given.

Later in the text, it is mentioned that slavery is only proscribed on some worlds. So, their does not seem to be any IMPERIAL Law against it.

Void Piracy is in nearly all cases to be punished by death, both for Captain and Crew. Guess battling pirates is “no quarter ask / none given” thing.

Well, I think this is it in regard to infos an LAW.

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...oh! And if you are into this book because you are a GM and hope you get some more useful information about the details of interplanetary (or inter-system) smuggling.........forget about it!

Their is one article about piracy and one article about smuggling. Both of them are the most general form of ..."general talk" I could have imagined. You must have been very clueless to begin with to get any help out of this articles. *sigh*

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Thanks for the mini-review Gregorius!

I was thinking about buying this one - there was a glowing review in the rpg.net forums - but it's always worthwhile to get the opinion of a true Dark Heresy fan on other w40k rpg titles before buying. I was also looking on this book primarily for the law sections, but it looks like I'll just have to borrow the book from a friend to check the relevant sections.


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