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Toby Pilling

New Dwarf Careers in Black Fire Pass?

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** Apprentice Runesmith
ªª Dragon Slayer
ªª Dwarf Engineer
ªª Grudge Keeper
ªª Ironbeard
ªª Ironbreaker
ªª Ironshield
ªª Master Dwarf Engineer
ªª Miner
ªª Runesmith
ªª Thane

Of these, my players have been drooling the most about the runesmith..although I'm kind of intrigued by the engineer.



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The runesmith is actually a career im excited a lot about.


But I'm unusre about the starting rune, runes, his actions or his development.


First the runesmith as a career seems like the outfitter of the group. So he is something like a magical protector and upgrader of the group. Some of his runes can make weapons a lot deadlier. And not on ocasion but all the time.


The rune of stone seems most fitting. As this is fluffwise the first choice and it can be inscribed on every superrior armour item within the group. Because it doesn't follows the rule of pride. So the runesmith can increase survivability of the group. Give him some weaponskill at character creation and he can smash some skulls too.

But here comes progression. If he gets a second armour rune for example, he can build one item with the new rune alone and one combined with the new rune. BUT two rune items can only be build at the next career level. So not so from the beginning.



I think I will go simply on a 3 all stats and 4 for Willpower and Intelligence. Nothing fancy and no real drawbacks.


There are some cool Actions which can been fulled by runes. The easiest is the runesmith version of the counterspell. BUT runes used this way are spend for the rest of the day. So my protection or weapon runes I need to slaughter my enemies are used on this action.

The other Actions are the ones with refreshing instantly fatigue, stress or even some wounds, and also a action dealing up to 10 damage to every enemy around. BUT with two chaos starts the runes used are destroyed. And which the first one costing half a gold and the second one 2gold thats quite some way of burning good gold with one action.


Which Runes is the best, yeah simple maxing...

I know posting of rules is not liked on any game forum. So I will simply check mine and just tell what I like about em.

First thoughts are about this Weapon Rune of striking. Re Rolling dice of your dice pool seems not that grand on first thought. But if I'm correct that means also the purple dice. And cancelling a star out of weapon result might be mighty good.


Also the rune of cleaving is a fine thing. Most opponents have some soak, or something like leather armour. So cleaving is a straight damage rune only with the exception that you don't need boons or anything.

To be edited.



So what are your thoughts on the creation of a runesmith?


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