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minotaur+riding horses

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talismanamsilat said:


redsoxs said:


 can the minotaur stampede and add the result of his movement  if he used the riding horses?




No. The Minotaur can only stampede on a single die roll, not 2 dice combined.




This I could have guessed, but...

1) Can he benefit from the boost of a Speed Spell, which is cast after rolling the die for movement?

2) Can he add 1 to his movement die roll with the Walking Stick and consider the total as a bonus (with a +7 maximum)?

3) If he teleports via the Magic Carpet, does he consider his movement roll of 6 also for the stampede?

Instead of going case by case, it would be better to reformulate the question:

Q: Does the Minotaur consider his unmodified movement roll result for the stampede ability?

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The Minotaur card says "add the result of your movement die" not roll.  Modifiers are added to the die roll.

As well, if you were riding a horse as you rolled two dice you wouldn't be able to use the ability.  And

I would guess abilities that permit you take the higher of two die rolls would be applicable. 

Just going with the spirit of the text.



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