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Brother-Captain Belfire

A doctor who based Acension Campaign

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Once my acolytes finish their current campaign, them nearing the end of it. I plan to have them all go their seperate ways for their acension based training (20-30 year time skip) I plan to who ever chooses to be inquisitor stand in a room with the three Inquisitor Lords and the High Inquisitor Lord of the Psion sector(a custom sector of mine).

Here are the three lords

Inquisitor Lord Thomas Shipsale- The acolytes inquisitor and mentor. He is a ex-magos taking up the mantel of the inquisition. Even though he has to go back to the Admech for 50 year check up on his machinery thats the only service they do for him. He is lord of the white court, the Ordo Malleus of the psion sector. His left hand and part of his arm has the essence of a blood thirster traped in it. How he has it restrained is by 9 golden arm bands running down the entire left arm.


Inquisitor Lord( or Lady) Yuki- The youngest out fo the three lords, she is the Lord of the Black court, the ordo xenos. She has ties to the eldar exodite world of Tulka-mahtar. She watches the players, judging their movement wether they are a threat or not


Inquisitor Lord Antiketos- Antiketos is the example of a witch hunter in people mind only changed a little bit. He wears black power armor with two torches coming out of his back. He carrys with him a scythe and heavy flamer that he uses to destroy towns that are rumored to harbor rouge inquisitors. He works with the Sons of Judgement chapter. He hates the acolytes greatly because he belives that they will all turn rouge one day, including Thomas Shipsale. he is the lord of the red court, the ordo Herreticus.


High Lord Inquisitor Mordred- Mordred is the most powerfull psyker in the psion sector, he started off as a puritian who turned to radical. Later on in his carrer he had accidentally summond a greater demon of malal. During this time period they manished to bansih it back but before it killed his partners nad fellow inquisitors. He then decided to turn back to the puritan side of the inquisition. Vowing htat he would destroy all daemons, heretics, and xenos. Now that he is the High Lord Inquisitor of the Psion sector he has to play the role of th balancer between all three courts.


I plan to have the Ordo Chronos show up, reemerged  by some odd force,aka the Doctor, but with the Ordo Chronos coming back Daleks, Cybermen, Santaruns and the like show up in the psion sector, pressenting another threat.


The forces in the sector are the Inquisition, The Screaming Wyverns SM Chapter, The Sons of Judgement SM Chapter,  The Poison Wyverns CSM warband, the Arcane Devestation CSM chapter, Hive Fleet Chimera, Exodite World Tulka-mahtar, the Winter Court Kabal DE, A sect from the Tau which I have yet to name,

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