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Rare & Promo CCG cards wanted

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 Hi all, I'm after the following for casual tentacle love...


Arkham Edition:

Cthulhu, Thing that should not be (P01) x1

The Nameless City (P10) x1

Eldritch Edition:

Cthulhu, Dead but Dreaming (R91) x3

Howard Phillips Lovecraft, Scribe of the Unspeakable (P7) x2+

Nophru-Ka, Forgotten Pharoh (P12)


Masks of Nyarlathotep:


Nyarlathotep, the crawling chaos (R130) x3

Forgotten Cities:

The Time is Nigh (R63) x3

I'd also love a Yithian deck.  I'm in the UK, with £paypal£ on offer. Sorry,no trades. 

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