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Darkwing Duck2

A dark WR not afraid of Stealth Sneak.

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bare with me i put this together in about 4 minutes lol.


Player Card

Ansem lvl 10

lvl 1 Dark Cards

Black Fungus x3
Bouncy Wild x3
Soldier x3
Shadow x2

lvl 2 Dark cards

Power wild x3

lvl 3 Dark cards

Large Body x2

lvl 8 Dark cards

Darkside x2
Oogie Boogie x1
Captain Hook x1

Magic cards

Cura x3
Fira x3
Blizzara x3

World cards

Atlantica lvl 2 x2
Wonderland lvl 2 x3
Deep Jungle lvl2 x3
Agrabah lvl 3 x3

TOTAL 41 with player card

*the lvl 8's are not meant to be used as friends just on other players world cards. Darkside to get rid of Phil's and should be able to reach 13 without having to reshuffle the deck. *havent play tested it yet but in theory it works*

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ok i did run into a snag with this deck and thats phil coming out early because wehn he comes out early the my opponents WC is to low to get darksides on his world but it can easily be fixed with 2 dragon malefs and a cgae so im going to take out the 2 villains and and 2 dragon maleficents and then take out another card for the cage or maybe 2.

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