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[Bug] Mission doesn't end - Doesn't recognize last glyph as a locked glyph

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I have purchased the game twice, once for my Android phone, and once for my Macbook laptop. The issue I describe below only happens on my Android phone, but I'm not sure if this is a problem on other mobile devices. Also, I'm not sure how or where to report this issue.


Problem: Sometimes the app does not recognize that my final glyph was a purple "locked" glyph, and thus it will not allow me to "trash" it into the portal, but it is also not auto-ending the mission and penalizing me with the results of a failed mission.

So, during the course of a mission, I might "lock" one of my glyphs with one of the investigators in that location. Then, due to poor rolling, I end out having to trash all of my unlocked glyphs, and now I'm down to my last glyph, (the purple locked glyph), and I'm unable to complete my mission. The app then triggers the portal to open as it waits for me to dump a glyph into it. Well, the glyph is locked... I can't dump it into the portal. The game in effect gets stuck, and I can proceed no further into the game. My only option is to call-up the status menu, and abandon the entire game.

Now, this issue does not happen every time my final glyph is a purple locked glyph, but it does happen often enough for it to now be really annoying.

Does anyone know where I should report this bug? Is this forum enough? Honestly, I don't think I've ever seen any FFG mods ever answer any questions on these boards, so I have no idea if they are even monitored. Do I need to place a phone call to FFG? Has anyone else experienced this bug?

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