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Help me make this beatable with a Gondor deck

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I'm a Bilbo.  I like my games to make sense.  When I play tMaO, I like to use a Gondor deck (Boromir, Denethor, and Prince Imrahil).  If a second player joins me, it is with a pure Rohan deck.  No elves, dwarves, or Hobbits.

I'm willing to modify the setup a little bit to make this a little more beatable.  One idea I have tried is to shuffle the Snaga Scouts back into the deck after setup.  That helps.  Another idea is to take out an Uruk Vanguard or two from the deck, so that shadow effect doesn't come up as often.  I don't know if that helps.  Any other ideas?

I know it is "cheating", but I never play for score, only survival.  I figure that if I have to limit myself to certain heroes and can't use Gimli, Legolas (or any Dwarves or elves for that matter), then I am justified modifying the deck or the setup.  Someday, hopefully, Gondor will have the tools to beat this without modifications, but right now, it just isn't good enough to win a decent amount of the time.

I don't want any in-game changes.  I only want modifications to the setup. 


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