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Jonny WS

Start of turn effects.

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I was playing a 5 player game last night and an interesting question came up from a situation. 

There are a few start of turn effects that all happen at the same time it seems.  

So, with the expansion you are supposed to invest a single coin.  Every player may do this. 

There is a culture card that is played at the start of the turn and forces a player to discard a coin token from their character sheet.  

The question is, which happens first?  Investing a coin or playing a culture card?  

We decided to play that you go in player order when such a situation comes up.   And if that rule is in the book, then I will feel very silly.  serio.gif

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We usually don't run into this situation too often, but when we have we solved it the same way you did.

FIRST thing is the passing of the first player token, then other things go on as the player order goes.

Not sure if it is in the rulebook, but everything else leans towards player order so it stands to reason.

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