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Large lot, good for a new player who wants a lot of cards.

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Just couldn't find a group to play with and just don't have the time to look that hard. So I want to sell it all and get something that I can use. Here is what I have:
2x Core set
1x Princes of the sun (not the reprint)
1x War of the Five Kings
1x Ancient Enemies
3x Sacred Bonds
1x Epic battles
1x Battle of Ruby Ford
1x Calling the Banners
1x Song of Summer
1x The Winds of Winter
1x Change of Seasons
1x Raven’s Song
1x Refugee’s of War
1x Scattered Armies
1x City of Secrets
1x Time of Trials
1x Tales of the Red Keep

The cards are used but well cared for. I always use sleeves so the cards all near mint condition.  I would prefer to sell it all as a lot but I would consider breaking it up.  However with shipping costs getting out of control expensive it doesn't seem many people would want a small chunk.

This would be a great place for someone to get a lot of cards to start building their collection and begin deckbuilding.  If you think you want it make an offer, all serious offers will be considered. 

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I have bigger set from whole LCG but divided to houses. If you are looking for almost everything from LCG for houses: Stark, Lannister, Greyjoy and Baraethon write me email berto[at]decktech.eu.

I will list all cards I have soon in separate threads.

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