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Character Creation / Character Sheet in Word Format

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Hi all,


Im working on a Character sheet in Word format. I found the topics with the PDF versions but pdf does not allow repositioning or adding new lines ect. I also found the Excel char generator programlike sheet, but that had some strange quircks and would not save nor print for me. So to make it adjustable and easy to use, while adding a lot of extra information otherwise only findable in the rulebook Im doing it in Word.


If your interested, let me know ill send you a copy. ( or keep track of this tread to see my upload post when it is done )



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Hi there,

I came a long way in word. added equipment all starting stats ect.

It looks really nice and is only 5 pages ( 2.5 if you print doublesided )

It is as alterable as intended, having tables you can add in new rows as you need them.

Im quite happy with it,


Al i need now is a place to host it so you can all download it. If someone has a hosting available please email me on


ill send you the document and post your host link here. along with tons of gratitude ofcrouse.


After a hosting site and some feedback on what I have now I can finalise the document for all to enjoy.

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Google Docs, 4share. If you could, I'd love a copy of this. I looked at the PDF files for a good hour trying to figure out how to edit them to make them savable so as to record any PC,s or notable NPCs recorded on my laptop.

chaos_link00@yahoo.com If you haven't posted it somewhere, PLEASE!! :D

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Hi there fellow marines,


I send a Copy to Badlapje, so he can host it.

Im not to familiar with Google docs.


So after BadLapje hosted it ( really thanks for doing so ) Let me know what you think of it.

Im open for feedback on evrything.


Note though that you will still need your rulebooks to know what to put where.

Im playing with the Idear of adding a HOW TO though. wich might include page number references,

As i Found myself going back and forth through the book to find all relevant things for your characters.


I hope you all like what I made.


Kind Regards, And another Tanks to BadLapje for hosting,



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Here it is:


Again All Hail Brother BadLapje for his services:




You guys go and have fun reading it.

When i got time to update it ill do so and ask BadLapje to host again.


All of you who already have one and gave me good feedback you got my thanks.

Im always open for more good or bad feedback, so i can developt the sheet even further.


Meanwhile Enjoy

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