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Old Dwarf

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Where are the Godless Commies when you really need them preocupado.gif.The new Fluff really doesn't hang together that well,the original wasn't much better as to why the US needs to be invaded.You just need "We Will Bury You"Commies to get the full flavor of the Game.


I may get this Game but change the Fluff to where the Ecomonic Crisis results in a revitalized Communist movement sweeping Europe,Asia and South/Central America.Thus besides the economic & military threat the US would present to these workers paradises(which could probably be handled far short of an actual gobal war) you have have an Ideological bases to crush the US.Wars over Ideology are always the most irrational.

So we now have the Red Tide who really think that our grandchildern should live under Commumism and are fanatic enough to make it happen by force.Now that's FLUFFgran_risa.gif



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