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[SPOILERS requestes]The Chaos Commandment

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The final part of the Apostasy Gambit was made available a while ago... and strangely enough, their does not seem to exist a topic about it.

While I normaly count myself among the "fire starters" whom gave the the first two installments some (in my opinion: well deserved) flaming, I wonder why no topic showed up about the last part.

Option 01: Many people had the same thoughts like me about the installation and simply did not purchased a copy
Which would impress me alot since all of us GW-Product-Consumers tend to consume whatever is churned out. happy.gif Not this time?

Option 02: The final part is in fact quiet enjoyable and much better then the other two
I found "Church of the Damned" to be somewhat (!) better then the first installment, but do not have much hope for the final.

So, anyone out their who bought the final and would like to share his thoughts about its content? Please go on an SPOIL like their would be no tomorrow. It is unlikely that I am going to fetch it anyway. I am just curious.

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I've just recently finished Church of the Damned with my playing group, and we're determined to finish the trilogy, even though none of us are really enthused about it.


Chaos Commandment seems to be more of the same. It promises more combat encounters, and after reading through most (but not all), it does seem to be a pretty linear adventure that mostly just links very epic combat encounters together. If I had got all books beforehand, and had time to rework them a lot, this might have been an enjoyable trilogy, but as it is the scope of the adventures just doesn't suit my group.


[spoilers ahead!!]


The backdrop is extremely epic. The Calixis sector is engulfed in a civil war. Sadly, the book mostly glosses this over, leaving the GM to come up with most of the explanations here. Some pointers, at least, would have been good to have how to handle it.

The first act has the acolytes join a platoon (100 men) of Imperial Guardsmen to apprehend a psyker, who is an "oracle" of the Big Bad. Exactly why the acolytes need to apprehend him is unclear, as doesn't leave any information, except a breadcrumb clue to go seek out a noble house.

The second act has the acolytes go to said noble house on Fenksworld, to get yet another prophet of the Big Bad. When this combat encounter is over with, the acolytes withdraw to find out where the Big Bad is hiding.

The third act is a prelude, that has very little to do with the overarching plot, a survival horror-style game aboard a spaceship.

The final act is where the acolytes face off with the Big Bad, a fight of epic proportions.


If you like the whole "The Sector is in flames! Apocalypse looms!" premise and rails-shooter style of games with lots of combat and very little intrigue, then this adventure is for you. There are a lot of demons and psykers in this one, the Dei-phage makes a return. After the final combat encounter, you're left with a lot of questions, and a lot of "mopping up" in the Calixis sector, but very few suggestions how to handle the situation. Be prepared that this messes a lot with the status quo of the Calixis sector, and the canonical setting.

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As of this bright thursday morning, my group is on part IV of the Chaos Commandent at Grangold. Here is where it got very hilarious.



In Part II when you have to go after Molokar...his perils rolls turned him into a Daemonhost...he then got sucked into the warp on the next subsequent perils check....so no body to auto-seance. So, my group completely skipped the Survial Horror aspect of the adventure in the ship and when I told them they were actually upset about not killing him before hand like usual. We still found it pretty hilarious that it happened though. My group is more stealth, combat based than before with some actual character deaths that happened when it was more investigation. So this series fits well.


My thoughts on the whole trilogy...yea, they screwed up on some things: Church of the Damned was missing an entire sub-plot except for random mentions. Chaos Commandent could have used a map of the laboratory like they did with the mansion, and the cathedral from one which would have been helpful.

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