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What Sets Am I Missing

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Heya all, first post for me.

I was able to pick up a whole swack of Mutant Chronicles really cheaply from a local store. I think I have most of the set but can't find a product list of Mutant Chronicles anywhere. Can anyone point out if I'm missing anything ?

I'm a bit of a completionist and want to track down what I'm missing so my friends and I can start playing with a nice spread for all factions. So if anyone knows what I'm missing any information would be very helpful.

This is what I have :

Mutant Chronicles Starter Set

Warmasters Legion
Nepharite Overlords
The Dark Wager x2
Gommorian Hammer

Striker Division
Advanced Recon
13th Banshee Division x2

Vulkans Fist
Venusian Command x2
Order of the Bear

Furys Wrath
The Book of Law
The Second Directorate

Divine Retribution (single figure pack)


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FFGMC01 Mutant Chronicles Starter Set Collectible Miniature Game
FFGMC02 Mutant Chronicles CMG: Booster Box
FFGMC03 Karak's Curse
FFGMC04 golem of ice
FFGMC05 Advanced Recon
FFGMC06 13th Banshee Division
FFGMC07 Nepharite Overlords
FFGMC08 Gommorian Hammer
FFGMC09 Warmasters Legions
FFGMC10 Furys Wrath
FFGMC11 The Book of Law
FFGMC12 Venusian Command
FFGMC13 Order of the Bear
FFGMC14 Necrotech
FFGMC15 Striker Division
FFGMC16 The Dark Wager
FFGMC17 The Second Directorate
FFGMC18 Vulkans Fist
FFGMC19 Divine Retribution Archinquisitor Nikodemus
FFGMC20 Max Steiner
FFGMC21 Mitch Hunter
FFGMC22 Battlesuit Prototype
FFGMC23 Security Specialist
FFGMC24 Biogiant / Advanced Biogiant
FFGMC25 Dragoon / Dragoon Kapitan
FFGMC28 Mercurian Spawn
FFGMC30 Map Pack Mars Set 1
FFGMC35 Freedom Brigadier Sergeant
FFGMC36 Infernal Corroder

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