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Blood Pact in my Campaign.

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Hello there all, I recently fired up a second BC campaign and I've decided to put the Blood Pact in the story, though as a much smaller group than the vast regiments and such that are off in the Sabbat Crusade. These Blood Pact soldiers are actually the descendents of a group of them that ended up on the planet, H'desh, that had been sucked into the Immaterium by storms and then reappeared in the Screaming Vortex some decades later.


Getting to the point though, I'm kinda interested in hearing your thoughts on the stat and skill setup these guys should have. I do have my ideas, but I'd like to hear other ideas. Granted there are several classes of Pact troops I'm using, here's the list.:

Pact Trooper - standard soldiers.

Fire Support Team -  standard soldiers but trained in the use of support arms, like mortars to heavy bolters and autocannons.

Storm Pacter - assault troops of the pact, excellent in storming enemy positions and great infiltrators too.

Armour Hunter Pacter - AT troopers, 'hunt' enemy armour or lie in concealment to spring an ambush.

Sirdars - Lieutenants in the pact.

Veteran Pacter - Veteran pact trooper, usually assigned as NCOs to pact troopers, some form specialist squads, carapace armour and more exotic arms are at their disposal.

Damogaur - Captains or Majors of the pact.

Pact Praetorian - Elite soldiers of the pact, veterans of countless battles and masters at arms. Usually equipped in suits of light PA.

Etogaur - Colonels or Generals of the pact, occasionally in the direct retinue of the Gaur.

(also vehicle members and pilots too, but this is the general list.)

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In achillus crusade (book for deathwatch) you have stats for traitors and renegade troopers. Also for making hordes I look up to DW corebook and mark of xeno for cool horde stats. If you dont have acces to books well take IG unit and think how it would look chaotic. I see that you have preaty nic ideas.

As all blood pact are worshiping Khorn add some Khornish flavour but not so much as thoes guys are disciplined. Maybe more WS for everybody, maybe more important guys fearless, 0 psionics, champions would have khorn collar

Pact Trooper - plaine humans with lasgun and bayonete, flak armour. If your playing high xp only usable as hordes.

Fire Support Team - not much to add

Storm Pacter - light carapace, lascarabine/autogun/shotguns, mono weapon/chain swords(axe), granades and one plasma/melta for team. Better at fighting than PT but not much better by plain skill but becouse of smart tactic and gear

Armour Hunter Pacter - plain AT but also you can make some unit on horses or other beast or other beast with explosive lances or kamikaze guys with 10 krag nades who throw themselves at tanks.

http://wh40k.lexicanum.com/wiki/Death_Riders_of_Krieg#.TuOGk_JVgTo << cavalery from Krieg

Sirdars - normal stats, good equip like bolt/plasma, carapace and chain sword/power sword + command. maybe add them something for flavour like mark of khorn, some cool mutation, can be small bosses

Veteran Pacter - they look to me much like Sirdars but only less powerfull, give them command, some nice but not op gear and some interesting ability like making troops go frenzy or fearless

Damogaur - another Sindars

Pact Praetorian - baby CSM like

Etogaur - another officer

I see that it's good list for you so you will know how important NPC is but PC would think "another officer but more important w/e if he is Sindar or Etogaur"

Hope I helped


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Don't forget Gore Mages. From Lexicanum: In addition to their fearsome weaponry and vehicles, the Blood Pact have special psykers known as Gore Mages. These dark wizards can possess Blood Pact warriors with Daemonic spirits, turning them into ferocious, almost unstoppable creatures that they call Blood Wolves. Also, Gore Mages radiate a sense of irrational fear and have access to many other powers involving blood.


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Right, read about that in the book Blood Pact. Something to consider, the Blood Pact are not totally devoted to Khorne, true they do devote themselves to the martial aspects of the Blood God, but they do make use and mention of the other Gods in the various novels. Also a pair of my players are playing as Blood Pact members (Renegade and Apostate), I had some nifty fluff items to give them starting off, namely the Grotesque and Rite Knife.

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For some reason, reading the word "Pactar" sets my teeth to grinding... but anyway.

"Death Brigades" are one of the more elite units within the blood pact, who are kinda a hybrid between what you have down as the Storm and Veteran.

Now, I'll see if I can track down my copies of the Sabbat's Crusade fluff book, and the White Dwarf with their Index.. something-not-Astartes in them, if you'd like?

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