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Holy Zhorne riding Rudraskha fighting Omega whilst conversing with Millenium! That last technique in the Microbes world tree is truly the ultimate defence!


As you say Do unto others as you suggest it would be really great (if I play the tree I'll probably use that one), despite of its high cost. In fact looking over some of the other trees in this thread 32/32/32 isn't so bad for a great defensive technique.


This whole thing got me thinking about that question though; Would a Predetermined shield get the -40 penalty for defending you while you are damage resistant ?(or had damage accumulation as some might call it) I understand that you get a penalty to your roll while defending yourself with an energy-shield while damage-resistant but if there is no roll do you still get the penalty? Or is it simply a matter of GM interpretation?


To Rudeboygraves: I think it would be fairly easy to do most of the Naruto ninjutsu with pretty basic stuff and some ki abilities. (multiplication of bodies + physical change = harem no jutsu HueHueHue)

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Sorry BAoT, you had already asked about the Predetermined Shield on a Damage Accumulation (more correct traduction from the original Spanish...I'm just TOO used to call it this way, forgive me), and I simply FORGOT IT! As I rule Predetermined Rolls, I don't apply any bonus-penalty to them (except for very specific ones granted by Magnus I made or Artifacts designed specifically to boost Predetermined Rolls), so my answer is no...440 is 440, no more, no less. Which is pretty nice roll when the damage that passes by thanks to a HUGE roll (probably boosted through techniques/magnus) has to deal with a sky-high AT and can be absorbed by an enormous amount of regenerating HPs...


I don't know anything about Naruto (just ignored it...I'm already sick with Bleach...no offense BAoT, I liked it in the beginning and now I only read it to see how it ends...mostly to see it end...so I'm avoiding other everlasting shonen mangas), so I cannot help with Rudeboygraves' question, sorry.

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Aa, I see, Predetermined defence in combination with Damage resistance is truly a force to be reckoned with! Gives me some nice ideas.


I have read some Naruto but I stopped some way into shippuden so I might be able to help Rudeboygraves with some of the characters techniques and abilities as they appear before shippuden. I don't have that much spare time though so it might take some time...


Which characters are you interested in?

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Hello everyone, I'm relatively new to Anima and I'm enjoying it a lot. I was wondering if I understood how to make Ki Techniques since I'm pretty much the only person in the group delving into Ki a lot. Here is a sample technique I made


Paper Bomb


Creates an Energy Kunai using ki. Attached is a talisman that will explode on contact dealing Elemental Damage equal to twice the character's Base Presence plus his Power Bonus.

Required MK: 20     Level: 1

POW 3 DEX 3 WP 2 STR 2

Effects: Energy, Elemental, Area Attack (Single) 3 feet


I'd like to know if you are required to specify the element or if it can be chosen at the time the Paper Bomb is made. I also really don't know if I'm doing the Ki cost correctly. I appreciate the help!

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Oh, I forgot to include Physical Ki Weapons being the primary ability. Also fixed the ki distribution... I think.


Paper Bomb
Creates an Energy Kunai using ki. Attached is a talisman that will explode on contact dealing Fire Damage equal to twice the character's Base Presence plus his Power Bonus.
Required MK: 20     Level: 1
POW 4 DEX 3 WP 4 CON 3
Effects: Physical Ki Weapon, Energy Damaging Attack, Elemental Attack (Fire), Area Attack (Single) 3 feet
Also as an alternative, would dropping Energy Damaging Attack to lower Ki cost be better overall?
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Hello everyone, I've made a new tech tree for one of my character in a camp and this one is based on Starkiller from the Force Unleashed Games. And yes, I know a mentalist character would be a good idea for this concept, but I went with a tech ditching the mental aspects of the force.... ANYWAY.... I know that this "tree" is gonna seem too big, but it designed so that it CAN'T be mastered normally. Technically it is 3 trees in one, and the lvl requirements can be crossed by getting different techniques from different areas. So a lvl 1 from general, and one from light side/dark side, and then they could get a lvl 2 from any of the 3 areas.


So here it is, let me know what you think:

Force Powers


            Once long ago, in time immemorial, a group of travelers came from beyond the stars to Gaia, their reasons for coming are lost to the ages. But while here, they discovered that almost all that reside on the world had the ability to tap into a vast energy know to the travelers as “The Force,” though to those on Gaia it was known as Ki. They taught those they deemed worthy what they knew before they left. As ages past, much of that knowledge has been lost, but a few schools were able to maintain the cores of their teachings.


Number of Techniques: 20     Total MK Cost: 1410  



Level 1:


Force Barrier:

Energy Shield 300LP


MK:20     Cost: Agi 4, Dex 4 (1), Pow 4 (1)    Total 12 (2)


Force Push

Long Distance Attack (Single) 30ft

Impact 12

Cost Alteration: -1

MK: 25      Ki Cost: Agi 6, Dex 6, Pow 6   Total: 18


Force Pull:

Long-Distance Attack (Single) 30 ft

Impact 12


Disadvantages: No Damage

MK: 40    Ki Cost: Agi 5, Dex 5, Pow 5   Total 15


Burst of Speed:

Initiative Augmentation +50

Limited Additional Attack +3


MK: 35    Ki Cost: Agi 9 (1), Dex 9 (2) , Pow 9 (1)  Total 27 (4)


Force Whirlwind:

Trapping 12


MK: 50    Ki Cost: Dex 6 (2) Pow 6 (3)   Total: 12 (5)


Level 2:


Force Repulse:

Area Attack (Single) 15 ft

Impact 14

MK: 80    Ki Cost: Agi 4, Dex 4, Pow 4     Total 12


Force Shield:

Energy Shield 1000LP

Regeneration 250


MK: 80   Ki Cost: Agi 10 (3), Dex 10 (3), Pow 10 (4)   Total 30 (10)


Force Phantasms:

Mirages 6

Phantasmal Illusion PsR 180


MK: 95    Ki Cost: Agi 6 (2), Dex 6 (2), Pow 6 (3)    Total 18 (7)


Force Speed:

Initiative Augmentation +100

Additional Attack +2

Additional Defense +8

Attack Ability (Multiple) +25

Dodge Ability (Multiple) +25

Movement increase +2


Disadvantages: Exhaustion -2, Tied to Weapon (Lightsaber), Predetermination

MK: 100   Ki Cost: Agi 36 (9), Dex 36 (9), Pow 36 (10)   Total 108 (28)


Level 3:


Force Aegis

Energy Shield 2000LP

Regeneration 500LP/Turn

Block Ability (Single) +200

Cost Alteration: -1

MK: 150    Ki Cost: Agi 36 (11), Dex 36 (11), Pow 36 (11)    Total: 108 (33)



Light Side:

Lvl 1:


Force Valor Basic

Additional Defense +3

Block Ability (multiple) +25


Disadvantage: Elemental Binding (Light)

MK: 20      Ki Cost: Agi 9 (2), Dex 9 (3), Pow 9 (2)   Total: 27 (7)


Light Side Armor Basic

Armor Augmentation +4


Disadvantages: Elemental Binding (Light)

Cost Alteration: -2

MK: 30    Cost: Agi 5 (1), Pow 5 (1)   Total: 10 (2)


Lvl 2:


Force Valor Advanced

Additional Defense +6

Block Ability (multiple) +50

Attack Mirroring


Disadvantage: Elemental Binding (Light)

MK: 90      Ki Cost: Agi 24 (8), Dex 24 (7), Pow 24 (8)   Total: 72 (23)


Light Side Armor Advanced

Armor Augmentation +6

Quick Recovery


Disadvantages: Elemental Binding (Light)

Cost Alteration: -2

MK: 75    Cost: Agi 11 (2), Dex 11 (1), Pow 11 (2)   Total: 33 (5)


Lvl 3:


Master Force Valor

Additional Defense Unlimited

Block Ability (multiple) +90

Attack Mirroring

Mirror Esoteric Abilities


Disadvantage: Elemental Binding (Light)

Cost Alteration: -1

MK: 175      Ki Cost: Agi 36 (12), Dex 36 (12), Pow 36 (12)   Total: 108 (36)




Lvl 1:


Sith Lightning:

Long Distance Attack (Single) 30 ft

Elemental Attack (Air,Darkness)

Damage: (2 X Base Presence) + Pow Bonus

Disadvantages: Elemental Binding (Air/Dark)

Cost Alteration -4

MK: 50     Ki Cost: Agi 5, Dex 5, Pow 5   Total: 15



Force Scream:

Long-Distance Attack (Single) 60ft

Trail of Destruction

MK: 40    Ki Cost: Agi 5, Dex 5, Pow 5    Total: 15


Lvl 2:


Force Choke:

Long-Distance Attack (Single) 15 ft

Trapping   14


Disadvantages: Damage Reduction: No Damage

MK: 75    Ki Cost: Agi 6 (2) Dex 7 (2), Pow 6 (2)    Total: 19 (6)


Arc Lightning:

Long-Distance Attack (Single) 30 ft.

Area Attack 15 ft.

Chose Targets

Elemental Attack: Air, Dark

Damage: (2 X Presence) + POW bonus

Disadvantage: Elemental Binding (Air/Dark)

Cost Alteration: -5

MK: 80      Ki Cost: Agi 8, Dex 8, Pow 8    Total 24


Lvl 3:


Force Storm:

Additional Attack +3

Long-Distance Attack (Multiple) 30 ft

Elemental Attack: Air, Dark

Greater Prolonged Brand

Area Attack (Multiple) 15 ft

Chose Targets

Disadvantages: Predetermination, Elemental Binding (Air/Dark), Exhaustion -2

Cost Alteration: -1

MK: 100    Ki Cost: Agi 27, Dex 27, Pow 27    Total 18

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After reading through the first 6 pages of the thread yesterday i felt the need to add the tree i created for my Duk'zarist nephalim Paladin. i will add this char to the favourite chars thread as well. made pre dominus exxet with unified ki maintenance.


​Clockmaker soul


 Techniques 5        Total cost.435 MK


Not all of the scions of clockmaker's have the temperament for making and mending, for those that want action a son of a guild member developed these techniques to protect his family whilst travelling the world plying their trade. since then others have been taught the powers of the clockwork of the soul, always members of the guild family. 


Pushing the second hand                                          Cost:30 mk


When every second counts you can force the gears to spin a little faster as long as you are willing to strain the mechanism.


Effect: +100 initiative                                                    Maintain: 3 ki / turn


Cost: Agi: 1 Con: 6 Dex: 5


Striking the hour                                                          Cost: 35 mk


When the hour changes the hamer strikes with surprising force to ring the changes.


Effect: Damage multiplier X 2                                       Maintain: 4 ki / turn


Cost: Str: 3 Con: 9 Dex: 9


Enmeshed Gears                                                         Cost: 95 mk


When things get trapped within a mechanisam everything grinds to a halt, freeing the trapped item and getting the clock moving again can be time consuming.


Effect: Trap at strength 14 Vs. targets of choice, 50ft radius, lasts 5 turns


Cost: Str: 2 Con: 8 Dex: 8 Pow: 2


Overwound Spring                                                     Cost: 100 mk


Sometimes when you wind a spring to far all the energy is released at once  with surprising speed and force, this has the potential for severe damage and injury


Effect: 3 additional attacks, all attacks that turn are damage mutiple X 3, if an attack misses the effect ends.


Must be usng pushing the second hand to use this attack


Cost: Str: 9 Con: 18 Dex: 18


Catastrophic Failure                                                  Cost:  175 mk


When the clockwork finally gives the results can be spectacular and devistating, Things flying in all directions in quite and explosion.


Effect: Attack Vs target choice, +150 attack, 300ft Radius, Damage = ((2 X Presence) + power bonus) X 4 energy with a Str 20 impact.


Using this technique causes you to lose all remaining life points


Cost: Str: 18 Con: 30 Dex: 30 Pow: 10


Edit: Character write up here http://community.fantasyflightgames.com/index.php?/topic/1193-characters-we-love/

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Hey everybody! I know this is an old thread and I don't know if anyone else is still watching it, but I figured this was worth posting. I am an anime nerd as well as an anima nerd and was thinking about the two when this occurred to me. What follows is an anima consistent description of the forbidden technique schools created by Genma in the anime Ranma 1/2. It contains no actual mechanics, as I am very bad at writing those.


There are two central beliefs that define the Anything Goes style of martial arts. Firstly, as the name implies, any action is permissible so long as it aids you in winning a fight. Secondly, all forms of competition are battles at heart. This is perhaps best shown by Genma Saotome in his creation of two sets of techniques that follow the principles of theft as battle and battle as theft.


Imagine the body as a house, he says in his record of these techniques. There are alert guards in the form of the eyes, ears, nose, skin, and mouth. If alerted there are mighty warriors in the form of the fists, feet, elbows, and knees. There are passive defences the ribs, muscles and so on. Finally there are the valuables, the organs. How would a thief break into this building and take these valuables? His two technique trees are based on two answers to this question.


The first, which he named the Umisenken, was "The thief would move quietly. He would avoid the watchers, and thus never face the guards. He would move around the passive defences slowly and cautiously, take his target and leave by the same route. Ideally no one will ever even know he was there."


The second, which he named the Yamasenken was "The thief would move loudly and with great speed. He would burst through the front gates, destroying the alarms on the way if possible. He would break through the walls and gates in his way with force, grab his goal, and charge right back out the front gates. Ideally he will be far away with his treasure by the time the guards have arrived."

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