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Inquistor Hexx

Life-sized 40k weapons and purity seals

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Hey gang, I wanted to share some props I've made from the 40k universe!  I've been running a 40k game since Dark Heresy first launched and we've been incorporating each new system as it released so after a few years of gaming I decided to spruce up the gaming table a bit hehe.

Sadly the weapons aren't Astartes sizes, but no one in my group is either!

here's my Bolt Pistol -



Here's the Inferno Pistol -



And finally here's a couple of Purity Seals I made as rewards for my players -



Hope you like them!

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How did you do the text on the fabric?

I have the collecters edition of deathwatch and the collecters edition of the space marine game that came with the magnet purity seal so it's currently making my deathwatch collecters ed extra-pure (though before the collecters ed arrived it was fighting a constant battle against corruption seething within my fridge.

I'd love to make some of my own.

Hmm.... and maybe a couple of heretical seals.. Genestealer-Cult seals...

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Thanks :)

The purity seal strips are printed on cotton by a local company for me.

I do take commissions but there's some things I can't sell due to copyrights and protected IPs and the like.  You can find my email address on my blog - (I'm always a bit leery posting my email address on public forums).  Please feel free to drop me an email and we can talk :D

Here's some new stuff I've put together recently:

Master Crafted Inferno Pistol



Astarte Bolt Pistol



New Imperial Guard Medals of Honor


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I was chasing a xenos (read - cat) around my house when it become very obvious that a bolt pistol was only as good as it's ammunition, and having no ammo was seriously affecting my marksmanship.

The answer was the workshop!

Fresh from the forge, bolt shells!


(because the bolt shells from the "Ultramarines" movie were just too awesome looking!)

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Oh my goodness gracious me…

And I always thought I was doing well when I brought a home drawn map on tea soaked paper as prop…

They are truly splendid props - well done, well done indeed!


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