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Brother-Captain Belfire

War and Kaiju

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For my next heresy mission I plan for the Pcs to land on Kuluth. As I had stated in aprevious thread of mine about this Im expanding on it.


War: A minor CHaos Diety that want to overthrow Khorne. he is currently possesing the Commisionar of the Death Korps of Krieg, the 666th regiment the Bhaal Spawn


WS  BS    S         T           Ag   Int   Per    Wp   Fel   Wd

87    60  90(27)  76(14)   50    72    71     68     41    168

Skills:Awarness+10, Dodge+10, Psyniscience, Forbiden Lore(Warp, Daemonology), Secert tounge(Daemoic)+20, Speak Language(any)

Traits: Daemonic, daemonic presence, Fear (5), From Beyond, Warp Insatbility, Unnatural Strength (x3), Unnatural toughness(X2)

Talents: Ambidextrous, dark sight, two weapon weilder(melee), Combat Master, Lightning Attack, Swift aattack, Bezerk Charge, Hatred(All), Battle Rage, Brutal Charge, Furious Assault, Immunitiy(psychic powers)

Manifestations: Freakish Grasp, Ghastly Max, Chaos Breath, Strange Skin

Girfts: Hellish Weapon, Skull for the skull throne, let the blood flow, smouldering armor

Weapon: breath(1d10+7 pen5 s/-/- Flame) HellBlade (1d10+29, pen 29)

Armor: 12 all around


The next enemy on the list is King Ghidorah, Mutant Xenos. The only one of his kind. Though he can not speak Low Gothic the Pcs(aka the psyker with Vermin Speak) can talk to him


WS    BS     S        T         Ag     Int     Per   Wp    Fel   W

79      59  59(20) 59(15)  26       31     29     28      -    139

Skills: Speak Language(kaiju)(int)

Traits: Massive, Fear 5, unnatural Strenght(X4), Unnatural toughness (X3)

Weapons: breath(300m, 3d10+15 E, S/-/-, Shots Unlimited) Teeth(3d10+20 R)

Armor: Scales(40 all around)


Are teh acolytes alone agaisnt these two powerfull foes? no but they have to convince them to help them

Leon: Part of teh Resistance agaisnt teh Commisionar. He is a Null so most people in the regiment dont like him but they trust him with their life. Why? Becuase He is a able bodied fighter, weilding shot gun and power sword into battle. He Helps the Pcs regardless if they tell him to go away


Skel-ghail: A silent guardsmen. Not known to the others he is a mutant with unnatural speed and agility. Since he can not properly weild a gun he has to use a flamer thrower and loves hit and run tactics. If he is caught in melee he pulls out two extremly sharp knifes that if they hit armor it reduces it by the 2 AP Permenetly. The only way the PCs can convince him to help is if they beat him in a race.(Which is possible becuase he will be shot during the race and if they decide to help him he joins)


Reanna:A crazy female tech priest who is obssesed with Archeotech and Robots. She doesn't care for either factions but will take any fallen weapon and repair/modify it.She will join the Pcs if they present her with a wepon or thing that she likes.


'Mecha': A grave keeping mech(about the size of a battle suit). It comes with the Pcs to the planet and can hold its own agaisnt one of the heads of Ghidorah. It can easily aid the Pcs on taking down hoards of traitor guardsmen

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wow, sounds like a epic battle of a mission, now i must ask, what level are your players, couldn't help but notice that the king Gidorha has a str bonus fo 20 and a ridiculous toughness, not to mention over 100 wounds can your players punch through that? Or do they have to recruit the help of other forces. Also i may appoint some deamon luteniants for the Giant deamon, as it would give some nice transition to let them start by fighting traitor guard, then find one of the luteniants, then another and another each with some clue as to the whereabouts of the giant deamon king, who bursts from hiding after the players either guess his location or kill his last lutienant.

as for the xeno, dosen't really need any extra stuff, although i may put some turret guns around the area so that the players can try and shoot him down with those.

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Most of my players are near the final rank. Dont worry they will be able to do damage to him *cough*baneblade*cough*. They will recruit the remaining loyal deathkorp guardsmen. As for the Deamon he will have possesed/traitor guards and his own body guard of mutant guardsmen at his sides at all times. When the meet him he is in the body of the commisinar and several bulky guardsmen(aka the mutants) as well as their first ally, Leon. Leon will bail them otu and take them to his tent and explain to them the situationa nd what he thinks may be going on. He will suggest to them several allies that may help them in their quest

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