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Answers for some Problems (Tromdial; )

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1.  Plague of Vermin should read "(combination of gold/strength)", not "gold/influence".

You are wrong, first I was thinking the same, but the card states about COST of a card ,so you are dealing with right-down corner of the card (Gold and Influence)




2.The objective Runewars card reads: "When a player is defeated, the victor obtains the loser's dragon rune power card." However, if the defeated player had received an additional dragon rune from Dragon Rune Discovery or having previously defeated another player and gained his dragon rune power card, does the victor also obtain the second (even third) dragon rune power card too, or is it removed from the game in the same way Dragon Rune Discovery is?

You just missed that, player who recives more than one Dragon runes, must choose one, and descard the rest (he can control only one Rune at a time)




3.Summon Lightning: does a unit you control need to be wounded before your opponent destroys a unit of his? If it is not possible to wound a unit of your own (i.e. Summon Lightning is the first card you play as defender during a siege), does Summon Lightning do nothing or does it still force the opponent to choose and destroy a unit he controls?
Suggestion: wording Summon Lightning as follows, similar to Manticore:
When Played: Wound 1 of your units. If you do, your opponent must choose and destroy 1 of his participating units.

We just played, that you must have a legal taget to wound, so in a way you suggest.



1.Barbarian Invasion reads: "Each player may destroy any number of Gold cards from his hand. The players who destroyed the highest total value of cards may deal 4 damage to a Home Realm of his choice."
There are a few clarifications needed for this card.
1. How are gold cards revealed? One at a time? All at once? Does player turn order matter for revealing cards?
2. "The players who destroyed..." suggests the player with the least amount of destroyed gold cards is the only player not dealing 4 damage. Is this true, or was the text meant only for if there was a tie? If true, what happens when in a multi-player game, 2 players tie for least? What happens if all players tie? What if all players decide/cannot destroy any gold cards from their hands?
3. Lastly, who goes first in dealing 4 damage if there is a tie of sorts? After targets are declared, does damage become instantly dealt to both targets, or does turn order determine who will first be dealt the 4 damage? If all that matters is not being least in destroying gold from hand and not based on a tie, then in a multiplayer game, does the player who destroyed the most gold go first in dealing damage, is it based on turn order, or simply is damage instantly dealt once targets have been declared by each player?
Suggestion: let players reveal cards one at a time, exactly like a siege would be conducted. A player may pass revealing gold cards from his hand at any time. Once that player does, he cannot reveal any more gold cards to destroy, but other players may continue to do so. When all players have passed, the total is decided for which player(s) will gain the ability to deal 4 damage. Only players who have destroyed gold cards gain this ability, and only the player with the highest total deals 4 damage. If a tie, the first player chooses his target first, and the next player his target, and so forth. Whether damage is instantaneous or is decided by turn order is up to you (difference being potential draw games versus first players in turn order establishing in-game dominance/victory).


This could be simple. We choose secretly cards, reveal at the same time. Card say: "players", so each player with a biggest value can deal 4. Example: if all four players reveal 1 gold, allle of them can deal damage. Damage is deal in oreder of playing, starting from the first player (like most scenario cards)

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