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Good Morning to All,

I have tried the game only a couple of times so far and I am really enjoying it. On the last try, we came to a certain situation where we didn't know how to work it out.

There were 4 players ( Chaos, Skaven, Orcs, Humans ), and here is how we came to be "stuck"

Headline "If you down a player, roll the dice and if you get tackle you injure the player"

Orcs played a lineman to highlight # 4 (left)
Chaos played Beastman to highligh # 4 (right)
Humans played thrower to highlight # 3 (right)
Skavens played Lineman to highlight # 1 (right)

Orcs played black orc to highlight # 4 (left), tackles beastman and succesfully injures him (Via headline)
Chaos played Chaos warrior to highlight # 1 (left)
Human Player : Can I assign someone to highlight # 4 (left) since there is no one there or does it still belong to the chaos player?

So basicly, if you injure a player during a multiple player game, can someone take the vacant space?

Thank you very much for your help and have some great time blood bowling!

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Hi there,

Yes they can. Top of Page 10 in bold:

"If for some reason the last player is removed from a team zone, leaving it empty, it is possible for a different manager to then place a player in that highlight."


Edit: For my bad grammar and spelling

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