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Dwarf BP

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Aside from the already revealed cards:

1 Lore Seeker
2 Teller of Tales
3 Jednostka bez mlotka (standard bearer?)
4 Runeblades
5 Hero
6 Unit grubas/Attachment/Tactic
7 Leave No Trace
8 Unique Support/Attachment
9 Karak Great Cannon
10 The Great Guild Hall
11 Building for War
12 Empire Card
13 High Elf Card
14 Chaos ard
15 Ork Card
16 Dark Elf Card
17 Paranoia
18 Zombie Dragon
19 Neutral Card
20 Neutral Card

3 - mountain guard: ranger units in this zone gain +2hp

5 - queen helga toughness 2 action: when a hero unit under your control enters play, put into play from your hand in the same zone a dwaf unit with printed cost 3 or lower

6 - shaft main engineer action: sacrifice development in this zone to reveal top 5 card from your deck. Select at random one of those cards, discard the rest.

8 - heart forge kingdom: lower the cost of every rune card you play by one

12 - alchemist master you may spend resources on this card to pay for cards.  action: at the beginning of the turn discard a card form your hand to put a resource token on this card.

13 - elf scout action: when this unit enters or leaves play place one resource token on card which already has resource tokens.

14 - disc of tzeentch attach to target chaos unit. When attached unit is corrupted it gains 1 power and may attack from any zone.

15 - defense squigs action: when this zone is attacked this card unit the end of the turn becomes unit with 3hp (the card keeps it's power). Card is still considered a support.

16 - akatha raema's chosen action: corrupt this unit to chose target unit in corresponding zone and discard top card from your deck. If the target unit possesses less hp than discarded card has loyalties destroy it. Then, if the discarded card wasn't a dark elf card, destroy this unit.

19 - cube of darkness order only. Play only if you control lizardmen unit. action: cancel an action just triggered by a card in play. This action cannot be triggered until the end of this turn.

20 - building plans limited action: search the top 5 card of your deck. If you find any non-attachment support cards, take up to two of them, show them to your opponent and add them to your hand. Shuffle your deck.

Hope this helpsgran_risa.gif

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