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Damned Cities, an unexpected ending - Spoilers

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Our previous session had ended with the group sneaking in to the tower whilst surviving Arbites made a frontal assault on the folly. It is worth noting that the group’s pskyer had finally (campaign over two years old) fell foul of a daemonhost phenomenon requiring the burning of his last fate point.


Whilst crossing the second floor towards the stairs to Skarmen's office, the corpses at the desk suddenly clambered to their feet indicating another Risen attack. Under the cover of this attack the Mirror Daemon made a possession attempt on the group’s arbites. A heroic effort by the arbites (three successes against the daemons zero) indicated that this possession was going to be a battle. A few rounds later the group’s psyker, second session in a row, triggered a daemonhost despite having favoured by the warp.

This left me in quite a predicament. The first thing the new daemonhost did was to kill the risen having the temerity to attack it. By this time the valiant arbites had been overcome and now I had two possessed characters. Realising that these two would have a lot to talk about, that is exactly what I did, the room echoing with the dark tongue of the daemon. After a moment’s indecision, the group decided to press on and ran up to Skarmen’s office and then the secret room. Between the Mirror daemon and an unbound daemonhost, I thought they had enough to worry about so left Skarmen with no other defences. Not surprisingly he did not last long. Now what would they do?

In my mind the Mirror daemon knew he was in trouble. The daemonhost knew this and was demanding servitude in return for freedom from the mirror. When the PC’s started removing pieces from the mirror, the Mirror daemon took the better of two evils and agreed to a deal (before being sucked back into the mirror). The daemonhost then headed for the secret room. The daemonhost demanded the PC’s leave promising that his new servant would leave this pathetic world to its own devices. Half the group decided to flee whilst the slightly nobler resisted. A few dominations soon sorted that out thank you vey much. When the surviving acolytes returned to the secret room it was to see two whole mirrors with the two characters that resisted knelt before them having carved a symbol into their own chests (the symbol of the daemonhost) and a new opening punched into the roof, a damenonhosts door.

I think the next scenario will be to track down the daemonhost to learn what it has gleaned from its servant. After plunging through a civil war torn world they will track down the daemonhost at the heart of the rebellion and learn of the blind tesseract.

It’s surprising how a random event on the psychic phenomenon chart can totally change the direction of an adventure.

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