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Protectorate Servitor and Variations

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Ok people of the forum I am currently in the works of making Protectorate Servitor rules.  I currently have 2 of 5 sheets done and I am going to let people openly use the creature and its relatives in encounters sound cool?

Hope everyone atleast enjoys them :P.

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Here is the stat template.

Protectorate Servitor Template
Wounds: 12*/**/***
Movement: 2/4/6/12
Ws: 35*/**/***
Bs: -
S: 50*/***
T: 40*/***
Ag: 25*/**
Int: 15***
Per: 20**/***
Fel: 05

Skills*/**/***: Awareness (per) +10*/**

Talents*/***: Heightened senses (Vison), Melee weapon training ( Primitive), Ambidexterous

Traits: Armour plating, Machine (4)*, Dark sight

Armour*: Armour plating (6 all)

Weapons*/***: Protectorate shield (1d5 I, Defensive, Special) and/or other weapons

Gear: Internal Microbead (to receive/relay intructions only)

Note: The* means the the subject may change with variants listed, while ** means that the subject may change with craftsmanship. Finally *** means the subject may be improved with purchasable upgrades.

Note 2: the stats listed here are of the general protectorate servitor. Weapons, Talents, Traits, Skills ETC will change with varitations, upgrades and quality (Refer to Protectorate Variation, Protectorate General Upgrades, Variation Upgrades and Protectorate Price and Quality sheets to improve this template).

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                                                                                                 Protectorate variations:

Living shield: These servitors are programed to remain no more the 10 meters away from their masters at all times regardless of situation and must keep him with in sight, if seperated they imediately spend how every many/certain move actions to return with in the 10 meter range limit as soon as possible (Example if seperated by a door and it cannot see its master, the servitor will run through the shortest possible route to return.). Also if within 1 meter away from their master they may spend a reaction to take damage for their master or if adjacent may spend their reaction to parry the enemies attack away from their master (if they have the neccesary talents or did not spend their reaction). This Rule applies to all variations unless stated otherwise by upgrades.

General (Steel Guard) Protectorate: These are the mass produced cyborg body guards of the tech preists of the Adeptus Mechanicus and other important officials, loyalist or otherwise.
This variation is a basic body guard and the following special rules apply...

Steel wall: The shield arm of the servitor gives 2 extra armour points to which ever arm it is applied to and the body.

*Customization:  The Steel guard variation is simple to customize and can choose up to 3 upgrades (Refer to Protectorate General Upgrades and Variation Upgrades sheets).


Hermes Protectorate: These servitors are designed for agile fighting and fending off the enemies of their masters with dual weapon finese and lightning reflexes.

This variation is designed with dual weapon fighting and speed in minda so the following rules apply...

Dual Weapon Programing: The Hermes pattern is programed to weild two weapons at once to strike the enemey with deadly fast effeciency. This variation gains the Two weapon Wielder (Melee) Talent and replaces the Protectorate Sheild with Another weapon of the customers choice.

Fast but Fragile: The Hermes pattern is famous for its speed but not its durability in combat. +10 to Agility, -10 to Toughness, Remove Armour Plating trait and the servitor has 10 Wounds instead of 12

*Customizable: Unlike its more robust uprgradable relative. The Hermes pattern may only take up to 2 upgrades

Gladius Brutii Protectorate: The Brutii pattern is famous for its size and strength and brutal combat abilities over its smaller relatives. This body guard is designed to fight off enemies with brute strength and brutality.

This variation is designed for strength and endurance and the following rules apply...

Hulking Multi-Armed Machine: This Monsterous bodyguard is a durable multi armed mechanised abomination! This variation gains the Size (Hulking) and Multiple arms traits as well as 15 Wounds instead of 12.

**Naturally Brutal: The base design for the Brutii pattern is to wield natrually destructive weapons. This variations loses its Melee weapon training talent but the following weapons are treated as if the servitor was using them as natrual weapons and may only have those weapons; (Axe (Primitive,Chain and power), Breacher, Maul (Shock and Power), Power fist, Extendus Flail)

*Customizable: The brutii patern given its size has access to the most customizations it is able to take up to 4 upgrades.


*Number of upgrades will be effected by The quality of the servitor pattern.

** This rule is not to be confused with the Natural Weapon trait, the individual weapons listed still have their stats in the respected source material they are treated as natural weapons for the sake of not invoking negative modifiers.


These are the variations rules I will have the other sheets in here later. Please leave a reply if you like it!

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