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A Guide to Organized Play

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 Organized Play has many different elements, and many of these vary by a player’s location. For the sake of convenience, here is a summary of how to participate in and help to run Organized Play. 


Organized Play in The USA

Game Night Kits are available to brick-and-mortar retailers through the Fantasy Flight Games B2B store. If you are a retailer who would like more information or to sign up for a B2B account, contact your FFG sales rep or email If you are a player interested in running a Game Night, please share this information with your local game store.


Organized Play internationally

Canadian retailers should contact Lion Rampant Imports at for ordering information. Retailers not located in the US or Canada that are interested in hosting a Game Night should contact for further information. Again, for players interested in Organized Play, please contact your local game store.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding your Game Night Kit or Organized Play in general, please direct your questions to



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