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At first excited, then I read

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 I guess CanaDUH as a ‘serious’ threat really WOULD be a Sci-Fi game!!! Ha, ha…I can see us standing (or rather dying) proudly side to side with our Socialist brothers, the ESP, and their state of the art hovertanks and our pathetic Sea King helicopters from 50 years ago! Fortunately for CanaDUH there is no naval units in the game, I think our vintage Korean War Frigates (and all we have is Frigates and Destroyers)  would all get a well deserved rest in the Davy Jones Locker.

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How about a variant where one invader comes from Canada rather than from East, West or South? You could easily add invasion zones border 6 area's in the north. Say the area east of Seattle to the area west of Minneapolis (the Great Lakes have been mined extensively to prevent Canada from launching an attack directly over the water). Lets call this the Northern Alliance where in the fluff Canada conquered/acquired Alaska. With the Alaskan Oil reserves Canda deems itself a Super Power!

The game would be quite different from the current one; suppose that the Canadians came in place of the Eastern invader (the economy of Europe having collapsed years ago they cannot afford to have a standing army). Canada is within easy reach of several cities that were deemed "safe" by the US (Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Chicago) but it makes cities such as Miami, Tampa, New York, Washington etc much more secure. You can play quite a few variants with this one (4 variants in total including the original game).

Other alternative is to add the same invasion zones and add Canada as an extra player (you would need a set of miniatures in a different colour as well as markers but this can be done). Some suggested rules changes for this variant:

- Increase the number of victory cities to 24. The US does NOT surrender that easily.

- US starts with 90 rather than 60 units on the board (definitely need a second F:A game then). Alternative is to place ALL 24 partisans on the board but these can only be placed in Resource area's, one partisan per resource area.

- US draws three Partisan Cards every turn rather than two.

- US can fire two shots with each laser but will stop receiving more laser after US turn 5. Alternative would be that the US already starts with some lasers in play. However because there are much less "safe" cities I'd preferr the Two Shots Per Laser variant.

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superklaus said:

Well, maybe FFG as an US based company HAS to be patriotic to be successful in its main (the US) market. I dont think that the TO is alone in his irrational attitude. I am sure USA is full of such nationalistic blockheads. And FFG tries not to loose them as customers. Corp money first, then ethics. I would not wonder if the writer of the first (much more original) backstory has been fired now or had some serious problems with his FFG boss after publishing it on the net.

The "much more original" backstory for FA was lifted from SPI's Invasion America, which merged Canada with the USA for the game.

Give it was a mid-70s game and the way things were looking then a potential loss of will by the modern liberal wing in US politics might have set up such a decline in US.  So the "villains" of the original game were the Asian Commies, the Eurotrash/Soviet Commies and the Latino Commies.  Also at that time, Canada would have probably fallen in with the USA because Canada wasn't so infected by the modern liberal PC bug.

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sepayne7l said:

Well, this is the first time I've ever made a complaint like this.  I've been referred to as being an FFG fanboy or cheerleader in a few posts, so hearing that I complain about everything is a new experience. Also, being called worse than a child is also new for me to hear.

Have a wonderful day.




It is why you originally were offended and posted.  It is why you wrote this now.  Get some tougher skin, dude.  The comment wasn't directed towards you, it was a general comment about how a few people complain and companies spend money to cater to them. 


Well guess what?!?!?  YOUR SENSITIVITY costs me money…because FFG had to spend money to change it, reprint their rulebooks, etc. which had that language on it and they pass that cost down to us, the gamer/customer.  So the game is no more enjoyable than it was before because the RULES are identical, yet the cost of it just went up.





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