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Gears 3 Clayton Carmine figure conversion

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Hello guys!

I'm a huge Gears fan and I wanted to share my work in progress on one of the coolest characters in Gears 3: Clayton Carmine!!! Everything about him, from the OTT muscles to the notes on the armour screams "bada$$".

So anyway I've made it my mission to have his mini for the boardgame in order to be able to play him. Here is where I am now in the process.

1- Baird figure... before the operation... I chosed him because his details look pretty close to those on Clayton's outfit. Anyway the goal here is not to get a 100% accurate figure but more of a silhouette with a strong ressemblance to the character



2- I took out the arm and the head. After taking the details away from the face, I repositioned the head in a slightly different direction. More looking towards him than aiming. I also took away most of the belly details and made some lines instead. While I was at it I also removed the bag on the left leg. Ummm, by the way, if you don't have basic sculpture knowledge, don't try this at home lengua.gif



3- Here is what it looks like afterwards (3 views)



4- Dom's arms seemed closer to the design so I used them. Here is the right arm holding the Lancer. I took the shoulder pads details away as well as the left hand that showed on the weapon initially. I tried my best to restore some lines where the hand was



5- Here is a render of the pose I'd like to do. Arms are attached to the body with blue tak. I want him walking forward in a very resolute way



6- So here is where the sculpting part starts. After removing the shoulder pad I used green stuff to make the shoulder and enlarge the biceps. For his left hand I used Cole's. I had to cut it down a little as the guy really has huge hands (and arms I couldn't use here... too big). I cut the grenade top and bottom parts, swapped them and glued them back to the hand. The long part is not straight to emulate some kind of momentum as Clayton walks



And that's it for now! Next step is right arm + helmet details. Any thought any one?

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Thanks for the nice comments!

Here is where it's at now.

Shells on the legs and leggings added. It's really not fine sculpture but that'll do the trick for a gaming miniature.



For the weapon, I went for a Retro Lancer!!! Not very detailed again but this will give the character more of a "Gears 3" touch. Plus I get to create and play custom rules for the weapon lengua.gif By the way, if any of you guys have any idea for it, you're so welcome!



And here is the head with helmet. This is the part I tried to detail the most. Heads and face are always the main focus point when you look at a figure so it should be done carefully. I tried my best here but green stuff is not my usual medium so...

I should have time to complete the guy by the end of the week. Comments welcome!!!

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And it's done! Here's my Clayton Carmine with Retro Lancer. Hope you like it. I may try to paint it this week end but I'm really not good at all with a brush...


And a cheesy gif turn around for which I couldn't get to set up the speed...


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Until I saw the helmet I was in two minds about it! But then when you added the Retro Lancer you convinced me! >D

Well done! It is superb! I wish I had your skills!

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