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Special Dark Heresy Halloween mission!!

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I made this mission last year for a d and d group, then this year my players asked for it again, here is the mission standout (really it's a hack and slash, with rewards) I think it is a great change up for a Dark Heresy group, as it plays out well, has the players go a little out of game, but stay in character, plus the side parts help keep tension going..

Mission start: the Mechanicus biobombs a planet (or some other force, I had the mechanicus right there answering a guess about tech heresy), the population is almost 100% wiped, 15% survives due to emergency measures, the remaining 85% either dies outright or suffers horrid mutation, and now the planet descends into brutal battles for survival, as the mutants are hungry.

Now for my players this battle happens on a war world but you gm's can have it happen anywhere and for any reason (have a pleasure world get attacked by nurgle's followers who zombie plauge the planet). it really just matters what kinds of terrain and cover you want to use. But the key points to have happen are these: Have faction X turn the populace of planet Y into a horrible, bloodthirsty undead Z...then have the survivors desperatly try and regroup,and try to earn help.

The acolytes recieve one of these signals, and go down to the planet to investigate.

The survivior group is usually a ragtag band but i have it contain one of each of these archetypes:

EXPERT: someone like a tech priest, usually a magos biologicos, who specializes in knowledge of the human form, could alos be crazy/psyker bent on learning of the human geonome
HEALER: some medic or psyker with a healing ability.
LEADER: Some figure of command, usually a seargent/ commisar who leads the band
SPECIALIST: a man who is good with a special weapon, or kind of warfare, could be a stormtrooper, or a basic guardsmen who has a flamer
COMMUNICATIONS: usually a vox man or adept, in charge of keeping the group in contact
PILOT: somebody who has a means of getting away, may be hiding it.
MERCHANT/ITEM KEEPER: Someone trying to gain from the loss on the planet, can also be someone trying to keep a bunch of weapons to keep themselves safe.


When the party meets these sad people, feel free to include other NPC's for them to interact with, but as they talk with each one inform them that each one has a special task they want fufilled from the acolyte, and it would be best if the others did not know of the plan. Could be because of the nature of the mission or maybe becuase of the wish for thier work and personal gain to be kept seceret from the others.

these missions should be written down on some kind of thick card with a description of the quest and on the front it should be blank. These cards will be how the player knows what thier personal task is, they vary in difficulty and in reward. a player may only take one side quest. and may not show other players.

-EXPERT: head hunter quest- in order to pursue his research the expert needs a good number of untouched mutant heads with thier intact brains still inside, and it would be nice if you would get these for him.
REQUIREMENTS: collect 15 intact mutant heads (no damage taken to the head)
REWARD: 15 stalker bolts (supplementary ammo for any weapon, that deal damage to the head on a sucessful hit, may only be fired on single shot, ignores the to hit location table) and 50 throne gelt

-HEALER: supplies quest- despite our current saftey the party needs to have our stores refreshed, and the medical supplies are a little low, don't tell the others or they may leave the group for fear of what will happen to them if we cannot help feed or heal them
REQUIREMENTS: collect 10 ration packs and 15 bandages
REWARD: emperors mercy faith power (from the inquisitors hand book, may spend 50 xp for pure faith)

-LEADER: Pack horse- Man, yesterday was hard, today was hell, who know what tommorow will be like, say, you look like a strong fellow, why don't you get out there and bring back whatever you can find, after all every little bit helps.
REQUIREMENTS: collect 5 of each scrap item
REWARD: ???? never finished this one any suggestions?

-SPECIALIST: explody- man, I had a great idea a ways back, what if we had some way of burining out every mutant like i can, maybe if i had some materials i could find a way
REQUIREMENTS: collect 4 promethium fuel packs
REWARD: i clip of ignus rounds (casues targets hit by the shot to test agility or be set alight), 25 gelt

-COMMUNICATIONS: Support network-With all those other survivor groups out there i figure if i could figure out what frequencies and devices they using then i could find some way of getting into them, and save our party a lot of trouble, could you get some for me?
REQUIREMENTS: collect 10 microbeads from other survivors
REWARD: vox hacker and 75 gelt

-PILOT: up and running- hey I have a little hovercraft over behind that landing bay, it's preety dinged up, but thats how it was when i found it, now if i could just find the parts to fix it i could get out of here.
REQUIREMENTS: collect 10 power stones, 5 sheets of metal and 1 optic piece
REWARD: 10 sp ammo clips (extra gun ammo from the inside), 50 gelt

-MERCHANT: the emperor protects but this is better- really, honestly, I don't need to say that things are preety bad right now, but i think if i got enough armor here i may be able to pull some strings among the others to get some money out of this, or i could help protect them, come on help a servant out here?
REQUIREMENTS: collect 15 helmets and 5 caraprace armor sets
REWARD:???(i never finished this one) suggestions? i though lots of gelt...

After choosing thier side quest, the party continues on, how they get to the battle doesn't matter, maybe they go off alone, maybe the survivors lead them somewhere, but needless to say, they are left by the survivors somewhere, and then the mutants come

NOTE: please be aware that the players are fully expected to 'die' from this mission, preety much the mutants flow in from all sides and then once the players are incapacitated, from some miracle they are revived (maybe the emperor shines down upon their soul and tells them they still have work to do, or the survivors save them). just a warning, if your players fear death this will be a perfect campaign. i recommend playing outdoors in the dark with poor lighting..there are 50 waves but that is just as a cap, when the big monster creature lumbers out of the waves of lesser creatures and should overpower thier weakend state... making it to wave 50 is really rather impressive. i used d20 to get more variety plus i have lots of them, but you can use any dice # for your party

firstly the mutants/ zombies (representing humans in varying degrees of madness, insanity and corruption) appear in random amounts depending on the wave #, this goes as follows

Wave #- creatures spawned
1-10-D20 zombies
11-15-D20 zombies and 1 mutant
16-25-2d20 zombies and d5 mutants
26-34- 2d20 zombies d5 mutants and 1 kill squad trooper
35-40- 3d20 zombies, 1d10 mutants and d5 kill squad troopers
41-49- 4d20 zombies, 1d10 and 1d5 mutants and d5 kill squad troopers
50 5d20 zombies, 1 d20 mutants, 1d10 kill squad troopers and 1 charnal deamon (giant mutant thingy)

the unit stats are as follows

ws-18, bs-18, s-30, t-35, ag-25, int-15, per-30, wp-20, fel-10  
wounds:10, movement- 2/4/6/12
skills: Awareness, carouse, Decieve, Intimidate
talents: Basic (sp), Mele (prim), Pistol (sp), frenzy
weapons: Imporvised (1d10+3 I, primitive, unbalanced)
gear: raggety uniform, dented helmet, dirty bandages, 1 scrap item

ws-25, bs-25, s-40, t-40, ag-22, int-20, per-30, wp-25, fel-20
wounds:12, movement 2/4/6/12
skills: awareness, climb, survival
talents: mele (prim), Basic (prim and sp), pistol (sp)
traits : mutation, choose 1- Necrophage, Degenerate mind, multiple apendages
weapons: auto pistol (30m, s/-/6, 1d10 +2 I, clip 18, full rld), auto gun w/ manstopper bullets (90m, s/3/10, 1d10 +3 I, pen 3, clip 30, full rld) and club (1d10 +4 I, prim)
gear: tattered uniform, dirty bandages, corpse starch rations (poor ration pack), twisted charm, 3 clips autopistol ammo, 3 clips manstopper rounds, combi tool, 1d5-1 throne gelt, 2 scrap items

KILL SQUAD TROOPER (other survivors)
ws-40, bs- 35, s- 35, t-35, ag-30, int- 30, per-35, wp-35, fel-30
wounds: 10, movement: 3/6/9/18
skills: Awareness, Climb, Common lore (imperium), Interrogation, speak language (low gothic)
talents: Basic (sp, bolt), Disarm, Mele (prim, chain), Pistol (sp, flame), takedown, cleanse and purify
armor: enforcers light caraprace (arms body and legs 5)
weapons: Boltgun with inferno shells (90m, s/2, 1d10+5 X, pen4, clip 8, full rld, test ag or catch fire), hand flamer (10m, s, 1d10+4 E, pen 2, Clip 2, 2 full rld, flame), Chainsword (1d10 + 5 R, pen 2 balanced, tearing), mono throwing knife (5 m, 1d5+3, pen 2)
gear: mono throwing knives x5, 2 cips inferno shells, 2 clips hand flamer, filtration plugs, uniform, microbead, photo visor, 1d10 throne gelt, 3 scrap items, ration pack

Charnel Deamon follows the rules in the back of the dark heresy rulebook

scrap items can be found by generating them randomly with a d10 roll on the following chart

1- shard of metal, 2- scrap of leather, 3- sinew, 4- talon shard, 5- piston, 6- sheet of metal, 7-fleshy tube, 8- brass wire, 9- optic piece, 10- power stone

looting a body takes a full action as you rifle through pockets and pick up fallen objects.

while playing the game the players can earn rewards for achieving the following.. badge name precedes the requirement, followed by reward

Prowess- most total kills of the party, gain 100 throne gelt and 50 xp

Might- most damage in 1 turn, gain an emporers wrath faith power

righteousness- most damage to 1 enemy, gain an emporers sign faith power

as you play have the party record thier kills both for xp at the end and for the award of these badges, you can let the players know about the badges and then they will fight over them, or you can award it post mission.

after playing out the game it's time to reward players, use this handy chart,

Each zombie killed is worth 2 xp and 1 throne gelt from the survivors
Each mutant killed is worth 3 xp and 3 gelt
Each Kill squad trooper is worth 30 xp and 20 gelt

then each player should take the turn he survived till and using this chart calculate his reward

1-5    -100 gelt and 50 xp
6-10  -150 gelt and 75 xp
11-14-200 gelt and 100 xp
15-19-200 gelt and 150 xp
20-24-200 gelt and 200 xp
25-27-250 gelt and 250 xp
28-32-300 gelt and 300 xp
33-49-450 gelt and 450 xp
50      -500 gelt and 500xp

as a party they also get a pool of xp regarding their team work and overall performance,

Kill more than 100 total enemies- +50 xp to the pool
kill 10 zombies in 1 turn (can be earned multiple times per game, but only once per turn)- +25 xp
kill 20 zombies in 1 turn (stacks with previous)- +75 xp
not loosing a player till turn 10 and every 10 turns thereafter- + 100 gelt

also for every 10 turns a player survives they may gain 1 fate point, or for 20 they may take the pure faith talent, this occurs after the mission.

so this is the mission, what do you guys think?? is it too difficult, too easy, too complex, please give feedback as i am running this next monday!


Dark mittens

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I love the idea of playing a horror-themed DH game on or around Halloween- I was planning to do something similar in my own campaign this weekend, complete with zombies! I'm going for more of a Gothic Horror atmosphere, though: the zombies are the long-dead members of an extinct noble family rumored to be tainted by corruption, who's rest is disturbed when a warp dabbler (the PCs real target) inadvertantly dessacrates their mouldering family crypt...

As far as a critique of your scenario goes, my main concern is: are you sure your players will want to help the survivors, and not just kill them on sight? You say that you originally ran this as a D&D scenario, but always remember: there are no Alignments in DH, so it's not always a safe bet that your players will automatically choose to "Rescue The Princess". I'm 99% sure that my players would kill all the survivors (just to be on the safe side) and take their stuff...

Also, what level are your PCs? Charnal Daemons are crazy tough...

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normally i would agree, however i have been running games of Dh on this specific planet for a while, they did a lot of characterful stuff with these guys, they made personal friends with the planetary commisar, the govenor and the troops themselves, one of them is even from the planet, so i am fairly sure that the party will be friendly towards them.

as for what my players are, well there are 7 of them, and all are at Rouge trader level,

one is a RT arch milliitant, a RT missionary, another a RT exploarator

the DH characters are 2 assasins one with guns the other with swords, one sister of battle representing a indoctrinated space marine recruit going on a quest, and one psyker

a preety fiesty group all together, and like i said in the notes i fully expect them to fall apart and die just like a real zombie apok senario would result in...but i have good faith in the possibitlity of them killing the charnel deamon...

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Considering it is supposed to be a player bloodbath and endurance contest I don't really see why someone would bother tracking all the rewards:  Dead characters do not earn XP nor do they loot coins....

Cool basic idea though.   So, have you ever contemplated the evil joys of zombie servitors?!  demonio.gif

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indeed i have but the time i applied it was when i made a truly terrifying maze for my players, but if the goal is so players "die", then why penalize thier deaths,


oh and update i postponed my halloween running session until this saturday so i will update then

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