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Inquistor Hexx

Life Size Warhammer 40k Replicas!

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I've been running a Warhammer 40k game since Dark Heresy first came out and after years of playing with my group, I decided to make some props to give players as honors, as well as a few weapons to have laying around just in case ;)

Cadian Bolt Pistol-




Inferno Pistol -



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Now for some non-weapon stuff!

Here's Purity Seals!



And Imperial Guard Medals of Honor -




All of these props are resin castings of sculpts I did in various mediums.  I've given out quite a few of them now and my group absolutely flipped out the first time I handed them their Purity Seals.  They still wear them and their medals to every game haha.  The guns are just fun to have on the table while we play, and when fighting gets thick someone always grabs one and starts pantomiming their character which has lead to some hysterical scenes in the game room.  

Honestly it was probably the best thing I did in that game, and recommend it!  If you can't sculpt, just print out purity seals that are life sized and give them to your players.  They really respond well to it! :)

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My, my, my. This is amazing! I am a bit envious of your group if you are giving these as rewards for your game.!  Fantastic job.

 Praetus Severus Constantine

Adeptus Arbites

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