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All the Single Ladies (Baratheon Asshai deck). Advice?

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House: Baratheon


Agenda: None

Characters (32)

3X Melisandre (DotN)
1X Selyse Baratheon (Core)
3X Army of the Faithful
3X Highgarden Refugee
3X Royal Entourage
3X Acolyte of the Flame
1X Brienne of Tarth (PotS)
3X Wicked Seductress
3X Intolerant Priest
1X Shireen Baratheon
1X The Queen of Thorns
1X Margaery Tyrell
3X Shadow Enchantress
3X Zealot of the Light

Locations (13)

3X Stormlands Feifdoms
1X King Robert's Chambers
3X Aegon's Garden
1X Street of Sisters
3X Kingswood Trail
1X Smuggler's Cove
1X King's Landing

Events (9)

3X Support of the Kingdom
3X Seductive Promies
3X The Battle at the Wall

Attachments (7)

2X Lightbringer
2X Milk of the Poppy
3X Fanatic


Wildfire Assault
The Red Wedding
Search and Detain
2X The Power of Faith
City of Lies
Many Powers Long Asleep

Okay, so the premise behind this deck is obviously a Holy theme, but there are some other things thrown in there I'd like to explain.
1) The Red Wedding. I have no lords in the deck, so it is almost always useful at some point during the game, especially since I have such a small amount of removal. Ladies are when the Royal Entourages come out as well.
2) Playing the Battle at the Wall on the same turn as a Power of the Faith is my primary source of draw.
3) Shadow Enchantresses are what keeps me going with this deck, so my main form of control are Kingswood Trails, which will kneel one of their characters and then go back to shadows to give me some STR and icon buffs. Also taking advantage of these are King's Landing, Queen of Thorns, and Margaery Tyrell (who happen to be ladies as well, for the Red Wedding).

It seems to work okay, but not great. I'd like to keep the same basic concepts, but better refinement and card choices. For example, I don't really like Zealots of Light, I just couldn't think of anything better to put there.


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Massey's Hook should pretty much go everywhere that Smuggler's Cove does.  I personally really like Bound By Light in the deck so that if one of my important Asshai dies, I always have another one to replace it.  I'm torn on Melisandre between that one and the Core one...mostly personal choice I suppose.  One card that's come up huge for me in my Asshai build is Wars are Won with Quills.  Hope this helps!

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I believe the Asshai to work better out of the Shadows. Sister of Truth + TftRK Margaery + The Black Cells make a great combination for board control. Add the Queen of Thorns (which you already did) and things start getting really interesting. For such a deck, I 'd go for the CS Melisandre over the one you use. You should also add three copies of Altar of Fire to make your opponents wail. Consider adding 2-3 The King's Ground as well, which synergize extremely well with the Cells and the King's Landing and, up to a lesser extent, the Altars.

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