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A Glimmer of Hope for Battlelore

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Read through this read on boardgamegeek.


Richard Borg seems to shead a glimmer of hope that Battlelore is not dead.


mandingoman wrote:
I would love to hear about your relationship with FFG and why they decided to rebrand Battlelore into the Battle of Westeros.


Seems that I remember you had all these other races planned for the Battlelore game and FFG did a 180 and released an all new game, Battle of Westeros, under the Battlelore umbrella.

Now it appears Battlelore is likely done as FFG has sold all the Battlelore inventory cheap during their holiday sale.

Not too impressed with how FFG handled the Battlelore line. Expected bigger things.

(RB) In regard to BattleLore in general…
BattleLore with a limited number of new players joining the game, I guess, did the best that could be expected. A shortage of the base game for such a long time still did not discourage the fans of the game and the expansions released by Fantasy Flight did sell very well. But let me assure all BattleLore is not dead!

I want to thank you all or your support, it is also one of my favorite designs.

Richard Borg


All is not lost!

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Sadly FFG is NOT listening to Richard NOR have they ever.    As far as I'm concerned, unless Battlelore gets released from FFG (i.e. SOLD) to a different company, we have seen what we'll see from Battlelore under FFG.

FFG doesn't plan to release a base set nor ever will.   That right there kills ANY new members from appearing and thus why would a company release new items to basically a dwindling supply.

Not to say Richard doesn't have great ideas (and as a person who has talked to him, I do believe him on that!!),  Just that FFG has never listen to him and basically put him on the backburner to release Battlelore Lite (cough...Westlos!).


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The most interesting reply of Richard Borg's in relation to BattleLore/FFG that I found in that thread was that his agreement with FFG seems to preclude him from doing any other version of "C&C:Fantasy."


I don't read anything into Richard Borg's response to the question of whether or not BattleLore is dead ("Not at all!") other than he continues to play and innovate with the game system to this day.  I don't think one would receive as animated and positive a response if the question was "will FFG be producing any more (expansions/base game/what-have-you) for BattleLore?"

BattleLore is certainly not dead for me either gran_risa.gif

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I'm going to try and give things a positive twist this time.

What if the no releases for battlelore is because they are trying to get battles of westeros up to speed before they release anything further for battlelore. They have now released 5 expansions for westeros and 6 for battlelore. Maybe now they will begin to announce the next expansion for both of these games at the same time.

This is most likely not the case but just felt like throwing some positive possible thoughts out there.

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