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Game Variant: Gnome Characters

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I put together a variant to Red November that adds different characters, each with different abilities. I was inspired by games like Last Night on Earth, Arkham Horror, and Shadows Over Camelot. Here are a few examples.

Captain J. Tyberius Gnelson

KLOK-WERK 9000, Robotic Crewman

Gniles Burrelthorpe

Dash Oglethorpe

Flotsam, Goblin Stowaway

Note: with the addition of these abilities, I suggest a rule change that a roll of 10 on a Fix-It Roll always fails, so no roll is ever certain. This makes the reroll mechanics that a number of characters get much more useful.

The whole thing is available for download on my blog. I'd appreciate any feeback - I haven't had a chance to playtest this extensively enough for my tastes, so it's still very much an "as-is" kind of thing. Still, the players I've showed it to have enjoyed it.

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