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Ladder Feature confusion

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I just purchased Mansions of Madness and I am blown away by what I found!

I was reading through the scenarios (as with my group I am more often than not going to be the "Keeper") and I noticed that in some of the scenarios (the 2nd one to be precise though I cannot remember the name of it) there is a "Ladder Feature" on the Map - but only one...

The rulebook says that Investigators and humanoid monsters may move between spaces containing ladder markers as if the were adjacent.

I was confused...

So I looked in a couple of the other Map set ups and I noted that in some there are two ladder locations but others there is only one.

Any ideas?  Is this errata - 'cause I am not seeing it.

How is this handled?



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As you play through the story you'll come across a card/event that will place the other end of the ladder on the game board. Till that time the investigators/keeper creatures cannot use it.

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