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Giving players a power trip, without utterly derailing everything

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So, in my group we have the issue of the need to do hollywood movie badassery standing off against my need for control of a situation (which i frequently relinquish in the name of the latter). Now i have come up with the safest way to give my players a feeling like the world is thier playground of destruction and the largest force that stands against them is but a little bullet holed wreck given enough time.

I give you the X951 pattern Lathe mech walker, with more guns than a Imperial guard commander would shake a stick at... and thats a lot of guns.

Structure points: 50
Armor: metal plating (10 arms and legs, 12 on body, 9 on head)
Movement: agi bonus= number of sucesses on a pilot (walker) test (if untrained simply treat as basic)
Arms: (Left) Quad linked Heavy Stubber (120 M, -/-/40, 1d10+4 I, Pen 3, Clip 400, 2 full reload, quadlinked (every degree of sucess yields 3 extra hits, also takes up 4 times more ammo, already included), reliable), underslung flamer (15m, S/-/-, 1d10+4E, pen 2, clip 10, rld 4 full, flame)
(Right) retractable electro coils (1d10 +14 I, pen0, Flexible, shocking),  Fist (1d10 + 12, sheer strength (counts as having a power field when parried, but is still seseptable to a power weapon on a natural 1 on a d10)),  Combat Mech rifle (60m, s/3/-, 2d10+4, pen 0, Clip 50, 2 full rld, scatter, reliable), underslung RPG launcher (affixed as bayonette to mech rifle) (120m, S/-/-, damage and pen same as gernade, Clip 1, full rld)
Body: 2 Voss pattern gernade launchers (loaded from interior, so you can select type of gernade from store) (60m, s/-/-, damage and pen same as gernade, inaccurate)

Gear and outfitting tools:
Arms:  lascutters array,
Body: re-breather, Infra-red goggles, Chrono, Grapnel (to get out in a pinch), Pict Recorder, auspex, glow globe, headlights(count as optical mechandrite)


What do you think?? is it fair, can i fight aliens in it without having too much problem, Are there weapons i should add, i almost feel like i should add some variation to include a thermal lance instead of the mech rifle, and then also a plasma cannon or heavy flamer.. those may be different patterns though.

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It reeks of Tech-Heresy!

What about letting them run wild with a squadron of Sentinels for a session or two?  Plenty of weapons variety and high mobility aggression in a nice neat package that does not include mandatory servitorization when the priesthood of Mars finds out about it.

My 2 Thrones worth...

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