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Ranged career

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First post here so if i am not following any unknown forum etiquett i apologise.


I found this forum a few days back and it looks promising for resourses and discussion for me and my the group im playing with. However this post is addressing ranged careers, or more, the lack of where to evolve. Right now my friend is rank 3 marksman and hes not intrested in moving to become neither a witch-hunter nor assassin, it doesnt really fit into what he wants play, he wants to play a scout/sniper. And after marksman we dont really find anything where he could move forth. So it fell on me to help him create a career with abilitys that is not to good or to bad, and we aiming at the career to be an advanced


So heres my ideas

Marksman captain (advanced)  Agi/Fel

Career skill: Im thinking of something that increases BS (+1w) for all in his surronding or that gives (+1w) in initiative, +1 range increasment or fatigue back (in some way that i havent figured out yet) or maybe a combination depending on his char rank?

Skills; Ballistic skill, leadership, discipline, observation, intuition, weapon skill

Longbowman/sniper (advanced)  Agi/Wp

Career skill: Thinking of +1 damage rating on all BS specialisations (or maybe just for longbows, or maybe half str (round down) mod for damage str0-1=0, 2-3=+1, 4-5=2, 6=3) and/or -1 Crit rate on all BS-specialisation (as assassin)

Skills; Ballistic Skill, discipline, resilience, observation, stealth


So anyone got any thoughts? i appreciate all thoughts and criticism.


Thank you /Tommie

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 Sniper Ag/To

Career skill; if shooting at someone unaware of the shot  (like a ranged backstab) (or unaware of the shooters position/direction), he get +1 yellow dice for the roll, and shooting at someone engaged and focused on somone else than himself he gets one white dice?

Skills; Ballistic skill, resilience, athletics, stealth, observation, nature lore

any thoughts?

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Why not use the Assassin career but rename it Sniper? But the special ability shouldnt be as good as the assassins because of the pros the ballistic user has against the melee user. Say he has the veteran ability and lowers the CR with his ballistic weapon of choice.

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